August 19, 2008

on some analytical goodness...

And now, without further ado (and also mainly because I'm feeling too uninspired to write an entry about what is truly on my mind), I give you some recent searches that have led people to my blog, courtesy of Google Analytics:

1. "best salon to get sidebangs at in southern california" (Sweet nelly, you're specific in your searches, people! But, seriously. If you find the answer to your question, call me.)

2. "celebrity tummy pooch" (I know, I know. It makes me feel better, too.)

3. "broken zipper on wedding dress" (Hey, if it means getting it for $10...)

4. "christian bale have rosacea" (What.)

5. "life is boring without narcotics" (I know, right? Just kidding. Really.)

6. "my husband knows me but yet buys me things I don't like" (I think that this is the point at which a wife must make a detailed list of things she wants, including photos and places to buy said items, and post it on the fridge under the title, "I LOVE YOU, BUT SERIOUSLY, DON'T BUY ME ANYTHING FROM THE TARGET DOLLAR BINS FOR OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. XOXO")

7. "overdose advil" (I'm pretty sure this isn't possible, because if it was, it should have already happened to me at some point during my bouts with the aptly named "death cramps".)

8."my sad life marriage dairy" (I think you mean "diary". Unless I'm missing out on some sort of incredible marriage dairy that only cool people know about. In any case, I hate to think of a sad-life-marriage anything.)

9. "wedding box that looks like suitcase" (Yeah, I have no idea what that means.)

10. "thumb monkeys" (Heck, yes! The greatest monkeys in all of existence! I'm just waiting for someone to discover thumb cats, because I'd be all over that mess.)


  1. Funny! I love these types of posts. I posted once about my Mac charger being chewed up, and now I get daily searches about anything related to Mac chargers (cute, mine melted, etc). It's so fun to giggle through the list.

  2. OMG I need a thumb monkey right now. Those are adorable.

    Google analytics is so much fun and kinda strange at the same time. I think I might need to revisit mine sometime soon.

  3. Haha, these always crack me up! I tried adding analytics to my blog, but for some reason I can't get it to work! Sad, I know, i have no idea how I will go on!

  4. This was so fun -- I really need to write up a google analytics post for my blog. Ha to the sad-marriage dairy! Maybe they need to get out of the dairy business?! heee. and what the heckers are thumb monkeys?! I'm kinda freaked out.

  5. haha i love analytical searches. i love 'life boring without narcotics', haha.

  6. So funny...I love it. I try to picture the people that are searching those things, some are easier than others! :)

  7. Google searches are my favorite and sometimes a little scary!

  8. I love analytics. Sometimes when I'm bored I just go and see what is new. Always in for a good laugh.


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