July 5, 2008

on shameless TV addictions (oh, yeah, and the Fourth of July, too)...

Does anyone else have a morbid fascination with the show To Catch a Predator? Well, I do. (It's right up there with Intervention. Although, with that one, I usually spend most of the show in tears, feeling completely depressed. Sometimes I don't get myself, and why I do anything I do.) So, To Catch a Predator. It's one of those shows where it's on and I'm all, "I haaavveee to waaatcchh thiiis. Caaannn't stooop. Woah. Did that guy just walk into the house naked? No freaking way! Chris Hansen, avert your eyes!"

Well, anyway.

My husband and I apparently need to cut back on our fix, because yesterday we kept bringing To Catch a Predator references into normal conversation:

me: "Jay, didn't you say you were going to take out the trash?"
Jay: "No. No, I never said that. Look, I'm just here to talk, I wasn't going to do anything else, I swear. Just talk."
me: "Well. You're free to leave, unless you have anything else to say to the cameras."


Jay: (following anything I deny) "Hmmm. Well, now. According to this transcript, we have you saying..."


Jay: "It's in your car, right?"
me: "Well, yeah. I mean, sure, there is some rope and duct tape and...whipped cream, and stuff. It's for my job, though. My job, I swear!"

Well, we find it hilarious, anyway. That show is addictive. I dare you to watch an episode and not fight the urge to slip a transcript reference into normal conversation! I dare you!

So, in other news, our Fourth of July was a good day. I spent the morning cleaning the duplex (even vacuumed the corners of the carpet - go me!) and Jay was off work at 2PM. When he arrived home, we decided to go for a bike ride to the beach. The close beach. Not the one that is nineteen miles round-trip, thank you very much. It was a perfect day for a bike ride, and I enjoyed it even more so because Jay wasn't riding half a mile ahead of me the whole time (which I've grown used to, being a slow-poke). He rode at my speed the whole time, so we were able to chat and laugh together. I hope he realizes how much I appreciate things like that.

We arrived at our favorite beach town, which was incredibly crowded. We ended up getting a table at our go-to taco place, Taco Surf, for a pitcher of Bud Light and a fiesta platter. Hey, a couple has to do something to reward themselves after a bike ride in the sun, no? We walked along the shops for a while, then decided to head home before the sun set. Once home, we enjoyed a rousing game of Scrabble (remind me to NEVER PLAY GAMES WITH MY HUSBAND because the man CAN'T NOT WIN and P.S. I'M A SORE LOSER) then went to bed before 10pm. Both of us had to be up at 4:30am for work, so the closest we got to fireworks was spoonage while we fell asleep to the sounds of fireworks (or gunshots, because is there really a difference?) throughout the neighborhood. (I swear, we live in a safe city. But who really knows with California.)

God bless America.

And now I'm going to get down with my bad self, shamelessly enjoying a breakfast of McDonald's iced coffee (with caramel!) and sausage egg McMuffin with cheese. Healthy? What? Don't talk to me.


  1. Quoting To Catch a Predator? That is hilarious. I'm gonna have to steal your "transcript" joke for sure. That show is totally addicting!

  2. oh man, i LOVE that you guys have incorporated the script into your everyday talk, freakin funny!!!

    I used to watch Intervention but had to stop b/c it was SERIOUSLY depressing! I didn't even realize how much it was affecting my psyche until i stopped watching and then i was like WHOA. that show IS heavy!!

    i love you guys and your pitcher of Bud Light at Taco Surf. Everytime you blog about it i wanna go join ya! ;)

  3. My mom has the BIGGEST crush on Chris Hansen. And I guess I do too...sorta... in a "he's keeping kids safe, how sweet" kind of way.

    And now you have me craving a McDonald's iced coffee... hmm...

  4. Dude, you, me and Marianne should go to Taco Surf when I'm in town. We need to!

  5. Okay that sounds delicious. And we also had to boycott Scrabble due to an unbelievable amount of made up words and accusations of cheating :)

  6. I hope my comment went through; if it didn't, I'm going to be mad. :[

  7. UGH! It didn't!

    I was just saying that Jonathan & I did the same thing as you & your husband for the 4th. We played scrabble until I got sleepy (he kicked my ass, so I forfeited) & even kidded that the 4th would be the perfect time to off someone. Because in the midst of all the bangs & booms, no one could tell the difference between that & a gunshot. We're evil, I know. ;]

    Also, Intervention is my guilty pleasure as well. It makes me horribly depressed, but I am always very grateful that my story is no where near theirs.

  8. I totally have conversations like that with my boyfriend.

    And my weekend breakfast of choice is McDonalds. Always a large caramel iced coffee and a steak egg and cheese bagel. Oh dear. Delish.

  9. Hmm... I kinda want to check out this Taco Surf place that you speak of so frequently.

  10. oh, yes, we watch that show too!! You're right-- quite addicting. I love how you guys use it in everyday conversation. So funny.

    Thank you so much for voting for my picture-- I had a lot of fun with that one. I loved yours too! It had the best patriotic/vintage feel to it.

    oh, and-- you're one of my winners!! If there was a way I could manage it, your prize would totally be two little girls of your own to dress up, but since that's not possible I hope you will be ok settling for something a little smaller. :)

  11. hi, i just now found your blog through Talia's, cuz you won! Congrats! I wasn't gonna comment,, cuz i'm a complete stranger, but I just had to when you wrote about your sister's new "babushka" and I don't know anyone else who uses that word! I just used it the other day!

    anyway, you are very adorbale and charming, just like Talia said!

  12. i think i've seen intervention once and the whole show was about a 20-something woman addicted to painkillers. she fell asleep in her taco. i loved every second of it. :o)

    and? i spent my fourth of july painting... so you've got me beat sista.

  13. sausage egg mcmuffin with cheese is my secret addiction. well not so secret anymore, but i love it.

    and umm matt always kicks my ass in scrabble it's ridiculous, haha.

  14. OMG! SO, so funny about your To Catch A Predator script! Ha! And like Jimaiemarie said, whenever you blog about the tacos and beer, you always make me wish I had a fun hangout like that! And dangit, I need to get into beer-- it's so easy going and fun. Not like ordering a strawberry daquiri and being all fancypants. Dangit! haha. I must learn one day.

  15. I love Intervention. We Tivo every Monday night. Last week broke my heart with the little kid crying that he didn't want him mom to die and his floppy hair was in his face and he just had tears running down his cheeks. Oh, it just about killed me.
    Love that show. I'm going to sit my kids down and make them watch Intervention and Beach Patrol: Panama City with all the drunks jumping out of their cars in the middle of the street and use that to explain the effects of drugs and alcohol.


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