November 5, 2008

on a few random bits...

1. Hopefully I will be meeting one of my online BFF's tomorrow. (Ashley! So awesome I want to be her sometimes! I don't even care if that's weird to say! I'm using too many exclamation points and I don't even care! Yeah!) We're still working out the logistics of it all, but hopefully we'll rendezvous tomorrow at some point. She was supposed to take amazing photos of Jay and I, but Jay decided to pick up a shift at work without asking permission. (What? He didn't know he had to ask permission? He didn't know that I like to invent new rules completely on a whim? Doesn't he know me at all?) Anyway, we shall see. I'm excited, anyway.

2. Not to go all political on you guys (because I'm sure we've had enough of it in the last few days) but I'm feeling more and more excited about the future of our country. I'm sure I'm still quite uneducated on it all (serves me right for choosing Arrested Development over the presidential debates) but, still. I can't help but get swept up in the patriotism of it all.

3. I have the next two days off and I'm hoping my cold will miraculously disappear by the weekend. Tonight I forced Jay to join me on a last-minute trip to CVS for Nyquil, which was fun, and I'm sure the guy would appreciate my not coughing up a lung for hours each night while he's attempting to sleep. I'm lucky he's not banning me to the couch every night. Seriously.

4. I received the sweetest comment about my etsy shop yesterday, and I was so incredibly uplifted. I love how someone I don't even know would take the time to write me such kind words. Really made my day.

5. Okay, so, I'm watching The Hills right now and I'm realizing just how much I hate this show. Don't get me wrong - I think LC is a peach. But so much about this show just makes me bitter. I'm bitter that they basically do nothing for a living, and guess what? They're freaking rich. Gah. They can afford million dollar houses and thousand dollar purses and although I'm not a ridiculously materialistic person, I'd still like a bit of that glamour ever now and again. But, you know, that's life. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but they've filmed their show where I work a couple times and THE SHOW IS STAGED, PEOPLE. IT IS STAGED, IT IS NOT REAL. Aaaaand, breathe. Okay. I feel better now. Good to get that off my chest.


  1. ooh I hope it works out for you and Ashley to meet up. I love hearing about blogger meet ups. Someday I will have enough guts to me a blogger friend in person. Oh yah and you can cross this off your 101 things to do in 1001 days :) yay for that.

  2. How to get rid of a cold - put some black tea in a tea filter. Add some ginger, half a red chilli chopped up(without the seeds), and some cinnamon. put some hoeny and a bit of lemon juice directly in the cup. Put in the tea filter, pour over hot water. Leave to sit for 5 minutes, hold your nose and down it(though if you must sip, the honey and lemmon go a long way to improving the flavour). Sweat for a couple of hours.Take a couple of painkillers. Feel better.

  3. I dream of being able to meet you gals one day, however I feel like I would never be that lucky. I hope you guys have fun whatever you do!

    I had a feeling it was staged because when you do a real documentary, there's not a film crew ready to tape the other person on the you know what I mean? When one of them would call another to bitch or whatever, they would always be filming the person on the other end of the line... Like, if it was all in real time and really happening, how would they have the cameras ready to tape that person they are calling? Okay maybe I over analyze wayyyyy too much.

  4. I just wanted to say that Arrested Development is Gene and I's latest addiction. We've got a TON of episodes from the first season recorded on our DVR! I loveeeeee it.

  5. I just recently had the same revelation about The Hills. I loved watching it for the fashion and sometimes the drama, but man those girls are flaky and over the top!

  6. Ugh, The Hills. I wonder how much of their tiny little souls die each day as they throw themselves at the cameras screaming, "Love me!" "Admire me!" "Envy me!"

    I don't think I'd wanna be them for all the million dollar houses and thousand dollar purses in the world.

  7. have fun with ashley! :) the hills - it's like a car wreck, no matter how bad it is, i can't take my eyes off it. help. :)

  8. So jealous that you and Ashley get to meet up! Hope you two have an awesome time. :-)

    Oh... and its so nice to get actual confirmation on something that I've suspected for a while. Whew... The Hills is scripted. Except, I'm still going to watch it... I can't help it.

  9. I love LC too, and even Heidi, Lo, and Audrina, and most definitely Whitney because I feel like I've been watching them all for SO long - LC since the first season of Laguna Beach.

    But the Hills is getting pretty boring even for a die hard fan like me. You can only come up with scenarios to stage for so long until people start to catch on. I can't even remember the last time something interesting happened in LC's life that was Hills-worthy. It's all Audrina, these days.

  10. Here here, for #5! I freaking hate that show. (I don't watch it because I don't have cable, thank goodness.) I knew it was staged all along. How could one life have all that drama tangled up inside of it, & yet she's doing nothing about it to make it better? If I were LC & I had that much drama in my life, I would be really stressed, really angry & really unfriendly. But she just goes shopping & goes on dates & goes to fancy restaurants, flips her hair back & rolls her eyes like it's nothing. UGH.

    (you got me all fired up, too!)

  11. ooooh i hope you and ashley manage to sneak in a little rendezvous at some point. i LOVE bloggers meeting up. it's so lovely.

    the hills. oh the hills. i don't even watch it. mostly because MTV is all fuzzy on my tv. i can hear them perfectly, but the image is all a mess.. and really? try just LISTENING to the hills. it'll make you want to shoot yourself. (or something less extreme).

    ps. hope you're feeling better =)

  12. oh I hope you enjoy hanging out with Ashley today!

  13. OHHHH-I can't wait to see the pics she takes of you and your sweetie! I just know they will be great because you are so adorable! =)

  14. 1. I wish I was the Ashley you were talking about. Or joining you for your date. Trying not to be jealous. :)

    2. Yay! Future! I'm very moved by this entire thing. It will be good to have a inspirational president.

    3. You always have such interesting days off. Usually Thursday and Friday, right? Gosh, I'm a stalker.

    4. You have beautiful stuff. And people are so kind. :)

    5. Seriously. Do nothing and be very rich? Or at least not have to worry about money?! Sign me UP! I'd totally like to stay at home and watch the View more often. :)

  15. Hope you and Ashley are having so much fun right now! Yes, I'm so excited to see the country united and moving forward ...
    Oooh I'm so behind on The Hills. Can't get enough of that wacky show. And yes, I'm quite jealous of their $$. Not fairrrrrrrrrrr.

  16. it's awful how much i know the hills is staged and yet i still watch it, oy.

    and take lots of nyquil and dayquil! hope you feel better soon. ooooh or try sudafed! okay that's all i got.

    feel better!

  17. Ooh I love Ashley's blog and her photos. Too bad about not getting to have portraits taken of you and Jay, but I'm sure you girls will have a fabulous time!

    Feel better soon!

  18. I feel exactly the same way about the Hills. I don't see how anyone could believe it is real.


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