July 31, 2008

on turning it around...

So, being that I was a glutton my entire vacation (not to be confused with mutton, because that's seriously all I think of when I hear that word) I'm going to attempt to be very good for the next week. I toyed with the idea of this week being my "I'm a vegetarian, how freaking cool is that?" week, but I decided that I enjoy lunchmeat too much. (I pretty much live on turkey sandwiches throughout my workweek.) Then I pondered whether or not I could pull off one week with very, very minimal carbs. Of course, it all came back to the turkey sandwich thing. Turkey sandwich? Bread? Chips on the side? No?

Perhaps I need to come up with a new fixation.

Anyway, I guess what I've come up with in the end is this:

1. Eating a very limited amount of crap (anything seriously delicious and chocolatey/sugary/carb-y) and instead, filling up on a ridiculous amount of fruits and veggies. And whole grains. Which is apparently what I should be eating anyway, but you know. The husband did a great job grocery shopping yesterday (by himself!) and filled up the fridge with tons of healthy goodness. Weee!

2. No random snacking. Which kind of sucks, because after one week of apparently eating myself silly, my body goes into starvation mode after about fifteen minutes of no food. It's just great.

3. Water only. I don't really mind this, because it's what I have been doing for the last several months (unless I get a treat like an iced chai latte). I reverted back to my Diet-Coke-Loving and White-Mocha-Loving days during the last week, so I need to rid myself of those cravings.

4. Daily workouts for an entire week. (Really? Shoot me in the face.) I'm not sure why I feel the need to torture myself, but at the same time, it's not like I don't have more than enough time to do a daily workout. On the bright side, if I'm going every day for a week, I can cut down on the length of the workouts. On the downside, my left ankle has been hurting when I run (even though I took a week off of running while I was gone) so, apparently I will have to wait a while to get up to the level of my idol, Ashley. But I can dream, can't I? (Bum ankle, I shake my fist at you!)

We'll see how this works out. I'm not going to lie, yesterday I snuck a leftover cookie from work and scarfed it down in the kitchen like I was some sort of criminal. Also, I ate half a sandwich after 10:00pm. Details, schmetails.

In other news, I'm fully aware of my premature August banner. I was getting totally sick of the other one and was craving the bluey goodness of the new one. You'll just have to live the lie with me for one more day.

Also, check out the lovely Steph's blog contest, and enter to possibly win some goodies from my etsy shop! Thanks again to Stephanie for being a peach and supporting my shop. You're a gem!


  1. i've been on a health kick too lately, it just stinks because there are so many sweets and junk in my house. definitely makes it harder to resist it all.

  2. OoOoOooooh, loving the new header, very adorable.

    Speaking of adorable -- Steph told me she was going to be giving away a few things from your shop a couple days ago and it immediately made me want to win. I don't know though, I'm kind of lazy and may not (most definitely won't) follow through with the challenge -- I know, great friend I am! So I'll probably end up just buying something on my own because those magnets are just too freaking adorable. Win-win!

    ...and major props on the healthy-eating-goodness you & your hubby are doing together. Iced chai lattes are no easy thing to overcome, letmetellya, but you have all the support in the world coming from this lady (who is probably eating more junk food than is needed to feed a small Mexican village and will continue to do so until baby arrives).

    Keep it up! And I hope your ankle feels better soon. :)

  3. love the new banner! i laughed outloud at the thought of a cookie-eating criminal :)

  4. Wowzers, you are so motivated and healthyfull. Wah! I wanna be strong like you. Hmm... I guess that mountain of food I just ate at IHOP isn't going to help matters. Hmm... I'll start being healthy tomorrow! Your etsy stuff is too cute- I wanna win!

  5. I'm trying to lose the last 7lbs. that I've had for 5yrs....its not easy. I've been taking the dog for lots of walks - I tell him that we're "bringing sexy back" but he doesn't seem to agree....

    I like the premature banner - I just figured you went ahead and changed it so you wouldn't forget...I would...

  6. Post vacation is so rough! I find that I do much better with eating while I'm at work, so I didn't have to change much this week to get back on track.

    And you are so welcome, your stuff is so cute i had to give some away

  7. ugh i need to go on a junk food detox! i eat sandwiches every day during the week. i don't know what else i would have! i'm too lazy to think of something ;)

  8. i envy you and your hubby, really. um, if i sent steve out grocery shopping i'd get a few gallons of ice cream, some potato chips and pasta. he's the worst eater ever in the world. i just went grocery shopping last night, and his last words to me were "MAKE SURE YOU BUY SOME JUNK FOOD!" really now.

    the hardest thing for me about dieting / lifestyle changing was being conscious of what i eat between meals. a handful of pretzels or a few m&ms here and there don't seem like much, but over the course of the day? ugh. i don't even want to think about it.

    i'm trying super hard to get back into daily running, but it's hard. i've seriously fallen off the wagon since we started work on the house, and then the actual moving in, it's been a solid three weeks since i've seen the inside of a gym. no bueno my friend.

    never fear though, you'll get back on track. the diet coke withdrawls are going to be a total bitch though. BE STRONG! ha.

    oh, and your magnets? they are proudly being displayed on my brand spanking new fridge. i absolutely adore them, and it makes steve roll his eyes at the girliness, which is you know, fantastic.

  9. I love that Steph is giving away some of your stuff as a prize, for it is utterly adorable and creative and I want it. :) At least if I don't win I know I can always buy some for myself!!


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