September 3, 2008

on a few happy things...

I refuse to write a whiny post. I refuse.

Never mind the fact that I just found out that my job's widely anticipated annual Christmas party has been canceled this year due to a "tight budget". Never mind being stuck at work two nights in a row completely and utterly alone, with only myself, my Pandora and some Japanese tourists to keep me company. Never mind my irritation with the name "Shawn" sometimes being spelled "Shon" which, by the way, is ridiculous and I judge anyone who thinks it's cool to spell something that phonetically. Never mind the fact that I seem to have lost my favorite pen of all time - and I'm sure we've already established my pen fixation, therefore realizing that this is a serious tragedy. Never mind the fact that Summer is basically behind us now, and I didn't even get a seriously nice tan this year (superficial much lately?). Never mind that M recently got a new job and no longer will be my partner in crime/shenanigans at work.

Never mind all of that, because I'm not going to talk about it. Obviously.

Contrary to what I may have led you to believe, things have been rather delightful lately. Shall I divulge?

1. My sister, missy, recently found out that the little babushka growing in her belly is a boy! (Whenever I say "boy", I always think of that Mrs. Doubtfire quote: "Ohhh, a boyeee. I don't verk vis zee males, 'cause I used to beee one." Don't ask me why. I just do. It's like a tick or something. Anyway.) Can I just tell you know how freaking gorgeous their child is going to be? And with a name like Landon? What a dish. I can only say thank you, dear sister, that you're not going to name him Shon. Because, like I said, ew. I'd rather not pass judgement on a child I have yet to meet, especially when he is to be my nephew. Anyway, I am so ready to go out and buy some adorable little boy things. (Helps tide me over in this time of baby fever and all.)

2. My husband, that adorable freak of nature, ran his first half-marathon in under two hours. You should've seen the glow on his face when he saw the results and realized that he made an ever better time than he had tried for. Hey, 1 hour 59 minutes is faster than 2 hours, right? Technicalities, schmechnicalities. (Wow, I found it really difficult to spell that word just now.) Anyway, I can hardly tell you how proud I am of Jay! He is so amazing. Next year he is planning on running the LA Marathon, and I have no doubts that he'll be able to do it. The man is a machine! A MACHINE, I tell you. (And even though I was there to watch the half-marathon, I now, more than ever, have absolutely no desire to run such a thing myself. You'd have to scrape my dead, lifeless body up off the pavement after about the seventh mile. This is true.)

3. Speaking of the husband, he earned himself some serious points yesterday. I came home after work to a seriously clean house, no rogue shoes/clothes/random crap in sight. I walked into the kitchen to see that he had done all the dishes. I walk a little further to see that he had not only taken out the trash, but also the recycling. And then I look in the fridge only to see that he had not only gone grocery shopping for a few things we needed, but HE BOUGHT MY FAVORITE KIND OF LUNCH MEAT. (Just to be clear, I'm a little crazy when it comes to lunch meat. I don't like the slimy, inexpensive kind. I like one specific brand, and it's not the cheap stuff. I almost teared up when I saw that Jay had forked over the extra cash to get the kind I like.) I called him right away to let him know what a peach he was, and held back saying how much I wanted to mack on him at that exact moment. Because for some reason he hates my overuse of the phrase "mack on". (It makes me laugh when I say it, and that's all that matters.) So, yeah. Husband is a peach. And I want to mack on him because he buys me good lunch meat. Amen.

4. All the hair feedback! Be still my beating heart! There is absolutely no way I'll ever decide what to do with my hair now, but I totally loved the input. Especially one anonymous commenter who is seriously my new BFF anonymous commenter, because look what she did. She made me a brunette! Dude! I'm freaking out! I don't think I've ever used so many exclamation points in one paragraph in my life! (I'm going to stop now!)

5. I finally am out of my crafting slump. I've sold a few things from my store in the last week-or-so (hello, Sarah Marie and Brittany, you lovely ladies, you!) and it's made me realize I really need to get my butt in gear and make some new items. My goal is to complete at least one new item a week, to keep things fresh. We'll see how that works out. I really have no excuse, because I have enough crafting supplies to last me the next seventeen years. And I'm finally getting around to organizing my crafting nook (what Jay refers to as my "cubby", which I kind of don't get). All I need now is a desk...and a sewing machine.

6. My Amazon order came yesterday. Oh, how I adore mail. I'm now the proud owner of Tori Spelling's new book, sTORI Telling (my fixation with their show is kind of ridiculous) and Friend's season 4 DVD set. Hurrah for new reading material - and watching material! (Thanks to my in-laws for the birthday gift certificate to Amazon!)

7. My days off are tomorrow and Friday, and I am so, so ready. Bring it on, world! I can take it! (As long as it doesn't involve anyone named Shon. Or mayonnaise. Because I'm really trying to get over my love of mayonnaise. And sandwiches just aren't the same without it, which makes me a little wistful.)


  1. In the spirit of Shon and all phonetically-spelled names, let me share a few gems with you:

    some friends of a friend knew two twins who were named L'Emonjello and O'Rangello.

    Lemon Jello and Orange Jello.

    And then there was another little girl whose name was pronounced "Shuh-theed"... actually spelling?


