November 16, 2008

on the short version...

The baby shower was absolutely wonderful (which made me happy), the Hanson concert left much to be desired (which makes me want to cry a little bit, actually) and I could probably sleep for the next twelve hours and still be a wee bit drowsy.

The full stories will be shared tomorrow; for now, just know that I'm completely worn out and my lungs feel as though they're about to implode due to the ash I've been enhaling all day.

(I sound like such a negative nancy, don't I? I swear I have good stories, too! I swear! It's just that I'm seriously tired, and am currently being forced to wear a men's oversized polo shirt and seriously look and feel like poo. I'll put a smile on my face tomorrow, okay?)


  1. Hello friend of Orange County, neighbor to my LA County. Based on this post, I gather you are still alive and unburned. That's a good thing! Hope you are not too too close to the fires. I know several friends who either had to evacuate or know people who have totally lost their homes.

  2. I am sad you were disappointed.

  3. Yay about the baby shower, can't wait to hear more about it!

    Bummer about the show :(

    And that sucks about the ash ... I'm glad you're alive and the duplex is fire-free though!

  4. Great blog you have! Very well done!


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