October 19, 2008

on a few good things...

soon-to-be blogged!

A little birdy (on my bookshelf, conveniently) told me I should mention a few good things that I've noticed lately. So, without further ado, here they are:

1. Today I finished up a few swaps that I've been working on for a while. I haven't been doing many mail swaps lately, mostly because all my creative energy has been going into my etsy shop, and it felt good to put together a few things just for the sake of sending them along to someone else! Also, I've been realizing just how many crafting supplies I have (it's kind of ridiculous, actually) and it's nice to have a number of projects to work on - if only to have some way to use up all these papers, ribbons, embellishments, etc. laying around. I especially enjoy having the package completely ready to ship away to someone; there's just something about it that makes me truly happy.

2. I finished my most recent read, sTORI Telling, and absolutely loved it. I have to admit, although I'm slightly addicted to her reality show, I've always been slightly irritated with her. Maybe it has something to do with her and Dean both leaving their spouses to be with each other? Okay, so maybe it has everything to do with that. It just makes me sad and hurts my soul to think about. A lot. But, having said that, it was really enlightening to read her book and hear about the way she grew up, her fame, her relationships, her insecurities...her writing is absolutely engaging, and whenever I picked up this book I found it difficult to tear myself away. Recently I've been a fan of memoirs (read any lately that you adored?) and this one is definitely one I would recommend. So, for #85 on the list, I have 1 down, 99 to go!

3. The weekend crew at work are absolutely amazing. I love coming into work knowing that there will be some other smiling faces there at the crack of dawn. Since we are slightly short-staffed on the weekends, it helps to know that the guys are always so willing to help me out and lend me a hand. (And who really wants to be stranded at a desk for several hours with nobody to give you a bathroom break? Really. That's enough for me to want to create a one-woman mutiny, for sure. I am not kidding even a little bit.) It's been good, though. They've been just great. And although I do hope to someday have "regular" work hours and weekends off, if this is the way it has to be for now, then I'll take it. I really can't complain.

4. I've been doing a lot of thinking about my outlook on things. For so long, I've been completely against accepting that we may end up here in Southern California for the long run. I've been so determined to fight it. After all, every vision of my future seems to involve pine trees, snowy Winters, latte stands on every corner and living blocks away from my family. The Northwest calls to me. But I've been trying to be less closed minded about everything. Because really, in my life thus far, things certainly haven't gone exactly the way I'd planned. And still they've turned out just fine. Better than fine, actually. I need to have more faith that I'll always be in the exact place I'm meant to be. And I suppose there could be worse places to end up. At least here we have this perpetually warm weather (darn it all), things to keep us busy at every corner and, of course, the beach. And just today, as Jay and I were driving to Costco, we passed this group of people who were filming a tiny little man doing skateboarding tricks. As we drove past, Jay said, "Hey! That's Wee Man!" And it was, literally, Wee Man. I tell you, only in Southern California will you see Wee Man on the side of the road on the way to Costco. So, at least we have that. (Although, I would honestly rather have a bit of snow instead of a skateboarding midget, but what is a girl do do? Beggars can't be choosers, you know.)

5. Although I was completely and entirely lazy when it came to working out this week, I don't feel all that guilty about it. So, that's good. Sometimes I really beat myself up about it when I put off going to the gym to do something else, and I really hate that. I need to remember that no matter what, I'm healthier now than I've been in years, and one week of being a complete and utter potato isn't going to kill me. Even when it involves entirely too many spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter covered in chocolate chips. Amen.

What are a few good things in your life right now?


  1. It's sad, I know it's sad, and so not the purpose of this post... but all I could think when I read it is that I AM getting out of SoCal. I MUST. I WILL.
    Because this SO isn't the place for me.

    And I know... that's not uplifting is it?

  2. "But I've been trying to be less closed minded about everything. Because really, in my life thus far, things certainly haven't gone exactly the way I'd planned. And still they've turned out just fine. Better than fine, actually. I need to have more faith that I'll always be in the exact place I'm meant to be"

    You need to be my therapist. For real. That was poetry.

  3. With every post I read of yours, I find myself wanting to leave the same comment about how lovely you are.
    I absolutely adore that you aren't beating yourself up about not working out too much this past week. Just from reading your blog it's apparent how far you've come in the past few months in terms of being healthier/getting in shape :)
    And even though you may not want to be in California forever, please enjoy it while you can. I would kill to live there permanently. If only I was a US citizen..