    No lie. Isn't Shon sounding a bit better now? hehe.

  2. Oh my goodness. I haven't heard the phrase "mack on" in years and, when I read it just now, I seriously laughed for 3 minutes straight. I'm so incorporating that into my day-to-day vocabulary. Awesome!

  3. I have a (female) British friend who's also named Shawn but spells it Sian.

    Apparently it's Welsh? It was always funny to watch people do a double take when she introduced herself, or try to pronounce it when they saw it written.

  4. This made my morning and I havent even finished all my coffee yet! I agree with you on the names and kudos to your hubby for buying the expensive lunch meat!

  5. I love Mrs. Doubtfire! and congrats! a nephew!

  6. How about 'Myson?

    As in "My Son"? :)

    And Anferny. As in, "Anthony"

    I loved my kids at my last job, but MY some of them had interesting names.

    A happy post is a GREAT idea. I need to be more positive, actually.

  7. awe. what a little sweetheart your hubby is.
    and i adore that lunch meat made your day.
    you are too cute.

  8. Ugggh. I just want to puke thinking about "Shon" it's so gross...

  9. First, let me just say, ever since I fell in love with the movie and book "A Walk to Remember" I've wanted to name my future son Landon. So obviously your sister is totally awesome and her kid will be a superstar.

    Second, Thank you so much for your comments on my blog yesterday! I had a huge smile on my face when I read them. I felt like the popular kids asked me to eat lunch at their table. I'm such a dork. Sorry.

    When my boyfriend saw my big dumb grin, I explained that you were "like famous" and he replied "none of you are famous. You all just give awards to each other." He doesn't understand blogging at all! Such a hater.

  10. Yay for happy things! Baby boys are all over the place in my world. I have them arriving in Nov, Dec and January! A girl is arriving this month, and undisclosed sexed child (of a childhood friend) in April. None of them being mine, which, to me, makes it all the more merry.

    Running a 1/2 marathon - you've never mentioned before that your husband was a runner. Do you run together? Mine is a runner, and after years of not working out (and me working out daily) he can smoke me easily. And, not to bust Jay's time, but I work with a 60 year old woman, who is running the LA marathon in March, and he time is 3 hours!!! Is that crazy or what???? The last one she ran was at 40, but she's a stud, she can still do it at 60. She wins for her age group.

    And, I also have no desire to ever run more than my daily dose. I signed up for a 5K and chickened out when I realized people would be racing and winning/losing. I have no competetive bone in me. I did however, run the March of Dimes 5K in April at Fashion Island, and will do that yearly, for the sake of a good cause.

  11. OH, and I read sTori Telling right when it came out, and I did enjoy it. I'm a huge fan of library books, because they are FREE!

  12. Congrats to your husband!!! that's freakin' awesome. I'm running marathon #2 in about a month...hoping for a better time than the first...but i? like you need to be peeled off the ground before i even get to mile 10. Let alone freakin' mile 26.2 *sigh*

    i hate that there's like a bajillion ways to spell shawn, sean, shaun, PICK A WAY! Jebus.

  13. Tori Spelling's book is awesome!
    Friends is timeless.
    Did you see that article on YAHOO last month about people nameing their kids such things as, Catch the Bus @ 22nd st?
    (They were trying to ban it) ridiculous!

  14. Awww thanks for the link love! I'm so excited about that cutie-pie wallet, I've been wanting it for a while! This was such a cute post! Congrats to your sister -- I must go check out her blog again. I was becoming quite the lurker over there! and your hubby! I love that you called him a freak of nature! Ha! I say that all the time. Too funny! I'm glad he was a big o sweetie to you - you totally deserve it! Oh, and I def get the need for good lunch meat. I'm really weird about lunch meat. We've stopped buying it cuz I've become a big butthead and eat out way too often but when we did buy it I'd become grossed out way too easily and then refuse to eat it. So what are you going to do with your hair? I wanna know! And that photoshop of you is too cute! See you could rock the brunette too! But I do love you as a blond -- maybe cuz my sister just dyed her long blond hair brown (oh and chopped it off and added bangs) and I want her to be blond again. So that makes you kind of like my sis. OR something! Yes, do plan a trip out to Fresno or vice versa! I am going to be in L.A. for a business trip in January ... I'm not sure how close you are to downtown L.A. hmm hmm hmm!

  15. he ran a half marathon in under two hours?! wow. i am impressed. and yay for a little nephew on the way :)

  16. That sucks about the Christmas party. I'm already looking forward to ours.

  17. Hahahhahahaha! the Mrs. Doubtfire. Oh my gosh made me laugh so hard.

  18. oh i love you a lot. :) i want you to know that your entries were the ones i looked most forward to when i got back from San Diego -- so much so that bff had to damn near drag me to the beach while we were *IN* San Diego amidst protests of "BUT I HAVE TO READ WISHCAKE! BUT I LOVE HER! BUT SHE'S SO FUNNY! BUT YOU'D LOVE HER TOO!" he's so mean to me. anyway. :) You crack me up lots, lady.

    I work for a bank and talk to people with freak-ass names all the time. And I thought *my* mom had a creativity overdose. Please.


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