October 4, 2008

on a few thoughts for the morning...

Yesterday, while I was at the post office, the woman behind the desk noticed my ring and gave me a squinty look.

postal worker: "How long you been married?"
me: "Two and-a-half years."
postal worker: "You look like a baby."
me: "Well, my plan is to retain my youth for as long as humanly possible."
postal worker: "Long as you can, girl! Long as you can."

It made me laugh. When I look at myself, I figure that I look somewhat my age. Twenties, at least. But apparently to the general public, I am but a fetus? I hear it all the time. Like, all the time. I don't know why this is, but apparently I will be perpetually seventeen. (Which works, because sometimes I feel emotionally that age. Nice.) At least the postal worker was a bit more generous than this one guy last year, who said that I looked fifteen. Please note that this guy was a checker at the Dollar Tree, and I couldn't possibly take him less seriously. I wanted to punch him in the jaw and say, "Your mom looks fifteen!" But I didn't. Partly because I'm not sure that type of joke works in this particular situation, but mostly because I didn't even want to bother with it.


There are a few things that I want to do in the next week-or-so:

1. Finish my 101 in 1001 list. Okay, start my 101 in 1001 list. I think of things throughout the day, but need to write them down. Must start carrying a notebook around with me. Noted.

2. Come up with some sort of contest for my blog. I'm thinking I'll give away a felt wallet and some magnets or something like that. Fun, right? I've never done a contest, and having one would make me happy, I think. Part of me wants to have a post-the-most-awkward-photo-of-you-ever contest. But only because I've been thinking of doing a post with my most-awkward-photo-of-me-ever and I kind of don't want to stand alone with that kind of thing, you know? I'm bringing you all down with me! Muahahaha!

3. Get some more fall decorations. At the present moment, I only have this little adorable throw pillow with acorns on it. And although it's pretty much my new favorite throw pillow ever, I still need a few more things to spice up the duplex. I would like to be cool like all of you lovely ladies out there, and make my own autumn wreath, but the idea of overwhelming myself with any more crafting projects/supplies/madness kind of makes me want to throw up. So, I'm probably just going to get a pre-made one from Target or something. Buy handmade? What? I'm such a hypocrite.

4. Buy the rest of the clothes-I-must-have. Which includes, but is not limited to: a new pair of adorable flats, a red hat like this one (the cuteness of that photo me physically ill, but in a good way), a new Winter jacket (I would say "coat", but I do live in Southern California, so who am I kidding?), a new long necklace, and another pair of skinny jeans.

5. Make a ton more items for the shop. I want to consistently have twenty items listed, just so I can have a good variety. Oh, and did you hear about my October promotion? Buy two items and get a special surprise that may or may not be a magnet? You did? Okay, just checking.

And here's a tip to those of you who don't know any better: the first thing you say to someone when you see them at work (at the crack of dawn, mind you) should not be: "Wow, you look tired." Because that is not nice. That does not make me happy. That does not make friends. Instead, it will most likely make me say something to the effect of: "Your mom looks tired." Don't make me pull out the big guns, people.

(I'm all about the mom jokes, apparently. I'm sure it's just a phase. Don't judge me.)


  1. LOL, you crack me up! I want to do a 101 list with you but I am not sure I could think of 101 things! And um, I gotta say Joann had some dang cute fall/acorn/harvesty things on sale last I was in there, lots of cutsey things!

    P.S. Your Mom goes to college! hehehe

  2. Um...I love 'your mom' jokes. My friends and I say them all the time. Glad we're not the only ones. Usually it's directed toward my friend K. K usually says, "Hey what do you guys want to do?" We always say, "Go to your mom's house." "Who are you talking to?" Of course it's "Your mom." etc. etc. etc. This could take all day... Seriously we are 28 going on 12.

  3. No worries my friend, I'm right there with you in the "perpetually seventeen" club! I've heard it all! It still baffles me what people will say...it makes me want to reply "well you look 85, maybe you should work on that"! HA!!!

  4. If it makes you feel any better, I'm 26, and I still get IDed regularly ..and the legal drinking age here is 18. I think honestly, you look about 21. I,ve been a barmaid, and i wouldn't have IDed you.

    ebay is your friend for the necklace/ hat/jeans/pumps/coat buying! Because I like(more like require) coordination, I would get all but the jeans in red!

  5. I'm almost 28. I recently got asked what grade I was in.

  6. I love that hat. I want one, too.

    Also, "You look tired" i just a nice way of telling someone they look like sh*t.... WHICH IS NEVER NICE. So don't do it. So mean!

  7. This is cute because you just posted about growing up this week. Crazy post office working. She probably had no idea she was staring at a young looking blogger who entertains many everyday. I love it. And 17...is an amazing age, milk it for all it is worth! Love, MG

  8. I gave you the A+ award today! Check out my last post! Love, MG

  9. Good job on turning a somewhat rude and unnecessary comment into a compliment for yourself! I try to always do that with age comments too. Because looking young is always awesome.

  10. You are a crack up, seriously! And all the new items in your shop are just too adorable. I think a contest would be a great idea! I am full of random sentences today, whee!

