September 6, 2008

on the joy of etsy and good friends...

Oh, how I adore wrapping my etsy items...

I was thrilled to have sold two of my items almost immediately after I posted about them yesterday. Thank you all so much for the feedback and interest in my crafting mania! It's the most rewarding thing when something I've made is purchased by someone, and I get to wrap it up and send it along to it's new home. (This one is yours, Sarah Marie! I had to take a photo because, well, it made me happy. Wee!) I can't lie; yesterday when I found out I made a couple sales, I was literally all, "Squee! Let me go get my wrapping materials!" Aaaaand, I may have done a happy dance on the way.

(But I'll never tell.)

I'm so glad that I decided to take the leap into the whole etsy thing; it's brought so much more into my life than I thought it would. Although my shop has a measly amount of items in it at the moment, I love the constant challenge of coming up with new items, new designs. I've decided to put alot more time into it than I have in the past. I think that in the beginning I was a wee bit hesitant. I mean, come on, someone will actually pay me money for these things I create? Really? I think that every artist/crafter/what-have-you struggles with that at some point. I mean, it's one thing for friends and family to ooh and ahh over things you've made, but it's a horse of a different color (I think I say that too much, by the way, and most of the time it's seriously out of context, but still fun for some reason) when you're dealing with people outside your happy little circle of "you could basically make a macaroni necklace, add some glitter, call it a day and I'd still be seriously impressed" people.

(By the way? I totally rely on my happy little circle. I don't handle criticism well. I remember one day in fifth grade some girl said I drew noses weird and I'm pretty sure I refused to draw for a good two months because of it. Sensitive much? Why, yes. Yes, I am.)

So, yes. That's all to say that I'm so thankful I have this creative outlet, and who knows what will come of it someday? I have illusions of grandeur, to say the least.

In other news, I met up with M (one of my besties) last night. I miss her like crazy, now that she isn't working by my side anymore. I had to try mighty hard to squish the green-eyed-monster yesterday, and I really hate that, because gah. Jealousy is a mother. And it's odd for me to feel this way because M has worked harder than anyone I know to get to where she is today. She truly deserves it. The girl is a peach. I am happy for her! I am! I'm just an eety beety bit jealous that she gets to work part time with adorable little kids while she works towards her credentials and what-not. And she has the greatest work schedule ever. And she gets weekends off. And she was wearing this super-cute teal shirt yesterday that was pretty much the cutest shirt ever and why does she have the cutest clothes of all time, WHY?

See? I have issues. This is true.

Anyway, we had a good time catching up yesterday. We enjoyed some good talk, good food, good drinks, and even, if I do say so myself, a good version of Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart sung at the top of our lungs on the drive home.

(I think that I need more friends to be absolutely ridiculous with. Because those are the best.)


  1. I LOVE your etsy shop and will be sending some friends your way! I can't wait to get the wallet.

    I love being ridiculous with my friends!

  2. it's true. friends to be ridiculous with are my faves.

  3. Yay! There's my little wishcake package! How cute that you took a picture of it for your bloggy! The packaging looks adorable! Loves it! My wallet feels very special and important indeed. That's so cool that your new stuff is already snatched up! Duh -- cuz it's too cute (dangit, I need another word besides cute or adorable. Again - BAD journalist!) Being ridiculous with friends is the best, isn't it! But alas, unfort I too have been known to turn a little green- must work on this! bad jealousy! Anyways, Love love love the etsy site- keep it up! :)

  4. i love your etsy, everything you make is uber adorable! and i must say, you seriously have THE BEST handwriting i've ever seen, i'm so jealous.

    i need more friends to be ridiculous with too, it's a shame we're so far apart! sometimes, it's just nice to rock out to toni braxton, mariah or well... hanson with someone. :o) glad you and m had a fun afternoon!!!

  5. I love your etsy shop, you know this. I really wish I could be so crafty and make adorable things but I'm not.

    So like the saying goes, those who can not do, teach. Those who cannot craft, blog about it. Hence, the new etsy focused blog!

  6. I'm glad you started your etsy. You have the cutest things and style. I really should make my way over there.
    As for being ridiculous with your friends aren't they the best times?

  7. Your shop is so adorable. I'm glad you started it :)

    I hope you get many many good times with your friend. Those days are part of what make life worth living.

  8. I suppose I'm kind of delurking myself to you at this time. Haha. So, here I am, outing myself. I'm Shannon. I had to speak up on this post because I need to thank you. I need to thank you for (unknowingly to that a word? I think it's a word...) you introduced me to Etsy which I am so addicted to now. Your blogs = amazing and real. Your crafts = amazing and as soon as I round up some extra cash, I'll be getting some. Your photography = AMAZING. So, there you have it. Thank you for putting a smile on my face every time I see a new post from you on my Google Reader.


  9. I had ordered the heart notecards and they arrived yesterday! I love them, they are so adorable! I'm sure I'll be back to visit your shop again :)

  10. ohhh, your stuff is so cute, I just love it. And the packaging is adorable! That little wishcake touch.

    I must buy something from your store soon.

    Guess what crafty thing I'm working on this week?? Finishing a certain someone's give-away prize that she won over TWO MONTHS ago (hmmm, do you even remember that?). It's pathetic, I know... and I can only thank you for not hating me. :)

  11. simply lovely!

    i so want to do a swap with you!
    i think we could both come up with some pretty awesome things ;) whenever you're free!

  12. i want to be a ridiculous friend! i totally started belting out the words in my head as soon as i read that. "unnnnnnnnnnnnbreak my heeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaart! say you'll love me agaaaaaaaaaaaaain" see? am the bomb dot com.

    @courtney903 and I are known for our car singing, so i totally get the having a friend you can be a weirdo with thing. :)


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