  4. I love your posts, they always make me happy and appreciate what I have.

  5. a few of my good things:
    good (and some great!) coworkers, which make a hum-drum retail job not too bad at all.

    a challenging project at the internship, which will in turn make me feel slightly more qualified when applying for PAID work.

    the realization that an old friend has moved to my city! and that we're going to meet up on tuesday and catch up! yay!

    i loved this post. you make it hard to feel BLECH about life, like i did today:P thanks, miss wishcake.

  6. what a cute little birdie... I have an absolute obsession with birds.

    A few good things in my life right now?? On Friday the adoption of my niece and nephew will be final (I want to cry for joy just writing that). Also, a week from tonight, I will be at Disneyland with my husband and girls.

    Good things indeed. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

  7. Go read Such A Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. She has a couple memoirs, but that is the only one I've read so far. HILARIOUS! And completely honest. I think you would dig it.

    I love you and miss you!

  8. Thanks for the review on sTORItelling. I've been wanting to try it and you've convinced me. Also? The crunchy PB w/chocolate chips sounds devine!

    I think we all have those moments where we forego the gym for something else and that's OK. As long as we go back eventually.

  9. "spoonfuls of crunchy peanut butter covered in chocolate chips" ...umm, why haven't I thought of this combination before? Both items are totally going on my grocery list. :)

  10. Your #4 kinda took the words right out of my mouth. I've sort of been fighting against settling in where I am at the moment. I feel like, in the back of my mind, I'm waiting for my forever home before I let myself feel "at home" again.
    But since I know that my forever home is a long way off (what with living in the 2nd most expensive city in all of North America) your post reminds me that, yes, that this is my home, for now at least, and if I want to feel at home I need to make an effort. So thanks :)

  11. Books for reading

    -Innocence(or any books really) by Kathleen Tessaro
    -The Island Walkers by Jon Bemrose(his first novel, it is fantastic
    -Wintering by Kate Moses(semi-biographical story of Sylvia Plaths later days.)
    -Obsessive Genius by Barbara Goldsmith(biography of Marie Curie, and the most honest and intelligent biography I've read)

    Where did you get the lovely wee bird?!

  12. I find it interesting that you're aching to leave where you are now and I'm silently fighting to stay. I know the beau wants to move back to Minnesota eventually, but I've fallen completely in love with the Chicago suburbs. Here's hoping everything works out for both of us. (And, really? I can totally see why you want to go back to the Northwest. It's gorgeous and fascinating up there. We talked about moving to Seattle but I couldn't handle being so far from family...)

  13. I love gratitude entries such as this.

    I have been looking at the wonderful city of Chicago and taking in every part of it because I know that I will likely be somewhere else (for grad school) next year.

    Maybe California, actually! :)

  14. I love memoirs. My favorite one (and probably my favorite book ever, although I hesitate to make such a grandiose statement) is Two-Part Invention, by Madeleine L'Engle. It's the story about her forty-year marriage and her husband's fight with cancer. Oh, so sad and beautiful. It's part of a series of memoirs called The Crosswicks Journals, and I love all of them. Madeleine L'Engle is my favorite author without question, and her non-youth writing is sadly overlooked.

    Other memoirs I have enjoyed are:

    Angela's Ashes
    Eat, Pray, Love
    A Walk in the Woods

    Oh, and you might like Velvet Elvis. It's not a memoir, but nonfiction nonetheless.

  15. #4 really hit me.

    thanks for posting that.

  16. i loved stori telling too! have you read any stephanie klein? i love her 2 books- straight up & dirty and moose. really good.
    bte i tagged you for a meme! check it out: http://goingtohellforthis.blogspot.com/2008/10/meme-time.html

  17. Good things? I'm sort of on air about talk of possibly getting married next year... ;)

    You're awesome, I love the way you write.

  18. Eeeeeeep I love your little birdy. You are too cute.

  19. You should read "The Glass Castle" by jeannette wells. Also, Blackbird by Jennifer Lauck. READ THEM!!! :)

  20. i feel the same way about tori spelling. her and dean's relationship (er the beginnings at least) really irked me. i bet i would love the show and her book but i have yet to bring myself there just yet, haha.

  21. You're adorable, and your craftyness? Is making me want to try something of my own. Any advice?
    Also, I think it's good that you're beginning to come to terms with where you are. It doesn't have to be for forever- but it will make the present time much easier if you start coming to terms with it. I know that's what I've been having to do, stuck in Chicago but knowing I should be in Colorado. It's not fun feeling stuck.

  22. Oh yes. We are listy friends! It will be official soon. My list is shaping up.

    P.S. TAG! Check my blog for details.

  23. That settles it... I'm buying sTori Telling.

  24. I have two great book/memoir nominations for you: 1 is Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres, and 2 is In an Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Healing by Bob and Lee Woodruff.

    They are both really sad, but GREAT!


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