August 25, 2008

on a birthday request...

You know what this means. If you're a reader/lurker/soon-to-be-online-BFF, leave a comment and tell me something about yourself! What is your favorite episode of Friends? What is your favorite type of frosting? What is a song you think I should hear because it's pretty much the greatest song in all of creation? Do you still listen to Hanson's Middle of Nowhere album and pretend that it's 1998 and it's still cool to wear a scrunchy around your wrist? Are you judging me for eating a cupcake for breakfast (because for the record, it is carrot cake and so technically it's not that bad for you if you don't count the cream cheese frosting)?

Aaaaand, go.


  1. Hm, I feel sort of creepy de-lurking. Which is ironic. But my name is Christina, and I just moved from Pennsylvania to Chicago to begin grad school in Philosophy.

    Cupcakes, especially with cream cheese icing, for breakfast sound great. I was thinking about ice cream for dinner.

  2. Greatest non-Beatles song in all of creation: Sprout and The Bean by Joanna Newsom. You have to watch the video to get the full effect, though. ^__^

  3. Happy Birthday!! And all I will admit is that if you came to my place you would see cupcakes being consumed on a regular basis (I like plain white frosting) AND there is a good chance Hanson's MMMmbop would be playing.

    Because I love that song. And now you know all my secrets!

    Have an excellent & lovely birthday!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And yes, I do listen to Middle of Nowhere- it's a regular on my ipod. :)

  5. Okay I'm not delurking, because I wasn't lurking. BUT favorite Friends episode: TOW the Proposal. Without a doubt. I've always considered Cale and myself our own Chandler and Monica. So anytime while I was waiting and waiting for a real life proposal I would just watch that episode and it would make me smile. (and cry).

    My birthday present to you: my favorite scene

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Ok so like Steph I'm not delurking, but I would love to be your BFF. Your blog is one of my very favorites to read and I feel like we have quite a bit in common. I love Hanson and Spice Girls and my favorite song of all time is You Are My Sunshine. My mom and grandma used to sing it to me as a little girl.

    My favorite frosting is cream cheese and if you didn't have a cupcake for breakfast I would think there is something wrong with you.

    My favorite Friends episode is the same as Steph. I was ecstatic when Monica and Chandler got together and finally got married.

    So anyhoo...I hope you have a fantastic day.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! we are totally already internet bff's and you know i love me some hanson.

    random thought: i really want a cupcake with buttercream frosting and sprinkles right now. really. my ass thanks you for putting that thought in my head.

  8. Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you much fun and happiness on your birthday! I really enjoy reading your blog, so in honor of your b-day I will delurk:) So, "hello" from the east coast - I live in Delaware with my hubby, spotted dog and 2 fabulous cats. We moved here from the mid-west and really enjoy being near the ocean. My free time is spent sailing - we recently upgraded from a small sailboat to a Catalina 25, which is amazingly fun.
    Cupcakes for breakfast are the way to go - and you don't have to feel guilty because it's your day!

  9. HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!!!! hope your day is as delightful as you are!!

    cupcake frosting? i had a chocolate cupcake with this creamy peanut butter frosting once that was so good, i wanted to weep.

    music? adele is amazing(but you know that already) and try listening to some duffy (her CD is Rockferry), it always puts me in a good mood.

  10. Happy birthday lady! 24 is a HOT year!

    What is your favorite episode of Friends?

    Can't choose.

    What is your favorite type of frosting?

    I really love cream cheese frosting on red velvet or carrot cake.

    What is a song you think I should hear because it's pretty much the greatest song in all of creation?

    Right now i really like that song "kids" by MGMT.

    Do you still listen to Hanson's Middle of Nowhere album and pretend that it's 1998 and it's still cool to wear a scrunchy around your wrist?

    No, but I'm not ashamed to admit I still love New Kids On the Block.

    Are you judging me for eating a cupcake for breakfast (because for the record, it is carrot cake and so technically it's not that bad for you if you don't count the cream cheese frosting)

    No judgment from me- I'm just mad because I didn't get a cupcake for breakfast. Rock on sister!

  11. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear wishcaaaaaaaaaake, happy birthday to you! :)

    I am delurking to say I'm your #1 fan. No. Really. You remind me of me, and I'm MY #1 fan, so I must be yours too. :) Hee.

