November 17, 2008

on the concert that should have been the highlight of my year (but totally wasn't)...

To make an incredibly long story short, the Hanson concert was seriously disappointing. Had certain things ended up a different way, I'm sure I would have felt better about the whole situation, but as it was, my sister and I left feeling very let down. Once we were finally sitting in my little nubbin of a car at 12:30AM (after standing for a good seven hours), we attempted to make light of the situation by ranting somewhat sarcastically with eachother.

"I feel seriously taken advantage of."
"No, really. I feel abused!"
"Used and abused."
"It's like they just had their way with us."
"Seriously. I'm literally pissed at Hanson. And I can't believe I'm even saying that."

To make a long story, well, long, here you go:

The concert was at the House of Blues, and because it is all general admission/standing room only, we got there two hours before the doors opened, a little after 5:00PM. The shenanigans began with us standing in what we figured was the only line (but was actually the prefered admission line) for a solid hour. Once we discovered we were in the wrong line, I had to wander around asking random people, "WHERE THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO STAND IN LINE AT, NANCY", before actually discovering a somewhat hidden line around the corner. Nice.

We then stood in line until about 7:30, and finally were let into the building. On the way in, I had a moment of rebellion when I looked the security officer straight in the eye when he asked me if I had a camera with me, and calmly said, "No." He blinked, and for a minute I was afraid he was going to pat me on the bottom and discover the camera in my back pocket, but I was in luck.

(It was awesome, by the way. I felt so defiant.)

Anyway, we get into the venue and fell in love with some t-shirts that said, "I took the walk" - or something to that effect. (Their current tour is the Walk Around the World tour. Fitting, I suppose.) But it's a good thing that we didn't have the cash to get the shirts because I'm pretty sure we would have scratched out the writing with a Sharpie and replaced it with, "I stood around for seven hours and ended up being seriously pissed at Hanson". That is, if it would have fit on there. Maybe not. We'll never know.

Here's a timeline for the next five hours:

7:30-8:15 - Find a place to stand. Decide we're happy with standing right above ground level, behind a group of drunk married girls. Buy a bottle of water for $4.00.

8:15-9:00 - Opening band was Everybody Else. They were absolutely adorable and fabulous. I wanted to hug them. (Listen to their song "Makeup" because it will make you incredibly happy.)

9:00-9:10 - Wonder if Hanson is next. Hope Hanson is next. Fluff hair and straighten cute outfit.

9:10-9:45 - See two guys come on stage with guitars. Think for two seconds that one of them is Taylor, then realize that there is another opening act. And, gah. He sang, like, every song he'd ever written in his entire life. He was good, I'll give him that, but I'd like to echo the sentiments of the girl texting her friend in front of me, in saying: OMG. Shoot me. I'm so bored. LOL.

9:45-10:30 - ARE YOU SERIOUS? We were thinking, "It's 10:30 and they haven't even come OUT YET? Do they realize the stage has been set for them since 7:30?" We're not talking about setting up an arena, folks. It shouldn't take 45 minutes. People around us starting murmering about how Hanson may not even be there yet, or something like that. My poor pregnant sister's puffy little turtle feet were hurting like nobody's business. At that point, we'd already been standing in the exact same spot for three hours. (And that's not counting the two hours outside.) And I understand that it is standing room only, and perhaps we should have known what we were getting ourselves into, but I've been to a House of Blues show before. It was NOWHERE NEAR this long before the main act came out. I'd like to echo the sentiments of the girl standing behind us who said to her friend: I'm so not even here right now. What the hell. And I think I have an ear infection.

10:30-12:30 - Hanson takes the stage. And here's the thing: at this point, both my sister and I were really, really over it. We had been waiting so long, the atmosphere was terrible, the opening acts took entirely too long, the drunk girls in front of us were getting drunker, my sister's puffy feet were getting puffier, and nobody ever said anything about the fourty-five minutes it apparently took them to set up two microphones and a keyboard. I didn't feel like they connected at all with the audience, and they only sang one song from Middle of Nowhere - the CD that all of the twenty-something females surrounding me knew every single word to. They sang a few other good songs that I adore, but alot of it was a serious letdown. The concert seemed really unorganized and they didn't seem all there, if that makes sense.

They sang MMMBop as a last song, and we were able to rock out as much as we could at that point. But, really, in the end, we were really quite sad about the whole thing. I know it's terrible of me to say, but I honestly feel less enthused about Hanson now. My bubble has been burst. I feel a bit like a child who just found out that the tooth fairy isn't real, and that it's just been their mom sticking dollar bills under their pillow while they sleep. (Of course, I could just be seriously dramatic, too.)

So, that's my story. It was probably just an off day for them or something, or perhaps there was some sort of technical problem. But, you know? We spent a pretty penny on those tickets, and I really don't think we got our money's worth at all.

I'm still a fan, but perhaps slightly more jaded.

Okay, that's enough whining for one day. I promise that tomorrow's post about the baby shower will be quite more uplifting. Scout's honor.


  1. Kind of the same thing with the last Josh Ritter concert I went to. Don't get me wrong; he's phenomenal live. But that was the third concert I went to in a year, and he played mostly the same songs I'd heard live the last time, and it was in Canada, and there were drunk people, and people smoking marijuana, and it was in Canada.... Still like his music, though.

  2. I've been to too many shows like wait forever in line...then you wait forever for all the opening bands (and how do they always manage not to tell you how many opening bands!?). By then you're ready to fall asleep and barely have enough energy to watch the band you came to see. BLECH! Oh yeah, then you have to drive home.

  3. Ohh that would be such a let down. I would hate that. I never got to see them and now I'm not sure I want to.
    It would be so annoying to have to stand there for that long and wait hours for them. I've been to concerts like that and I know what you mean when you get over it.
    I like it when they have one opening act. They sing a few songs then the main band comes out.
    That is such a bummer though as I was going to live my young teen self through the concert. Sigh. Ahh well...

