November 7, 2008

on a rather pointless post...

Hey, look! It's me eating pizza! And Ashley is such a freaking amazing photographer that she happens to make me look cool while doing so! Man, I love it.

Anyway, that silly little thing called NaBloPoMo tapped me on the shoulder tonight and reminded me to do a quick post tonight before going to bed. (Have I mentioned that I have an old-lady bedtime on the weekends because of my ridiculousy early shifts? I'll think of you, my friends, all snug in your beds, happily dreaming at 5AM while I'm hastily applying makeup in order to not look like a corpse at that hour.)

So, I'm not sure if it's cheating or not, but I'm just going to link to Ashley's wonderful blog, and there you will find more photos of our first date - er, our first meeting. Yeah. That's what I meant.

Here is the post - enjoy, my dears!

(PS: I met up with my family this afternoon and took a ridiculous amount of photos, so I'm sure tomorrow's post will be a wee bit more exciting on my end. Just so you know. I didn't realize how much posting every day really sucks creativity-wise. Too much pressure, people! Too much!)


  1. yeah, you definitely made eating pizza look GOOD. :o) i'm so glad you're meet up was awesome, and you look AMAZING in your pics!! xoxox

  2. Ashley's right - you really do have pretty hair!!!

  3. What a great photo! You are too cute.

    Maybe one day I'll come out of my anonymous shell and create a meet-up in Chicago, or elsewhere. I should add it to my list of goals through my blog. :)

  4. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! You are so adorable. And oh my gosh, I know it is only 6:20 AM here but I REALLY WANT PIZZA NOW!

  5. I can relate to your bedtime. I'm the exact same way. I have to get up at 4:45 am Monday thru Friday so I'm always trying to look non corpse like too!

  6. You are so not the only one struggling with this. Some nights I get home from work and I'm like "Oh yeah... I have to blog!"

    I was also in bed at a grandma-ish hour last night. Not very exciting, but so worth it to catch up on sleep.

    Ashley took some great pictures!

  7. Ashley got some awesome shots of you!! Can't wait to see what you've taken too! And ouch! I feel for ya w/ that 5am business!

  8. I have to agree: Ashley takes amazing photos. Makes me want to take some portraits of me & jonathan since we have none.

    I was going to do the Nablomomodoso whatever thing, too, but I was afraid of the commitment of it; isn't that awful?!

    PS; thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. ;]

  9. amen on the nablopomo pressure! cute photo!

  10. nablopomo is killing me, I am having the hardest time fitting in a blog post or reading all these posts, that is why at 12:21am I am laying in bed next to my sleeping husband catching up on blogs, such is life.

  11. hee! I love that you said "Hey, look! It's me eating pizza!" -- you are too cute!

    Let's go get some pizza!

    And I loved all the pictures of you and Ash!


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