October 7, 2008

on (drumroll, please) the list...

one-hundred one things in one-thousand one days.

start: 10/7/08 / end: 7/5/11

in progress: italic / completed: bold

1. begin writing a memoir.
2. take one photo a day for a month.
3. run a 5k.

4. participate in a charity walk/run.
5. buy/make ten gifts for people, just because. (5/10)
6. send out ten letters to people, just because. (7/10)
7. color my hair something other than blonde.
8. purchase five books I remember from my childhood. (3/5)
9. audition for something.
10. enter a contest.
11. reach a total of 100 things sold from my etsy shop. (370/100)
12. visit two states I've never been to.
13. visit a country I've never been to.
14. get a new passport (with my married name).
15. ride in a helicopter.
16. ride in a private jet.
17. fill up another handwritten journal.
18. see a movie in a theatre by myself.
19. eat at a restaurant by myself.
20. come up with five surprises for my husband. (5/5)
21. read five classic novels.
22. make my own zine.
23. plan and throw a party for someone.
24. attend a BlogHer conference.
25. volunteer for something.
26. donate to ten charities. (8/10)

27. try surfing.
28. go camping.
29. get a library card.
30. ride a train.
31. go to a football game.
32. organize clothes; get rid of/donate everything I don't wear.
33. get a sewing machine.
34. complete five sewing projects.
35. choose ten new recipes and make them. (7/10)
36. ssssh, this one is a secret and I'll never tell.
37. find a church my husband & I both love; become members.
38. join/create a book club.
39. get paid for something I write.
40. get paid for my photography.
41. dress up cute and go to a Hollywood hot-spot.
42. come up with a brilliant plan for my future.
43. try three foods I've never had before.
44. attend five concerts. (1/5: Hanson)
45. find ten new singers/bands to adore. (3/10: Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, Ray LaMontagne)
46. develop five habits to make my life more "green". (4/5: eliminate paper towel usage as much as possible, bring mug to work to reuse for water/coffee, buy more organic fruits & veggies, remember to use cotton grocery bags on a regular basis)
47. complete four projects from this book.
48. participate in NaNoWriMo.
49. go an entire day without being negative.
50. go an entire day without wearing clothes.
51. take a spin class.
52. learn to drive a stick shift.
53. go on a roadtrip.
54. put my old theatre videos onto DVD's.
55. send a care package to a soldier overseas.
56. spend an entire day enjoying nature & nothing else.
57. thoroughly clean out our garage.
58. for one month, make a daily list of five things that make me happy.
59. buy curtains for our windows.
60. be a vegetarian for two weeks.
61. design an album of our wedding photos, so we can finally have one.
62. try out five local restaurants that I've never been to.
63. bake a cake from scratch.
64. visit this girl in Michigan.
65. plant flowers.
66. sing karaoke.
67. go to the taping of a TV show.
68. buy an item of clothing that is not my usual style.
69. get a promotion at work.
70. actually learn and use all the features on my camera.
71. get contacts.
72. meet and take a photo with someone famous.
73. learn to see the glass as half-full.
74. keep a dream journal for one month.
75. design a calendar.
76. dress up for Halloween.
77. reconnect with a long-lost-friend.
78. take a dance class.
79. give only handmade items as gifts for Christmas.
80. buy myself flowers five times. (4/5)
81. write down all my friend's & family's birthdays.
82. start trying for babies.
83. complete devotional with husband.
84. lose five pounds learn to love myself for what I am.
85. read one-hundred books. (17/100)
86. buy domain name.
87. buy a pretty dress.
88. go to two fancy dinners with Jay. (1/2)
89. try (real) sushi.
90. complete three do-it-yourself projects. (1/3)
91. make bread from scratch.
92. visit my great-grandparents' graves; leave flowers.
93. memorize a monologue.
94. send someone fanmail.
95. take a weekly self-portrait for six months.
96. perform ten random acts of kindness.
97. give compliments to ten complete strangers. (6/10)
98. meet one of my online BFF's face-to-face. (Ashley!)
99. write a short story of appreciation for each of my family members.
100. send a care package to each of my sisters. (1/4)

101. finish this list & create a new one!

This list is based on a brilliant idea from this lovely website. Join me! Send me a link to your list and we can keep eachother accountable and, as I've said before, be listy friends. Booyah. Wish me luck!


