November 23, 2008

on handwriting and such...

Okay, I don't think I forgot any letters in this one.

I saw a post over at oh, hello friend that linked to a site where you can make your handwriting into a font for only $9. Aaaaaand obviously I decided to spend entirely too much of my evening dedicated to doing this. What? The duplex is covered in dust and filth, you say? Creating a font of my handwriting is apparently much more important than decency.

But I suppose you already knew that.

Anyway, it took a long time for it to actually accept the scan of my letters, and after a while it definitely became a pride issue and I was close to shaking my fist at the computer and screaming, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ERROR? YOUR FACE IS AN ERROR!" Through what I can only assume was pure rage and dedication, it finally worked. I was totally giddy. I mean, how cool is this? It's so incredibly accurate that it's creepy. I guess I didn't expect it to turn out like that, because I figured the scan wouldn't go right or the letters would be spaced out and wonky.

Luckily, it's quite true to form. Which is fun.

I've always been artistic, and when I was young, I'd change my handwriting on a monthly basis. I'd change the way I wrote my a's and looped my y's. I'd make it rounder or smaller. Along with being artistic, I'm also a complete perfectionist. Sometimes at work, I'll be writing a note to the next shift, and if I don't like the way my handwriting turns out, I'll crumple it up and write it over again. I know. Wasteful. But I always want things to look a certain way. It's a compulsion.

Here are a few other handwriting quirks of mine:

1. I never, ever write in cursive. If I do, it's going to be for something decorative - for instance, I designed some note cards for a bridal shower in which I used a decorative type of cursive. But really? Cursive irritates me for the most part. I'm thinking it's because I've never been a fan of my cursive, so I can't stand looking at it. I even remember being in third grade and being physically upset because I had to write everything in cursive. Even then I wanted to cry out, "But why? Cursive is the devil!" But I went to a private Lutheran school, and probably would have been given the stink-eye for saying that. So, I kept my mouth shut, and suffered in cursive-ridden silence.

2. Sharpies are my friends. I adore writing with ultra-fine-point Sharpies. In fact, I used one for the writing in my font. You know how there's a certain pen you can use in which your writing always looks amazing? No? I don't believe you.

3. In the same way, I'm a bit picky about the actual pen I write with, too. I carry at least two of my favorites (and a Sharpie) with me everywhere.

4. I rarely write with a pencil (part of it is the whole left-handed thing, and how my hand smudges it's way across the page when I write) and despise ball point pens. However, I love me some good ink pens. Specifically? This one. The girl at work bought me an entire pack earlier in the year. Just for me. Because she's cool like that. (And she caters to my obsessive compulsive tendencies, which I certainly appreciate.)

And that's about all I'm going to divulge about my weirdness. Did I just write and entire post about my handwriting? Yes, yes, I did. I'm judging myself a little right now.

PS: Have you been over to oh, hello friend recently? Danni is a peach, and she has some great freebies over there for design & blogging. That way you don't have to, you know, steal someone else's graphics and modify them to fit your blog. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience or anything. Okay, wait. Actually, I am talking from personal experience. People need to stop being shady, stop stealing other people's work, stop being ridiculous. Those of us who spend a lot of time writing, creating, designing, etc. put a lot of heart into our work and it's a real slap in the face to see someone taking your work and messing with it and claiming it as their own. Mmmmkay? Play nice. Then we can be friends. BFF's, even.


  1. Ugh, I hate cursive, too! Love your handwriting font-- and your pen preference/compulsion. It's good to know that I am not alone in the writing-implement craziness. :)

  2. Your handwriting is so cool. I wish I had good handwriting but somehow I think I am destined to have chicken scratch.

  3. Ok... I am just as obsessive with my handwriting too. I used to tell my friends in school that I would have "good handwriting days" and "bad handwriting days." And they didn't get it. I would write copious amounts of notes in class when it was a "good day." I totally will throw away a note to Kyle if it isn't written as nice as I like too. So funny that you are the same way.

    I also hate cursive. Except I did hand address all of my wedding invites... and that required cursive.

    As far as pens go. I use a fine point Sharpie too. Its the best. But I do use pencil... it allows me to erase my bad handwriting if necessary. But I only use ONE specific kind... The PaperMate Clear Poine 0.5mm. I like a fine point... and it has THE BEST eraser. But I'm also right handed... so maybe I would be different had I been left handed.