  4. Booo, I hate when stuff like that happens. And waiting around like that? The absolute worst. I would have been so cranky. Sorry it didn't go as planned :(

  5. What a bummer...since Hanson is what we grew up to and crushed on most of our teenage-dom. It sucks they had to spoil that with a crummy setup of a show. Boo. Your poor sister and her feet! Hopefully she was able to prop those puppies up and take the swelling down! I hope today is a better day and something awesome happens to makeup for that concert!

  6. Oh man, that is horrible. I'm so sorry it was such a let-down! I would be upset if that's how my concert experience was too. Booo to Hanson for letting their fans down!

  7. Booo! I'm sorry that the concert was disappointing. I can't believe it took them that long to come out!

  8. Oh no I'm so sorry it didn't end up being as good as you were hoping. Maybe they were just having an off night. I'm glad to hear you haven't given up on them completely. At least you can still swoon and listen to their music (even if their concert sucked).

  9. i'm so sad for you!! i DO remember it taking an obscenely long time for them to set up after the opening acts though, but... i might have had 2 (or 5) drinks by this point, so i hardly noticed. i don't know why they only did one song from middle of nowhere, don't they understand that's where their fan base is!? wtf. i'm so sorry love, i know how excited you were about this!!

  10. aw what a bummer! I am sorry it wasn't even close to what you what you expected :(

  11. wow well that is just outrageous! I can't believe they only played for a couple hours.

    that is pretty sad bear. sorry friend! at least it makes for a story - i mean, i certainly enjoyed my morning read ;) + lesson learned, hanson! meh.

  12. What a letdown! I would have been peeved as well.

  13. Hey, pal. Sorry it didn't go as well as you hoped. I understand what it is like to be let down by a performer. I offer you my hugs and a cookie, perhaps?

  14. Dang, and the bad thing was that you were so excited to go! That really sucks. Artists should learn to treat every show like their first. Well, I hope he makes a huge comeback in your life!

  15. So sad to see that you didn't really have a good time. I've had that same experience happen to me on many occasions. Once I went to a Carrie Underwood concert and was in the 7th row and still couldn't see her much, all of her songs were from when she sang for American Idol, she didn't even sing new ones at all, and she didn't sing for more than 45 minutes! It was a huge let down. I still love her and the music just wish I didn't have that experience.

  16. That's *brutal*. I hate shows that are like that - and I don't think that the artists have any idea how much of a negative impact that they can make on their fanbase by calling it in like that.

    But let's be honest, your husband is probably at least a little relieved ;)

  17. Hey it's Ruby! i have a similar story about the House of Blues with Britney Spears.

    I was five months pregnant. Waited in line for about three-four hours. waited inside for five or six more. So my feet were SWOLLEN! She only had one opener and it was Frankie J, really good! And then she went on stage at finally 11:30 pm for a show for 10 minutes. I don't know how the Hansen crowd is, but if you know what a Britney crowd acts, INSANE. I was literally smothered behind a sweaty fat guy and my brother and a girl we met in line stood behind me so that i can have some space because my poor belly was being smothered. But I know how you felt like about waiting and waiting and your sisters poor feet. Hehe...

  18. aw, what a bummer that your expectations weren't met.... stupid Hanson. :) It's always too bad when a girlhood love is somewhat tarnished later in life...

    I can't even imagine how you girls managed to STAND for that long! I would have fallen over for sure.

    cannot WAIT to hear about the baby shower!! :) Yay for baby showers!

  19. aw that's too bad the concert was such a let down. and seriously the house of blues is tricky sometimes, i have learned that one the hard way too. definitely have to ask around.

  20. I'm so sorry Kerri! :(

    What a bummer.

    Those boys should make up for it with a private concert for you and your sis!

    Do they really want to ruin childhood memories?! Do they want to let lil 13-year-old Wishcake with her poster down?

    I don't think so.

  21. It can't help to be preggers or with one. I went to a show with friends and we waited just 2 hours for the headliners, by then I wanted to sit on the ground. after that i don't remember what the show was like. You were probably seeing the discomfort in your sisters feet and empty pockets from the cost of the tickets. a good show should be great throughout, not just filler till the band arrives. Boo on them for lack of organization and poor audience communication.

  22. I'm sorry the concert sucked! That's a total bummer..

    gosh and after all that he didn't even go and fall in love with you... CRAZY!

  23. I hate that when you try to recreate a memory from your childhood only to be devastatingly disappointed. I am so sorry that it sucked, and your poor pregnant sister. Can't wait to hear about the baby shower.

  24. I'm sorry the show stunk. I do have to say though, your part about your "sister's puffy little turtle feet" was hilarious! Never heard that one before.

  25. That is ridiculous. I had a similar concert experience with Keith Urban. Everyone was disappointed. It was a fan club only concert shortly before the release of his new CD, and he was SO. NOT. THERE. I mean, he was there LITERALLY, just not FIGURATIVELY.

    It was a few weeks before he was admitted to rehab :( so then we knew what the problem was. I hope that's not the Hanson boys' problem!

  26. that's absolutely disappointing.

    ugh! i swear i was gonna marry taylor hanson.

    i hate when concerts are super unorganized like that. it bugs the bejesus outta me!


  27. gah. on the opening act thing, i'm totally the same way. all "GET OFF THE EFFING STAGE YOU ARE NOT HANSON YOU LOOOOOOOOOOOSEEEEEEER!" except the one time we saw george strait when taylor swift opened for him, then we were all "TAYLOR! BE OUR BFF! SING MOOOORE!!"

    and your sister's puffy turtle feet. i want to hug her because that's how cute that sounds. :)


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