August 15, 2008

on myself, four years ago...

"I'm presently in a constant state of missing my family like crazy. I love my job. I have an insanely irrational crush on my gay friend. I don't have much money. Birds keep pooing on my car and it makes me bitter. Yes, that's pretty much it. As always, life is good."

- written by me, at 19.


  1. Birds pooing on your car can account for a terrible day.

  2. I just love that you have things that you wrote when you were younger. I've never been great at keeping a journal but I've been thinking of starting one again.

  3. I love this.

    And that you end with "life is good."

  4. So was your gay friend a girl or a boy......? Great stuff, what we wrote of old. The pics of you on Annie's blog are priceless!!!

  5. I love that you wrote about birds poo-ing on your car! You are too hilarious! Isn't it crazy to see where you are now?! Instead of crushing on your gay friend you've got your sweetie hubby!

  6. I have my old journals and they're not as hilarious as yours. Mine are all about my "troubles" as a 15 year old.. I was too much of a worry wart even, at that age.

    I love your blog.


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