    Um, fave epi of Friends would be any of those where Rachel kisses Joey, because even though I am thrilled with her ending up with Ross, I SORT OF liked her with Joey. A lot. Don't hate me, all you Ross'n'Rach shippers.

    Fave frosting=rainbow chip. Followed in a very close second by either cream cheese or chocolate on a graham cracker (try it! Is practically health food).

    MMMBOP rocks. We did that song in a marching show once in high school. Way fun. Also, still have my favorite Tommy Hilfiger scrunchie that I used to wear around my wrist. It's hanging on my cd tower. :)

    The song I think you should listen to... I'm a big time country girl, so I'm going to go with "anything George Strait has ever performed because he is NOT God, but he's the next best thing." So there's that.

    I have planned to de-lurk before this, but just haven't gotten to it. So I hope you have a fabby bday, and I would LURVE to be your newest internet bff. Or at least stop by when it's my birthday on Thursday. Because I haven't gotten my readership up yet. So if I get even ONE comment that day, I'll be thrilled.

  12. Happy birthday dearest wishcake! Duh, we're already online besties, but how could I not leave you a comment?! I love the little delurking graphic, btw! Adorable! And I'm glad you're having a cupcake for breakfast-- gotta start this birthday off right! I'm gotta steal Steph's answer and say the engagement episode -- I watched the clip and I pretty much started crying at work! Love it. Ok, here is a link to one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME. It's by Komeda and called "It's Alright Baby."
    Soo fun! I never liked Hanson but my fav type of frosting is funfetti with the chunks of sprinkles -- not the type just with sprinkles on top. Or homemade creamcheese. yummm i want a cupcake! I hope you have the happiest bday ever!!! xoxox


    hope you have a super fabulous day sweetheart.

    and obviously i still listen to hanson's middle of nowhere. and pretend that they aren't married with children now. cause that worries me, and makes me feel way too old.

    ... and are you saying it ISN'T cool to wear a scrunchie around your wrist anymore? damn. i guess as long as the neon pink one i have holding my crimped, side pony is still okay, i'm good to go.

  14. Hi & Happy Birthday again :)

    Favorite Friend's episode is The One With All the Cheesecakes :) Uhm, probably because I love cheesecake and really want one for Mommas Little Bakery!!!

    Speaking of dessert deliciousness & cupcakes...I make a mean red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Mmm.

  15. i've delurked before.

    and i want a cupcake.

    happy birthday!!

  16. De-lurking to wish you a happy birthday! Enjoy the day and because its your birthday, you SHOULD be eating a cupcake for breakfast!

  17. Happy birthday! My favorite episode of Friends is the one with the game show.

    "How many types of towels does Monica have?"
    "Regular. Fancy. Guest. Fancy guest! [Time's running out!] Eleven!"

    "That's Miss Chanandler Bong, to you!"

    "I majored in lightning rounds!"

    But... the Thanksgiving one with Brad Pitt is a winner, too. YAMS!

    I am totally on board with carrot cake being a breakfast food. It's even cream cheese frosting! No question.

  18. Happy Birthday!!! I'm Lacey, born and raised in the NYC boroughs, and the song you NEED to listen to, is Alive With the Glory of Love, by Say Anything. Awesome song.

  19. mmm...cupcakes.

    I'm from Arizona and Middle of Nowhere was one of my first cd's. Shhh!

  20. Hope you are having an absolute fantabulous (yes it is a word) birthday! Ironically I made cupcakes this weekend, and in honor of your birthday I will eat one and think of you! They too are healthy (humingbird cakes with brown sugar cream cheese frosting, yum!).

    I'm a lurker from MI, not quite as young as you...not old enough to be your mom (thank goodness) but old enough to cringe at the thought of the Hanson's. Sorry.

    One of my favorite songs and one I think you should check out is "Fantastic Fabulous" by Lucious Jackson. I like everything by them, but this is one I think you might like to dance to. :-)

  21. I've never de-lurked before. And because it's you, I felt that I should come out of my shell and try something new for once. So here I am. Oh and my favorite type of icing is ANYTHING. I love chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, cream cheese and so on. I've been reading your blog for about 6 months now, I believe. So... Yay! <3

  22. If your birthday wish is delurking, then I'm here to grant you your birthday wish. :)

    My favorite flavor of frosting is cream cheese (and I'm obsessed with Carrot Cake, and thus jealous of your birthday breakfast).