  1. This is an excellent list! You can kind of cross of number one now, because in a way, this blog is your memoirs. Also, random acts of kindness are easy. If you have read the Danny Wallace books 'Join Me" and "365 random acts of kindness" there are lots of ideas in there!

    Good luck with it!dgipbl

  2. I love your blog, and check in often! I am Rebecca from CA.

    Such a great idea!! I have a list of 'stuff I want to do." But I like how this gives a timeline and you can be held accountable by posting the list for all to see... I will join you in this idea, all the way from Southern Ca! I will blog about it later this week and post your link on my blog (if that is ok?). Good luck with your list (:

  3. Yay! I love reading lists. It makes me want to rewrite mine. I will definitely think about it and join you in your goals!

    It would be good to have someone to be accountable with as well. Make me stay on track I hope =)

  4. What a great list! Posting things on your blog always makes it more "real," huh? :)

    Can I be number 98!?

    Maybe at a future Blogher...

  5. #91 http://tinyurl.com/44wnfn
    Seriously fool-proof. Its so easy and takes such a short amount of time.

    I love this list! Its really awesome. I really need to do one, one of these days.

    Woot woot for NaNoWriMo!

  6. Yay for lists!!! I can help you with the vegetarian thing when you get to it. I'm not vegetarian, but my husband is, so I've had to find a lot of veg recipes that don't suck. :)

  7. Fun times! Like the list. Tell me what number 36 is. What? You won't tell me? Well... your mom is #36.

  8. Oh this is a wonderful list! I really like this idea, I think you just inspired me = )

    I can help you with #60 and good luck with #82!! Yay!

  9. Wow, very ambitious!

    For #91, have you ever tried no-knead bread? It's pretty simple to do, and it makes a two-person-sized loaf. We call it "weekend bread" because of the 18-hour (!) rise. The only change I make is to use half all-purpose flour and half bread flour, but I swear, it is really easy.

    As for the cake, do cupcakes from scratch count? Because I have a carrot cake recipe (plus cream cheese frosting!) that is to die for, if you are interested...

    In regard to your church search, do you and Jay just differ in style?

  10. Great list! I'm very shocked you haven't eaten sushi or have a library card. Scratch these two off immediately. You will thank me after you eat the deliciousness that is sushi. (Spicy Tuna? Red Snapper? What the heck are you waiting for!!!!)

  11. Great list! I really liked the sending a car package to a soldier overseas. And buying a piece of clothing that isn't your style sounds fun!

    Good luck, can't wait to see them bold and italicized!

  12. This is a fabulous idea. I'm definitely going to start working on my own list! You had some great goals in there...I'm with you on the sushi thing. I pretty much only eat California rolls because I'm such a wimp. :) And actually, I'm doing the homemade Christmas gift thing this year as a little experiment to see if it's actually cheaper than buying gifts for everyone (I'm sure you know, crafting is expensive sometimes). We'll see how that goes!

  13. Oh I love your list! I love all of it! Oh, I may have to do this now...

  14. Good luck with your list. This has inspired me to start working on a list of my own.

  15. I love making lists like this. I used to make Bucket Lists occasionally, but this is much less morbid.

  16. i so need to add/update to my list that I started about 3 years ago and let fall by the wayside.

    great list!! i'm sure you'll be successful.

  17. I skimmed your list quickly, so here are my quick responses:
    I organized a group (consisting of my mom, sister and her 2 friends) to participate in the March of Dimes, March for Babies 5k. It's in April at Fashion Island. Then you can cross 2 things off your list if you participate. It raises money to STOP premature babies from dying--the number one cause of death among infants.

    No library card???? Oh, jump on this one! The library is so great, books are FREE, to borrow of course.

    And a spin class, yea I want to do that one too. I hear it's a killer workout. I'm not very coordinated though, so it's hard for me to try new things, and I give up easily and may or may not start crying if I can't do it, so I haven't done it.

    And I got my passport in 7 days from the post office w/regular shipping and everything.

    Good luck w/your 101 things.

  18. I forgot about the cake part! I LOVE TO bake. I just google whatever I want to bake and it's like recipe city, but the frosting that I love and that is so easy is the 5 minute frosting on the box of powdered sugar...so good.