  11. Oh, dear. I think you would simply fall apart and cry in the elevator if you heard what I hear from my Korean coworkers at school! It's not considered rude to be brutally honest about people's appearances here, but it comes off rude especially because the ladies I work with aren't good enough at English to sugar-coat comments like: "You look sick. Are you sick?" Or, "Oh Danielle! What happened to your face??!!"
    However, the day I went back to work after being sick for two days, having a fever and puking my guts out, the principal found me twice and told me I was so beautiful that day. So beautiful. What the hell?

  12. Ooh, new flats. Yeah, I've been coveting these babies for a couple weeks now. But I did just give in and buy the cutest pair of grey skinny jeans! Very exciting.

  13. Ha -- I'm in a grumpy bear mood for no reason and when John asked me what I was blogging about I said "your mom." Ha! I thought I was funny.

    Yeah, people who said "you look tired" are totally lame pants. Not cool!

    And your talk of shopping makes me want to go shopping! Aiii!!

  14. Haha! Don't worry people never think I'm my age. I'm constantly being asked what year I am at school.
    Oh well we will still look good when we're 50 =p

    I love that hat. Good movie too.

    Look forward to seeing your list. Mine is dead already even though it's only been a year lol

  15. lol. i have a friend who says "Your mom" to everything. I thought it was just a phase too, but its been like this for four years!

  16. Haha, that was a very funny little anecdote. People can be so hilarious.

    I feel your pain about being perpetually 17. Once in a while people tell me what a young face I have. I guess we'll be grateful for it when we're 60!

    Thanks for participating in my contest!

  17. I fully support your decision to get an Elizabeth Town hat.

    Also, people always think I look like a child too. I was engaged when I was 20... and got a lot of unwelcome comments about the diamond on my left ring finger.

    (No longer engaged. Not married. You get the idea.)

  18. I get the whole you're so young to be married thing all the time. Oh and the you look tired thing almost as much. Definitely not the right thing to ever tell a person.

  19. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I'm almost 28 (GASP) and a couple weeks ago in Chicago I was asked if I was 22 ot 23. I almost jumped (for joy) and when I tried to stop myself I tripped.

    Jeez, I'm impressive.

  20. I work at a college, and one of my college students told me I look like I'm 12.

    That was a blow to the ego if I ever felt one.

    {And although I'm always told I'll be SO THANKFUL when I'm 40 and look young, I work with a 37-year-old guy who looks 17. And that? Is just not cool, in my book. I want to look oooooold.}

  21. I must say... you look very good for your age. Now, while i don't think you look 17, I would think (if I didn't know already) that you were 21, at the very least. But your wisdom beyond your years kind of messes that whole assumption up, I think.

    Also, I loved that movie Elizabethtown; not so much because of the movie itself, but I adored the sincerity of it & I just love anything with Kirsten Dunst. So, like you... I fell in love with that red hat! :]

    We're twins, I tell you! Everytime I come here, I read something that I've either already been through, or I am presently going through myself...

  22. I want Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations for our place, but I'm too cheap to buy them. So, I wait until the day after Halloween (like a freak) and get stuff then. It's not as fun, but way cheaper. Or, I'll go to my parent's house and swipe some of their decor. I'm their child...they can't stop me.

    Since I know you like a good deal, I got a pair of pants from the Gap the other day, that were regularly $60.00 for $11!!! Their boot cut, but they look like skinny jeans to me. I prefer the wide leg/trouser cut jeans, so they're not my fav, but 11 bux, who cares what cut they are.

    Happy October to you!

  23. I think you are absolutely adorable and I hope you continue to get complimented on your youth for the rest of your life. I've been to the same restaurant a hundred bazillion times and recently I went in with my hair pulled back and I got carded. WTF? Really? Thanks...I guess.

  24. lol I really enjoy the mom jokes...And I love those comments about young married people - what are they expecting us to say?!

    My husband always gets ID'd and he's 27, where as I have the "former underage cigarette smoker" hypnotizing stare that can convince someone they don't want to ID me while I'm still a block away so he's constantly being harassed and I'm never ID'd where I'm only 23.

    It always makes me laugh.

  25. So, I get the "oh you look 16 (18, 15, whatever)" all the time too.n It's kind of a compliment as long as the commenter treats me with respect & not like I'm a silly teenager.

    Also, I too am a "your mom" joker. It always comes out lame when I say it... yet I continue to throw out a "your mom" whenever I'm at a loss for a comeback.

  26. Lol, love your blog, it's freshers' week at my uni at the moment and I keep on getting mistooken for a newbie even though I am a finalist...oh dear..

  27. I wish people though I looked young! I never used to get carded BEFORE I was even 21. ohh the sadness there.

    And I too love that red hat! Gosh I was just looking at hats like that and now I can't remember where.... sigh. probably urban outfitters? dunno

  28. Ha, yes babycake should be your next name if you know, you want another name.

    And if people pull that good ol' "wow! you look sooooooooooooo tired" you can say two things:

    1. "really? i was just about to say the same to you" (save that one for when you can pull the mama joke)

    or deux:
    "really? i didn't realize i looked so bad, pout pout."

    usually your friend will be like ack what heck no! and try to make you feel all betters.


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