    Love your blog!

  23. Happy birthday!

    I'm only sort of delurking...I've commented now and again in the past. I did want to mention that when I was about twelve I saw Hanson in concert and I could basically eat cream cheese frosting on anything.

  24. Happy Birthday! Did your cupcake at least come with a candle to blow out? Oh, and my favorite friends episode is the one where Phoebe said, "He's her lobster!"

  25. Hi! Happy 24th birthday! I don't feel almost 23 yet... the only thing that reminds me that I'm older than most students at UW is that I don't get nervous when I show people my driver's license when I purchase alcohol/try to go to a bar.

    Now, to answer your questions:
    - Tie between "The One Where No One's Ready" and "The One With The Embryos."
    - Buttercream frosting... mmm.
    - My most played song is Tristan Prettyman's "Guest Check" so I guess that one!
    - YES! Loooove that album. Except that I don't wear scrunchies... just a regular old hair binder (yes, that's what we call it in MN) on my wrist.
    - No. It's your birthday. Have another cupcake... or three!

  26. happiest of happy birthdays! (and i love that baby pic in the last post)

    as for answering some of those questions:
    - the battle over the apt with joey, chandler, monica and rachel, priceless
    - mmmmbop may come on my itunes randomly and i may not change it if that's what you're asking
    - and cupcakes are totally acceptable breakfast on your birthday, enjoy! :)

  27. Happy happy birthday!

    A carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting sounds so so good right now.

  28. Happy Birthday!!

    Random Facts About Me: I've been vegetarian for 17 years, have been to California once, refuse to ride roller coasters out of sheer terror, and love the rounded edges on all of your images.

  29. Cookies are more my style. Even for my birthday, I get a cookie cake...but I'd probably still take a cupcake any day. HAPPY 24th!
    If I make cookies (which is often) I usually have 1 with every meal of the day!

  30. You just went up another notch in my book for eating a carrot cake cupcake for breakfast!! I LOVE carrot cake, and I LOVe cupcakes, and I love that you treated yourself to a proper birthday breakfast. :)
    I think I already told you happy birthday, but happy birthday again, and I hope it is simply lovely in every way.

    Also, there is no possible way I could choose my favorite Friends episode... oh, there are too many. But I do love the one where they all find out about Chandler and Monica. Phoebe is hilarious in that one. "So, this is my bra." hehe!!

    have a wonderful day, wishcake!!

  31. I am only quasi de-lurking as I have left a comment before, BUT Happy Birthday. What a fantastic birthday wish and to top it off a cupcake for breakfast, I love cream cheese frosting, it is my favorite.

    Here's my favorite song that I think you should listen to today is Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ (Israel Kamakawiwo Ole)

  32. I am a brand new reader, found you from another site. You sense of humor freaking kills me. I live in Indiana and go to college for.. well my major is undecided.

    Happy Birthday! All this talk about cupcakes makes me want one.. and don't feel bad, I ate pudding for breakfast!

  33. Happy birthday! You must listen to the oldie "Brandy" by Looking Glass. My favorite song of all time. Ever.

  34. Happy Birthday!

    Yes, I totally listen to Hanson CDs (yes, plural) all the time and know all the words to every song. So what?

    I've been reading for a while, love the blog and your etsy stuff!

  35. Happy birthday. I had a cupcake for breakfast too! Confetti to be exact.

    Best song ever? The Trapeze Swinger by Iron and Wine. 99 cents on i-tunes. Buy it for yourself and close your eyes while you listen to it. It's almost ten minutes long. That's just a dime per minute!

    Don't be surprised when you feel yourself floating away...

  36. Happy B-day! I'm fairly new to your blog...but have made a bit of contact! :) Picking a favorite friends episode would be hard...but coming to mind right now is the one where Phoebe runs like a maniac and Rachel is embarrased but eventually gives in. I may have impersonated Phoebe's run on an occasion or two. I actually prefer icecream to baked treats. Chocolate chip cookie dough to be exact. Mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not listen to Hanson but confess that I'm almost 29 and enjoy Ashlee Simpson... sssshhhhh! Don't tell anyone!

  37. I'm oh-so-NOT a lurker, but I want to say:


    Hanson AND Friends all in one breath? (Plus, cupcakes for breakfast? oh, yes.)

