November 29, 2008

on my list of thanks...

giving thanks.

I know I'm a wee bit late getting out this Thanksgiving post, but regardless, I wanted to take the time to write out my gratitude list. It's good for the soul, is it not? I was also inspired by this post over at Operation NICE. And I may be slightly long-winded with this - don't say I didn't warn you. (Although, I guess if you're going to be long-winded about something, it may as well be a list of gratitude, eh?)

So, here's my list:

I'm thankful to have been married nearly three years to the one guy created just for me. Granted, there are days I'd love to slug him in the arm, but what is love without a little arguing? I am continually amazed by the ups and downs of married life, and how and the end of the day we're just two people in love, discovering the world together. One thing I'm very grateful for is the fact that we were brought together at this point in our lives - we are still so young, and have so much yet to learn and experience! I love that. I love him. I love what we have.

I'm thankful for my family and all they do for me. Four sisters that each add something unique to my life; I have secret-keepers, memory-sharers, music-lovers, laughter-inducers, and someone with whom to belt out "Jesus Take The Wheel" while our mouths are full of McChicken sandwiches. I am thankful for the closeness we all have at this point in life. And my parents? Where do I start? From the very beginning they've done nothing but love, encourage and help shape me into the person I am today. I'm thankful that I know they will always make me feel like I'm talented and beautiful. My mom will always have a listening ear and a word of encouragement. She will understand me when I'm a slight hypochondriac or when I'm feeling too awkward to make a phone call to someone. My dad has always supported me - from stopping by the deli I used to bake at and buying a dozen donuts at the crack of dawn, to attending every theatre performance I was in, to driving with me from Washington State to Southern California to help me move. I'm continually at a loss of words when it comes to showing them my gratitude. A simple "thanks" could hardly suffice twenty-four years of happy memories.

I'm thankful for my husband's family. I know so many people who have so much family drama when it comes to the dreaded in-laws. I'd always hoped I'd at least get along with mine. I'm pleased to say that I not only get along with them, but they do feel like a second family. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are two of the most thoughtful, caring people you'll ever meet. And I even now get to experience having four brothers, to some degree! I've asked Jay before how there couldn't possibly be a black sheep out of a family of five boys. Or someone who could even remotely be considered the black sheep. "How is this possible? How is there a family of five boys, and all of them ended up being such amazing men with so much talent and integrity? HOW?" That is just a testament to his parents, and I love that it shows the world that people should have higher standard for men these days. Because you know what? I see this family full of amazing men and know it is possible for men to live with integrity and morals, yet still be in touch with reality and all of that. And it's very encouraging to me.

I'm thankful for my friends - those far away, those around the corner, those who I've known for years, those who I'm growing close to only now, and those I've never met "in person". I've always been picky when it comes to friends. I'm friendly to pretty much anyone I meet, but I'm always searching for someone who I can truly relate to, someone who truly "gets me". I feel so blessed that I have someone in my life to satisfy every aspect of who I am; my creative side, my thoughtful side, my wild and crazy side, my I'll-never-grow-up side. And that is something that is very important.

I'm thankful for my faith. Knowing that He holds me in his hands even when my priorities aren't exactly what they should be. That He listens to me when I am worried, scared, thoughtful or giddy. That He is guiding my life in exactly the way it should be. That He always has.

And otherwise? There are a million things that I'm grateful for every day. Our comfy little duplex, a beautiful day when light clouds fill the sky, having enough money to get by - yet also having the ability to splurge every now and then, people who buy things I create, having the ability to create, living somewhere where the possibilities are endless, having job security in this day and age, iced chai lattes, the adorable old security guard that gives me a big grin and a thumbs up when I arrive to work at the crack of dawn on weekends, the relatives I never get to see (due to the distance) but have only fond memories of, my mind, my body, wearing a new scarf and just being happy. And so on and so forth.

I'm thankful for each and every one of you reading this; you inspire me to write, you inspire me to create, and you inspire me to see even more in the world around me. So, thank you for that.


  1. I'm glad you've had such a great year - and that you, your husband, and your families have built you such a beautiful life.

  2. beautiful post. thanks for sharing.

    i know i feel so blessed to have so much to be thankful for.

  3. This is such an inspiring post.

  4. That was such a beautiful post! I love that picture. You rock.

  5. Lots of love to you, darling. :] This was very, very touching.

  6. what a beautiful post. you made me tear up thinking about my family. by the way, i am really jealous of your font/handwriting. i have chicken scratch. i guess i could be thankful for that right?

  7. Isn't it great when you actually sit and think about exactly how many blessings you have in your life? For one, I'm thankful that I found your blog!

  8. I love this list!

    I, too, love that I got married so young. We're so blessed that we found our amazing men so early! :)

    Also, I love hearing about your family and your inlaws. So sweet!

  9. Wonderful post Kerri. It's been a great weekend reflecting on all that we're thankful for :) and it was nice reading your list as well!

  10. You are beautiful and I am grateful for YOU. ;)

  11. That is a sweet little picture. So glad you are so blessed. And so glad you shared and continue to share your beautiful life and thoughts w/ us readers! I, for one, love the way you write! =)

  12. That was so inspiring. What a beautiful, thoughtful person you are.

    You really make me realise how truly blessed my life is and it was such a joy to read what you are thankful.

    Wonderful xox

  13. Niece next to you looks sooo like you!

    They are so cute!

  14. Love your list! Yay for young married couples! And I like that your thankful for the old security guard -- he sounds great! Oooh, and the picture of you and your sisters is too cute!

  15. You definitely have a lot to be thankful for :) This was really sweet


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