August 15, 2008

on a busy day (and of course I'm blogging instead)...

Things I hope to accomplish today:

1. The all-around general cleaning of the duplex. Includes, but is not limited to: dusting (which is the devil because all the dust returns within about six hours), vacuuming (which is the devil because apparently I shed nearly as much as the cat we used to have), a serious deep-cleaning of the bathroom (no, really - I swear it's going to happen this time!), cleaning the kitchen floors (the husband has no concept of containing anything he cooks to one general area) and doing a general organization of all the random piles of mail/paper/clothes that seem to accumulate throughout the week.

2. Turn in my tuition reimbursement information to my job. I'm getting antsy for that $130 that I'm getting back, and I've just been too lazy to turn in the paperwork. Have I mentioned that I'm so not a paperwork person? It's true. It's an issue.

3. Which leads me to my next thing: figuring out the re-applying shenanigans I need to get to, regarding college next Spring. But that involves me requesting even more transcripts, filling out another application, and some other things that I'm most likely going to procrastinate doing until next month when my husband asks, "Hey, babe. Whatever happened with that college application thing?" And I'm all, "DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT. I get overwhelmed easy and want someone to do absolutely everything for me and now I don't get to go to college because I'm a lazy old bum, so, someone save me from myself!" And he'll be all, "Ooookay, over-actor." Or something along those lines.

4. Change around a few blogging things. Update my blogroll, which is rapidly becoming massive and overwhelming and I'm not sure what to do with it. (For the record, I did sign up for Google Reader, but every time I got a little behind, it would totally stress me out and I'd just click "mark all as read" before I broke into a cold sweat. So, it doesn't really work for me, unfortunately.) Switch to comment moderation, for the time being. Perhaps get rid of my photo blog, because I don't update it enough and am thinking I should just combine the two blogs to this one.

5. Go for a run. I've decided that I'd like to get to running five miles within the next couple weeks. At this point, I'm pretty comfortable with three miles - which I can do in about thirty minutes on the treadmill. I like to stay away from too much speed, considering I usually turn beet-red when I run, but alas. I don't want to get stuck at just one level; I've come this far, why not challenge myself even more?

6. Find somewhere to hang the adorable wall-hangings we found at a thrift store yesterday. I'll have to take a photo; they are absolutely adorable! They were originally $39 each, and we found them in remarkable shape for only $5 each! Booyah! I'm going to hang them in the kitchen, but we'll see how I manage to do this on my own. Because I still have flashbacks of the whole floating shelf incident. And perhaps I shouldn't be trusted alone with a hammer/drill and nails because of it.

7. Come up with a grand idea for dinner. I haven't really cooked a meal in a while, and I have a hankering to do so. Time to bust out the cook-books that are gathering dust. (This is the part where I hang my head in shame.)

8. Just be happy.


  1. vacuuming and dusting are two things that drive me ba-nan-as! i, too, have a curious shedding problem. i find more hair on the floor than on my own head.

    google reader is very frightening, overwhelming, stressful, yet so very convenient, helpful, and only doing its job. start off slowly with it.

    dinner plans? i suggest trader joe's chicken tempura and veggie fried rice. yumminess. (i know it technically doesn't count as home-made but there's defrosting and baking in an oven, which counts just the same in my book!)

    happy weekend!

  2. Did you see her blog is gone completely??

  3. Oh! I never thought about decorating via thrifting! I really need to find the nearest thrift store because these walls are too bare to handle anymore.

  4. For your blogroll, put it in an entry and then just link the entry in your sidebar. It'll be more organized and won't clutter up your sidebar :)

  5. I agree with you 100%-dusting is the devil! I depise it!! None-the-less, I hope you get all of your tasks accomplished today! Then you can just sit and do nothing all weekend! =)

  6. you seriously are one busy lady. but sounds like fun (minus the cleaning part, haha). have a lovely weekend!

  7. OOH! I wanna see the wall-hangings! And if you think of a grand idea for dinner, you should take a photo of that too! Wowzers, five miles?! You go girlie! Man, I gotta make it to the gym this weekend! That's my goal. Hope you have a great weekend! And do take time to be happy!

  8. play some reggae music - it makes the cleaning go by quicker and its more enjoyable!

  9. Oh, i have the same issue with all the blogs i read! gets a bit out of hand, especially when you read some that update every. single. day!

    And a dinner idea, even here in TX I can find fresh veggies (LOLOL) and we make killer salads. The key is to add meat, some sort of meat be it cubes of salami or sliced cooked crispy chicken strips from the freezer! I am telling you it is so good, you can add a million different things to that salad (artichoke hearts, avacado, olives, cheese, tomatoes, etc) and bam, healthy and so easy! I don't know, we always feel pretty good when we sit down to these huge things, and they don't seem so "salady" with all the toppings!

    Um, wow that was long! Sorry!

  10. hurray for to do lists!
    and thrift stores, i love thrift stores. can't wait to see the pics.

    i just applied to take some classes at fullerton, like web design classes and stuff - you should do that! (at whatever college) you have great design!

    don't get too overwhelmed! ;) have a great weekend! ♥

  11. I had Google Reader for about a day..It was just too overwhelming for me, I constantly felt behind. I can't handle that kind of stress!

  12. I'm still battling my google reader balance. I think I might trim out some blogs that I'm subscribed to that I rarely read or comment. It's too much for one girl to handle! haha! but I hope your cleaning went well. That's on my agenda for tomorrow

  13. I do the same thing, with, DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT. My husband told me yesterday he has no idea what my impending job is, or entails, because he never can ask me questions about it, because it makes me nervous.

    And, about dinner: taco seasoning. It makes everything good.


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