    I love Hanson (and, uh, Nsync) still. And my favorite episode of Friends is perhaps the one where they play football. Monica & Ross's rivalry and "Hi Dutch, I'm Joey" is just GREAT.

    Sigh. My husband always has to tell me that "Friends are NOT REAL PEOPLE" because I constantly reference Friends and Joey, Rachel, Ross, etc. :)

    It's an issue.

    An issue that I'm proud of, really.

  38. So.. I'm not a lurker but I'm with Ashley, I love you! Haha, and your Friends' reference. My favorite episode would have to be where they decided to play the lottery and Phoebe ended up dropping the bowl of tickets off the roof.
    And eat all the cupcakes you want!I tend to celebrate my birthday -week- by eating something similar each day! ;)

  39. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweetface!! Weee!

    I love that de-lurking banner. Cute cute cute.

    I've been listening to this Priscilla Ahn song, Dream, on repeat lately. She's this very folk-y girl who sings and plays. I think you'd like it.

  40. Happy Birthday, my adorable online friend!! I hope you have a marvelous day. :)

    And heck no, I don't judge you for eating that cupcake... I'm actually quite jealous of that breakfast! I have been known to polish off an entire tub of Betty Crocker's Rainbow Chip frosting (how 7-year-old of me, right?) all by itself. No cake. I have no idea how I'm not 400lbs.

  41. I've been a lurker for ummm...a few months? I found ya through Talia. I love reading your blog- sorry for not commenting sooner, and happy birthday! I live in Fresno but used to live in Scotland for 4 years!

  42. Happy Birthday. I'm not a total lurker...I've left a few comments.

    I love the Metro too. I ride it to work quite a bit.

  43. Happy Birthday!!

    Favorite Friends episode of all time is TOW Rachel's Dream! Ross high on maple candy - hilarious!!

    Favorite frosting? German chocolate, all the way. I could eat it with a spoon.

    Song you should hear? I am really digging Amos Lee right now. Give him a listen.

    And I never cared for Hanson, but I totally rocked the scrunchie on the wrist. Probably while wearing stirrup pants.

  44. I'm pretty sure you know I'm not a lurker? right? Regardless, cupcakes for breaky sound yummmmmyyyy. But I swear, you and the rest of blog-land is all against me and my healthy-plan today. It's not even 10am here and you've mentioned cupcakes, and another blog was talking about favourite desserts... now it's not even morning tea-time yet and I want chocolate!!!

  45. Yay! Happy birthday!

    It's your birthday, so you eat whatever you want! ;)

  46. Happy Birthday! Fave type of frosting is definitely cream cheese with sprinkles. yum. and a carrot cake cupcake sounds pretty wholesome to me.

    Have a great one and many, many, many more!

  47. happy birthday!

    not de-lurking, but had to leave you birthday wishes! :)

    buttercream frosting is delish. i wish i would have had a cupcake for breakfast. mmmyum. hope you had a fantastic day!

  48. There's a lot of de-lurking going on here!

    A song that I think is totally worth checking out is Mandy Moore singing "Umbrella" by Rhianna. It's so unexpected and beautiful. Check it out on YouTube.

    BTW,having a cupcake for breakfast on your birthday is what I consider starting the day off right. I really only hope it gets better from there!! Happy 24th Birthday!!

  49. I'm stealing the delurking idea for my birthday. Remind me in April, k?
    If today were my bday, I would have eaten a HUGE Cinnabon cinnamon roll... warm, gooey, and COVERED in icing. YUM.

  50. hi! i'm amanda, i live in the midwest and i'm a senior social work major.

    let's see...favorite friends episode is definitely the unagi one. or maybe the one where joey breaks his fridge and tries to blame it on everyone else and pushes ross into it. haha. i love chocolate frosting, but only on yellow cupcakes. i never owned the hanson cd, but i won't lie, i did like the songs. and no, i don't judge you for eating a cupcake because i would totally do that too!

    hope you have a great birthday!!

  51. Happy Birthday! I covet your hair.

    /end delurk/

  52. Happy Birthday Wishcake! I am so glad I "met" you on Swap-bot (too bad I totally don't swap anymore! Too many dud swaps!) Anywho I am sure you had a wonderful california birthday, you need to dance around (and get Jay to dance too) to Shake it by Metro Station, that will make ANY day better! I do have the Hanson CD and I think I need to bust it out for Natalie, so she can be properly introduced to one of the greatest 90's bands of all time, LOLOL! I could really go for a carrot cake cupcake, but I will jsut have to settle for the banana nut muffin from Costco I just scarfed down!