  19. WOW friend, this is a great list!

    I have to admit, when you posted that you were working on this a week ago, I wasn't very motivated myself to do one just because I wasn't sure what 101 things I could possibly come up with. But when I read yours this morning, and after having the thoughts lurking in my mind and subconsciously thinking of some goals of my own, you've inspired me to do one!

    I've already got about 50 things down. But thanks for the inspiration! I hope you are successful in finishing many of the items, if not ALL of them! :)

  20. Oh! I just had another though. You can totally say no, but I have also been thinking of joining/starting a book club. Fitting time in for one is difficult in my schedule, BUT we could have an online one? its not the same, but I would mean you could have a multinational book group.

  21. What a great list! i really enjoy reading your blog and your suggestions for other ones (Cricket)

  22. Oh, for some good recipes, try smittenkitchen.com. Ever since I moved out on my own for the first time a few months ago, I've been trying tons of recipes from here. They're so easy to follow and delicious.

    And sushi is amazing. Give it two or three attempts though. I thought it was gross the first couple times, and now I love it.

    Good luck with your list!

  23. this is such a fun idea. i love it. :)

  24. I just may have to do one of these lists, too.

    I think it's a great idea and you've got some fun items on your list.

    Enjoy completing them :)

  25. I would so join your book club if you start one! I've always wanted to be in one. =) Good luck with your list, it really is very inspiring!

  26. Congrats on making your list! That's a first awesome step! And I would make a list too -- but I think I should instead just steal yours! I love everything on your list. You are the bees knees!

  27. wow, what a great list, darling!! Ambitious, but totally do-able for an amazing girl like you, I think. :) SO many of these are on my own "list".

    And um, I would be more than happy to help you out with # 98, as I'm sure many others would be. :)

  28. Love 46 and 55. Thanks for the motivation, I'll be starting mine up soon!

  29. I love this list! And I agree with Talia, we all need to work on #98.. Cale had a good idea.. we should do a Cali blogger Christmas party! Not sure where but I know there are several of us that just need to meet darn it and there is no use waiting all the way until the next BlogHer to do it.

    Or if you think that's just internet crazie talking, then omg like yeah I was totally kidding.

    (but I wasn't)

  30. Your blog is tres adorb! I love it. Thanks for inspiring me to finish this list and giving me topic ideas, constantly.

    You rock!

  31. I'm working on my list and was stuck on number #25... so I came to reread your list for inspiration. We have some in common. Surfing!? Hell yeah. A little harder for me being as though I live in Pittsburgh. Sigh.

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  34. i posted my list kerri, hurray! :)


    thanks for the inspiration friend. your list looks like its going well!

  35. I just sent you an e-mail about the person I found that pretty much copied your entire list here, and then I looked at theirs again and realized they had even stolen your header for it! Craziness...some people are just ridiculous.

  36. Hi, I wrote you a little note before. I saw your list and you have inspired me to make my own. So feel free to check it out at www.myfirst101in1001.blogspot.com.
    I also checked out the original website. Thanks for the idea!

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  39. I created my list!!
    I took some of yours..... hope you don't mind. It is SO hard to come up with 101 original things!

  40. I'm doing the 101 things starting 2/1/09! Woo!

    (I also wanted to tell you that your ending date is wrong though. I had to use an internet calculator to fix mine. Your ending date should be: July 5, 2011. If you go to timeanddate.com there's a date calculator you can use in case I'm actually wrong. lol)

  41. you have totally inspired me to make my own list! it will be posted in two days (on my birthday... seemed like a perfect start to the next 1,001 days!)


    Olive Oyl

  42. I loved reading your list! I'm starting one of my own. :) Good luck with completing everything.

  43. Okay, you guys have convinced me... Seems like all the crafty/inspirational blogs I'm visiting lately are in the midst of their 101 Things. :) I tried to do it a few years ago but banked on being with my boyfriend at the time for quite a while (most of the goals centered around him/us)... Well, anyway, I haven't had the motivation to recreate it until this month. Thanks! :)


  44. Hey! I was looking around at 101 things in 1001 days. I really like your list! Your goals are so much more realistic than mine... Your list ends in 3 months!!

    Sarah http://talentedsarah.wordpress.com/

  45. Hi

    I just wanted to say I came to your blog via 'Oh hello friend' and I think its lovely! I love your list too, will you be creating another one when you have finished? I loved it so much I decided to create one myself, work in progress but its a start...


    Happy listing :)


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