October 30, 2008

on the agenda for the day...

1. Have serious political debate with husband. (Sometimes I enjoy being the devil's advocate, apparently. Or maybe I just like pushing his buttons. Who knows.)
2. Organize crap on entry-way table. (Actually, I don't really have an entry-way, but I think it makes me sound more distinguished.)
3. Finish editing photos from last week-or-so.
4. Put on ridiculously cute outfit. (In my own, personal opinion, of course.)
5. Somehow hold back from cleaning kitchen, knowing full well that we'll be messing it up royally tonight while making pizza.
5.5 Clean dishes and counters, because otherwise a full-on anxiety attack will follow due to messiness of it all.
6. Blog.
7. Be generally lazy with Jay, watching TV, wandering around duplex and eating yummy day-old sandwiches. (Hey. They were free. And yummy. Don't judge me.)
8. Go see Eagle Eye. (Shiaaaaa!)
9. Get some delicious Starbucks goodness.
10. Make pizza with Jay, and messy up kitchen to point of no return.
11. Go to M's place for Halloween baking and season premier of 30 Rock.
12. Decide to add more things to agenda, because apparently I'm OCD and can't have only 11 things on a list.
13. Um, regret not washing hair?
14. Be generally irritated by lack of crisp Autumn weather in Southern California.
15. Love husband. (Ah, yes. And here we are. That's better. 15 looks way better than 11.)


  1. Number 14! Number 14!

    YES. This is the time of year that I think "why the hell did I EVER leave NYC??"

  2. You are so cute...you crack me up! And you totally made me want Starbucks like RIGHT NOW! So thanks! ;-)

    Oh yeah, and #14...UGH!

  3. Oooo! I love political debate with the husband, too bad I it always ends with me calling him an ignorant hillbilly (all in fun of course!). And yes, we are needing more of your glorious photos. Have a wonderful evening making pizza together!

  4. haha you're too cute. sounds like my kind of day, homemade pizza and laziness, love it. and eventually autumn will come to so cal, i just know it will because i'm waiting for it too, haha.

  5. WE are having the crisp(read freezing) autumn weather. Autumn isn't supposed to be frosty though, it's worrying!

    It was nice today though, sunny even thought it was freezing - I got to wear my cute hat!

    I like lists.

  6. haha, my bf really wants to see eagle eye... me, not so much. it got bad ratings! what can i say? ;) i'll probably give in and see it with him.

  7. Yay for making lists! That sounds like the perfect day! Yummmm pizza AND starbux! lucky lass! haha, I always regret not washing hair -- but then I'm always sleeepppppy so I choose to sleep in instead. ha. Lazybutt. I wanna see this cute outfit of yours!

  8. Number 12 is my favorite.

  9. watching 30 rock right now! yay for east coast time!

  10. Great list =) I hope Eagle Eye was good. I would watch it just for Shia lol.

    And by the way...I finally made a 101 list! Eee!

  11. My favorite part is walking around eating day old sandwiches. There is nothing better than relaxing at home doing absolutely nothing, in my honest opinion :D

  12. #9 is on my list RIGHT NOW. See ya!


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