    Oh, and there is no way I could pick a favorite friends episode...maybe the flashback one with Monica all fat, or the one where the girls lose the game and the boys get to move into their apartment! I love that show so much, I am working on getting all seasons on DVD!

    Oh, Oh, and another good song is Jasnon Mraz I'm Yours, I ove the slightly reagae (Sp???) beat! Um, yeah I think that is a long enough post! Hahaha!

  53. funfetti frosting and the 'who drank the fat?' episode. haha, just thinking about it cracks me up.
    happy birthday!

  54. Happy Birthday! I'm not delurking, because I don't think I was ever lurking..

    But anyway, in case you don't know, my name is Steph and I love every episode of friends. Especially, episodes where Monica and Chandler are cleaning. Fascinating, haha.

  55. Hi!
    I will delurk for your birthday for sure. My favorite kind of frosting is the Rainbow Chip stuff, I will not judge you for eating a cupcake for breakfast since technically I ate a corn dog for breakfast this morning. Oh, and my name is Heather.

  56. Happy Birthday! Pretty new to reading your blog, but certainly able to send some well wishings for a wonderful birthday. Hope you've had fun!

  57. Happy birthday. Don't think I'm a lurker but wanted to say happy birthday anyways. I can't pick a favorite episode of Friends... they all are a quick pick me up every time!

  58. Happy Birthday. :)

    I'm Mel and I've been reading you for only about a month or so. I adore rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting. And I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner whenever I've made it. :)

    I'm addicted to The Office and 30Rock.

    And my 90s music of RIGHT NOW? Not Hansen...but Hootie & the Blowfish. :)

  59. Am I a lurker if you know I'm lurking? I think lurking is my new favorite word. Wow that sounded creepy. Happy Birthday!

  60. I'm not delurking, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you had a fantabulous day!

  61. K!!!

    look at you now! you are like a celeb in the blog world with all your lurkers. and me, i found you again! i hope you remember me. from the good ol days of LJ.

    it's wendy! i'm your cute chinese friend from LA. =)

    happy birthday!

  62. we're friends. like real friends. like we worked together and had lunch.

    i miss you a tons kerri lou... and have a superbly happy birthday.

    i do believe that i am a teensie bit late on the greeting, but the love all the same.

  63. without a doubt the thanksgiving episodes are my fav. i eat ice cream for breakfast regularly. :) best song ever is "So are you to me" by eastmountainsouth. and yes i still sing along LOUDLY to Mmmbop.

    for the record i just found your blog and it made me laugh cause its so you. miss you!

  64. Happy Birthday! I'm a fairly new reader...I found you through a few mutual bloggy buddies.

    To answer a few of your favorite episode of Friends is the one where Phoebe calls Rachel and Ross lobsters...I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about. Also, I LOVE chocolate frosting!

  65. not sure if I have commented before but here is a song you really should hear

    The One by Tantric. It is off of their new cd and has not been released as a single yet, but you might be able to hear it on their myspace page.

    Oh..and happy birthday!

  66. My favorite Friends episode is the one where Monica and Rachel have to pretend to be each other for insurance purposes. Then they meet the doctors from ER.

    Did you really want to know that?

  67. Happy (Belated) Birthday!

    I'm Katelyn and I believe I've commented once before..

    One song I think you should listen to - Say It Again by Marie Digby.

  68. Being a lurker has been a strange experience for me. I've felt as though I was the neerdy girl obsessively watching the life of the coolest girl at school. And now, being forced to de-lurk is as if I am suddenly begging her to be my BFF.
    Anyway, I'm Kelsey. I'm 23 and have been married for almost 5 years. I've linked you on my blogroll and I'm also stalking you on twitter. :D
    A song you should totally listen to is the Krwlng by Linkin Park on the Reanimation album. This is because I adore Staind and Aaron Lewis' vocals on this track give me chills. As far as Hanson goes, I don't really like to talk about it. I went a little overboard with the Tiger Beat posters when I was in 8th grade. I've been doing my best to forget about my floor to ceiling Hanson shrine...until now, so thanks for that.
    One last reason you should love me is because I grew up in North Idaho, really close to Silverwood theme park and I totally know what you mean about the granitas. Drool.
    Happy Birthday!