    I must try out this font thing now!!

  4. Gorgeous!

    I write with drawing pens a lot of the time, I have no time for ball point! None at all!

    That font will be so fun for your graphics from now on - very unique!

  5. I'd do that too if my handwriting was cute like yours! That is really cool!

  6. You should sell this...unless you think that would be creepy. You have beautiful writing. Oh, and I LOVE your "What, your face is an error" line! HA.

  7. I love your handwriting and hate cursive as well.

    I have a mix of priting and cursive. I love to write just for the sake of looking at my handwriting. I used to do it all the time when I was younger. Not so much now, but still love to write. In fact, I prefer to pay my bills by mail so I can actually write out a check! Crazy, I know.

  8. First of all, your writing is drop dead gorgeous, if that's possible. And second of all, I do the exact same thing at work. I'm constantly tearing pages and crumpling and throwing away until it looks good. And I call myself environmentally friendly? It's my one flaw okay! I get one right?

  9. Oh I love love your hand writing. Your letters are so easy to read =)
    I must get myself a hand writing font. Ohhh wheee! sounds like something I would like.
    I don't like writing in cursive either. We had to at school too. I think my writing looks messier in cursive. And I spent a long time changing my writing too.
    I absolutely understand your pen obsession too. I don't mind biro style but it has too be black. I prefer black pens for writing. Blue pens I don't like to use unless they are those pretty gel type pens.
    Lol I just spent how long writing about pens and I completely understand your post =p

  10. I loathe cursive writing. If I try to write in cursive, it looks like a 10 year old, practicing. It's awful! & I'm like you: I must have the perfect pen, or I don't feel inspired to write.

    We're like twins or something.

    & I love how you created your own font! People often tell me that my handwriting (for a lefty) is pretty darn cool & that I should make it into a font... & maybe I should!

    Are you left handed, btw?

  11. Wow, if I didn't know any better I would have thought I wrote those things about the writing compulsion. Everything except the pencil. Being an elementary band teacher I constantly demand that the kids bring a PENCIL to class and not a pen. (You can't have them writing on sheet music with a pen!) So I tend to use a pencil often. But all those other traits describe me to a T.

  12. i'm a fellow left-hander. i hear you on the favorite pens. i found my favorite pen at dollar general a few years ago and bought every one they had. then i used them all up about a year later and now they aren't made anymore. boo. i'm still searching for a new favorite pen.

  13. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ERROR? YOUR FACE IS AN ERROR!" - i totally do this all the time!

  14. I only allow one type of pen to touch the pages of my journal. I'm incredibly particular about pens and I adore Sharpes (which I think were sent straight from heaven). I have certain pens for certain things, it's a whole system.

    And I still think it sucks that someone copied your blog, yet again. Not to wish it on anyone else, but hopefully it won't be you next time!

  15. #3-I get it! It should be a sin how much joy I receive out of a good pen! I'm really a sucker for office supplies in sad! HAHA!

  16. *sings* i want to be your best frieeeeeeeeeend, i want to be your best frrrrrrriend!

    ahem. i wrote that. for you.

    DUDE. on the handwriting thing, LEFTIES UNITE! I also hate cursive, but my handwriting is half cursive half print. Which makes it look like that of a seventh grader sometimes, but I dig.

    if you like sharpies, you might like flairs. they're made by papermate i believe. they're the kinda marker-y sorta pens. In a TRILLION DIFFERENT COLORS. I WANT TO KISS THEIR FACES. i like sharpies too. :)

    oooh, pilot pens. my old roommate lauren loved those. i always seem to smear them. i LOVE zebra pens. my daddy used to always write his CFA (call for assistance) reports in them and if you said "hey dad you gotta pen?" that's what you'd get. i was in love with them ever after.


    i wrote that for you too.

  17. Oh my goodness, you crack me up. It's like you say everything I'm thinking...but you do it out loud and I just keep it in my brain!

    I'm a psycho fan of Paper Mate's felt ink pens...they rock my world. I addressed all of my wedding invites and wrote all of my thank you's in them.

