August 17, 2008

on another fun evening (and free drinks!)...

It's always a fun time when you find someone to which you could quite accurately say, "Um, Rod Stewart called. He wants his hair back." Especially when that someone is a woman. A woman in a band. A woman in a band that moonlights at Taco Surf. (Not that I have the audacity to actually say a snippy comment like that to someone; I'm not mean, per se - I just like laughing at hair massacres.)

But, anyway. I'm just saying.

So, yesterday, after work, my friend M and I decided to enjoy a beach afternoon. (I've realized that this summer has gone by entirely too fast, and I seriously haven't had enough beach days. Why is this? I have no excuse, really. Says the girl with the pasty skin.) Anyway, after laying around on the beach for a couple hours whilst becoming pleasantly pink, we decided to partake in a couple Coronas at Taco Surf (where said Rod Stewart hair-sighting occurred). It was such a wonderful afternoon spend with M. Seriously? I love this girl. She's one of those friends with which you spend 90% of your time together just laughing. The other 10% is a mixture of reenacting SNL skits or figuring out ways to incorporate Austin Powers in Goldmember quotes into everyday conversation, talking about our current relationships, and work gossip. We have the most random commentary that fills our time together, and it certainly never gets old.

me: "Seriously, Brad and Angelina need to stop it with the adorable kids. How many do they have, even? All they need now is..."
M: "An Eskimo?"
me: "Exactly."

After our late lunch, we looked at each other and just knew we couldn't end our day there. We moved on to a few places in our favorite beach-side town, but weren't feeling the scene. (Although, I'm not exactly sure what we expected the scene to be at 5:00pm on a Saturday.) We ended up at our favorite hole-in-the-wall bar, at which we met some crazy characters, as usual.

For the record, Marianne and I always end up meeting the most random people during our time together. There was the time we met and hung out with a guy who had an uncanny resemblance to Scott Peterson (no, we didn't accept any drinks from him). There was the guy with whom we perfected our Brooklyn accents, who also was Danny DeVito's long-lost twin (I am not kidding one bit). There was the guy who danced like crazy to any Michael Jackson song that came on the juke box (cue: us choosing any and every Michael Jackson song available). There was the drunk girl who tried accost M (this girl straight up shoved her across the room into a group of people for no apparent reason, as we were leaving). There was the guy named Kiwi who somehow ended up crying on M's roof for a full twenty minutes (yes, there is more to the story; no, I'm not telling you what it is).

It's always an adventure. And I could go on.

And on a side-note, I always feel secretly validated when I get free drinks from people even after flashing my ring and pointing out that "I've been happily married for twoooo years! Boooyahhh!" That's right. An old married lady can still get free drinks without having to do anything even remotely inappropriate. I've still got it! Heck, yes!

(I also had Pinkberry for the first time last night and am pleased to report that it is one of the greatest things known to mankind. Amen.)


  1. Sounds like a really great time!

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! You're such a sweetie.

  2. Wow, you still got free drinks after flashing your ring?! Goooo you! You TOTALLY still got it! Woo! Nothing is better than good times and free stuff! You always have so much fun with M! I demand pics! I wanna see the Rod Stewart lady. heee. Oh, and I've always wondered if pink berry lives up to the hype! now i want some. yum.

  3. i love friends like that. i have a habit of laughing until i cry with two of my best buds. :)

    too bad you didn't have photographic evidence of the rod hair. :)

  4. Ah, only you kerri, could make me laugh in writing. I'm glad that you and marianne are able to attract such.. eh, do we say wonderful people. :) Ha.

    In regards to your last comment,
    why yes, i do like that music, it's quite soothing if i do say so myself.

    Violin, well yes,i'm a bit rusty, you know, but, i do tend to make it sound good.

    I'm thinking next friday might be better. You know laughlin and all. You and jay should come, it would be loads of fun, but i can always drop kyle off and hang out! heehee.

    let me know? yes?

  5. Who-rahh, added to the blogroll, you too my dear, are a peach;)

  6. Jonathan & I tried Pinkberry for the first time this past weekend, too. It's quite good, don't get me wrong... but it's so expensive! Almost for dollars for under a pint of yogurt. Plus a dollar per topping?! Perhaps I'm really freaking cheap... but I couldn't get past that, no matter how good it is. ;/

  7. Pinkberry is one of my favorite things.


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