  69. Happy Birthday! I'm not delurking either...but I love carrot cake and am very envious that you have some

  70. No judgment here! I LOVE having desserts for breakfast! They are the best early in the AM with a nice cup of coffee. Mmmmm.

    One of my favorite CDs right now is Colbie Caillat's album. We all know "Bubbly" but the rest of the CD is great too!

    Hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!

  71. wow; you've gotten so many "confessions" of delurkism. (I made that word up, of course.)

    I'm late for birthday wishes, but I wanted to tell you that my niece -- which is so weird to say -- was just born on Monday. So you now share a birthday with my new baby niece. :]

    I hope you had a wonderful day.

  72. Hi. :) I'm Caryn from I don't know that I'd call it my favorite Friends episode, but I do find myself often quoting Chandler from that time he and Joey found the tape of Monica in Richard's apartment... where he says, "Get there FASTER!" to Joey...

    Happy Birthday!! and mmmmm... cupcakes....


    --The One Where Underdog Gets Away.
    --Cream Cheese frosting. Mmm.
    --Piece of My Heart, Keri Noble
    --I don't have the CD, sadly, but I will gladly dance around singing Mmmbop, scrunchie and all, anyday
    --Mmmm. Cupcakes.

  74. Happy birthday!!

    Um . . . something about me? I inexplicably and compulsively fold paper napkins at restaurants. And I injure myself (by accident) on an almost daily basis.

  75. happy birthday - one day late. i think.

    i'm quasi's something about me...I still sleep with a destuffed duck (my dog destuffed it) because i still haven't been able to find a position to sleep in that doesn't make my arms feel like they're in an awkward position. yes i'm 12.

  76. Friends - My favorite episode is where Phoebe and Rachel find out about Monica and Chandler. "They don't know that we know that they know we know." I got confused typing that.

    Songs - My new favorite song that I cannot get enough of is "Electric Feel" by MGMT.

    Cupcakes - Love them any time of day, especially if it's carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

  77. I think I've commented before but I love your blog. Happy Birthday!

    My favorite friends episode is the one where Chandler gets trapped in the ATM vestibule. I enjoy any type of icing, hello sugar! although I particularly love lemon icing and a great song I think you should listen to if you haven't is "Sleeping to Dream About You" by Jason Mraz.


  78. Happy birthday! You need to listen to "Reckoner" by Radiohead, stat. It's on their In Rainbows album. Go! Now! Well, maybe wait until you're feeling super chill. Then do it!

    You can thank me later :)

  79. Guess I had better stop lurking and wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! I love the blog and the photography, but I really love the crafts!!

  80. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm a lurker from AZ.

    My favorite episode is The One with the Proposal, part 2. Especially where Monica says "I knew you were likely to take a wife!" Love it.

    Cupcakes are a breakfast food. Grain, dairy, protein from the eggs. It's practically as healthy as granola or oatmeal.

  81. hey you, birthday girl. something about me. hmm. i was raised amish, i love animals so very much. i've been with my boyfriend for three years, we met online. i love being chilly and snuggling under blankets. i love blanket forts. i think they're the most comforting thing ever. my best friend is named brit. we've known each other since we were 6 years old. i have a fascination with typography, graphic design, things of the like. i also have the alphabet tattooed on my left arm.
    anyways, hope your day was SPLENDID. you are lovely.
    love! jane b.

  82. Is it too late to be fashionably late to the party?? Yes, DANG!!

    I am not a lurker, I am pretty sure you know I read dearie. We should make a delurking chain and all of us bloggers should count up the lukers who come out and then call the rest of them out who STILL don't delurk Gah. Annoying!


  83. I'm not a lurker, I've commented before. But I thought I'd add one more comment to the total of this post. Wowzers - number 83! You've got a whole lotta readership!!

  84. OKay, So I HAD to leave a comment for this one because... YES I STILL LISTEN TO HANSON! :] They make me happy inside! And I saw recently that you went to one of their walk tours... Sorry you had a bad time... My sister and I went the year before and LOVED it... but thats just because we got a pic with Zac! :] And front row... LOL


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