    And I stinkin' love your design on your blog. I'm jealous that you know how to make it all pretty and fancy...and unfortunately I'm not literate enough to even know how to copy! But shame on whoever did. Shame shame shame!

  18. I adore your font - mine would be horrible. I can never perfect my handwriting and it changes almost every day. Unfortunately, my perfectionist personality also forces me to do the whole start-a-letter-throw-it-away process. Always fun!

  19. I also practiced and created different handwritings when I was a kid.

    Unfortunately, though, I have awful handwriting. :(

    I'm so jealous of you!

  20. Ah yes, the pilot liquid ink extra-fine pens. I have a whole collection of them here, in a whole range of colours. I never write my notes with any other pens, they're addictive!

  21. I feel like I could have written this post myself!

    Your handwriting is beautiful! I think I'm going to have to try this :)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. oh i LOVE this. your handwriting is phenominal. i showed it immediately to my girlfriend and she is all "i have pretty writing! i want my own font!!" so i have a feeling we'll be doing this in the near future :)

  23. #1? So me. I HATE cursive.

    I'm also known to rewrite things when I don't like how my handwriting looks the first time (or two).

    You're not alone...

  24. OH MY GOD! I could have SWORN I was the only person with this problem. I change my handwriting all the time, because I LOVE how it comes out looking. I carry at least 20 pens in my bag ALL the time, because I write with whichever fits the mood, and how each makes my handwriting look. I could be writing a whole page, and when I don't like how it looks, too sloppy, etc. I tend to crumple and start over. This became a nuisance for people, so I started carrying around white out, which even bugs me a little bit. But I have people who collect pens for me, so I have TONS. And once I have one that makes my handwriting look just that perfect, NO ONE can borrow it. It's insane and I LUBB you for it. !

  25. Tagged you for a survey in my blog! I love reading yours and check it out every chance I get so I thought I'd tag ya! Have a great day!

  26. Hello Friend! Thank you for the shout-out! I actually kind of had you in mind when I shared that link, haha. I knew your font would be AMAZING! so when can we download it eh? ;)

  27. Love, love, love your handwriting! That font is too cool! I wish my handwriting was that neat and cute!

    And I'm so sorry people are totally stealing your stuff AGAIN! Man, how frustrating! :( That sucks.

    This line was too hilarious! You funny bunny!


  28. okay that is sort of cool, i don't think my handwriting would be legible in font form, but who knows. i love your handwriting though, it's so cute.

  29. also, i totally gave you an award over at my blog!

  30. That's so cool! I love your handwriting. I should do mine =)

  31. ohhhh, it's so pretty!! Seriously, this is like the coolest thing ever. Your writing is perfect for a font! Adorable!
    I love that you did a whole post about handwriting. :) I too, am obssessive with it and must have it perfect. Also, YES, a certain kind of pen is REQUIRED for writing nicely. Some just won't do, at all.

    I was so sad I don't have a scanner when I read about the font program over at Danni's blog... no Talia fonts for me. :(

  32. haha I totally procrastinate all the time on pointless things like this..however I think that this may be one of the coolest pointless things I've seen a while. btw I love sharpies too so you are not alone!

  33. That font is so adorable! Mine would look like poo poo on a stick because I switch from cursive to print to whatever. None of my letters ever look the same

  34. I just found your blog through NaBloPoMo. I'm Mandy - from Alberta, Canada. I only use cursive for my journal (it helps distinguish it from the "other" writing). And I change my writing on semi-regular basis.

    I also promise to never take anything from your site without asking first.

    Happy blogging!

  35. hmmm...some days I really like my handwriting, but other days I think it looks like crud! I've seen some that is so lovely, I wish it were mine, but alas, mine is not. its a mix of print and cursive, and very loopy...

  36. So once you create your font, is there somewhere it can be bought & downloaded? I'm 'font ho' so I see a font I like, and I gotta have it. Like shoes to the next girl, only less useful... =)

  37. We have a lot in common when it comes to writing! My print is so much prettier than my cursive, so I always print everything. Also, though I am a righty, I hold my pencil like a lefty and thus smudge everything, but for me, pen is worse. I use the ultra fine Sharpies and that helps immensely with the smudge factor :)

  38. Great idea! I've just made my handwriting font for free at


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