October 22, 2008

on a little bit of nothing, really...

I wanted to sit down and write something insightful, but I'm fresh out. At least, I feel like I am. However, I've been happily moving along the last few days, even having a few moments of complete and utter happiness. You know how that is, sometimes? Even when you're not necessarily having an out-of-the-ordinary good day, sometimes a bit of pure, unadulterated joy will rush up and tap you on the shoulder at the right moment.

Those are good moments. I like those.

They're a lot better than the moments I feel like my head is going to explode. Or when I nearly slice my hand open while doing dishes.

Jay brought me dinner at work on Tuesday. A couple days before that, I was sort of 'fake whining' to a coworker about how my husband is usually home, only a few minutes away, while I'm stuck at work in the evenings, but he never brings me dinner or visits me. The person I was talking with said, quite smartly, "Well, don't complain if you've never asked him to do something about it." Um, light bulb moment, anyone? I know that every now and then (like, every three minutes or so) I get sucked into the female mentality of, "WHY ISN'T MY HUSBAND READING MY MIND? WHY?"

It's not exactly the vibe I want to be channeling, but it's there, nevertheless. But, really. Don't talk to me. I'm working on it, see?

I asked Jay to stop by during my dinner break on Tuesday, with dinner, if it was possible. And, lo and behold, he came! He brought us both Subway foot-longs, and we were able to sit and chat for that wonderful thirty minutes. It truly made my day. And you know what? Sometimes I think that it will take away half the delight if I have to ask for something before it happens. I was happy to learn that certainly isn't always the case.

So, there's that.

Also, my adorably pregnant sister and her husband are in town (and my parents and youngest sisters will be here on Friday!), so I'll be out and about for the next several days with them. I'm seriously going to have to fight the urge to have my hands permanently attached to my sister's belly. You think I am kidding; I assure you, I am not.


  1. I do the whole "why is she not reading my mind?!?!" bit too, don't worry, you're not alone! :D

    oh, and congrats to your sis! that is beautiful news!

  2. i feel serious jealousy...
    1. you and your hubby are adorable. i feel so ready to take that next step. but the boy wants to wait until we graduate. sigh.
    2. you have a preggers sister. i want to be an aunt to desperately. i have harassed my brother and sister in law for the last 2 years- stopping just short of hiding her birth control and slipping porn under their door. ridiculous. still no babies from them. now, i have moved on to my sister- at least once a week i call her and try to convince her to make her bf propose so they can get married and i can be her maid of honor and they can start popping out babies soon.
    3. you get to be around the belly all weekend! i have been obsessed with preggers bellies my whole life. i cant wait to get pregnant. cant wait. every month i secretly hope some random twist of fate happens and my pill fails and "woops" i'll magically get knocked up. i know. i need help.

    anyway- have a fantastic time with your family!!

  3. I love how you describe having those moments of joy tap you on the shoulder, hehe. Totally agree.

    Have fun with your family!

  4. oh, you are so right about the husband thing. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten mad at my husband for not doing something HE HAD NO CLUE I WANTED HIM TO DO. :)

    have fun with youir family! Yay for visits! Speaking of family, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my adoption post. I LOVED hearing about your two sisters... what a wonderful thing.

    Did you happen to get my recent e-mail? I hope I sent it to the right address, I wasn't really sure.

  5. Sometimes Andrew scares me knowing more about what I'm thinking than I do. Other times he's just like you say and has no clue. WTF? So confusing, but I love him anyway.

  6. Isn't it so crazy that we expect our hubbies to be psychic?! I do it ALL THE TIME!

    That's so sweet he did come have dinner with you! I think it should be a weekly thing! It's always nice for someone else to bring you food!

    Hope you have so much fun with your family! And fun at Disneyland today!

  7. I think I expect my husband to read my mind because I have a running dialog going on in it all day.

    Like the CNN ticker.

    Why isn't he getting that feed in his?

    There's room for it waay down at the bottom scrolling along,
    underneath Red Sox, Notre Dame Football and the Presidential race and,oh yeah,what's for dinner?

    Peace - Rene

  8. aw yay for jay! so cute. i have to learn to speak up more to matt too, but i'm learning. have a great time with the family :)

  9. I had Subway for lunch today because of this post. :)

  10. I know exactly what you're talking about, and I know they wish they could read our minds because it would make things so much easier.

  11. Yeah, really, why can't they just read our crazy little minds?!?! UGH! HAHAHA! And I hear ya, that sometimes when you have to ASK for it to be done, it's just not as great. I'm really glad this time did not turn out like that...little spurts in the middle of the work day can make ALL the difference in the world!

  12. I completely understand your desires AND the epiphany of just asking your man to do something for you. Have a great time with your sister -- what an exciting period in her -- and your family's -- life.

  13. First of all, I adore you for including "Play at Disneyland" in your weekly work out plan.


    Second, my husband is JUST AS GUILTY of expecting me to read his mind, interestingly. I feel like we reverse normal gender stereotypes in our relationship sometimes. :)

    Also, did you eat the entire footlong for dinner? If so, you're my hero.

  14. it's funny what we get if we just ask for it, huh? men work good that way.

  15. i'm so excited that you are out and about with your family this week!!!

    i think us women all feel the same way about asking our husbands/boyfriends/whatevers to do something that will make us happy, but the way i see it... sure, you asked him to do it this once, but now he knows it's something that makes you happy. hopefully now, he'll just do it and it will be a complete surprise and you won't have to ask anymore! right? right.

    have the greatest weekend ever!!!


    ps. have i ever told you i think you're the best writer ever? you totally are.

  16. My first therapy appointment 2 years ago, my therapist asked me 2 questions about my self, and then said...

    "Your not one of those people who (smirky look) expect your boyfriend to read you mind right? Because that would be stupid... Him reading your mind... (Condescending tone the whole time)

    me: Shakes my head no...because I was too embarrased to say yes!
    I thought I was the only one, but it looks like alot of women are that way...

    I don't necessarily think its wrong!

  17. How sweet. You know at least he did bring it after you asked! I'm sure he never would have thought you would have even wanted it. So it's good you asked :) But now, he knows you like it, so hopefully you'll get surprised with a visit every now and then, right?


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