July 11, 2008

on my reasons why...

1. Why shouldn't you go running when it looks deceptively overcast and cool outside? Because, well, the sky will most likely open up and be glaringly hot about five minutes into your run. And you will wish you could tell everyone who passes you, "NO, I DON'T HAVE ROSACEA, IT'S JUST FREAKING HOT OUT HERE, SO, DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!" And you will have to cut your run short, considering you are about 90% sure your lungs are imploding. And in attempting to run in every bit of shade you can find, you nearly trample a few well-maintained flower gardens, vehicles and small children. And by time you actually make it home, it takes about an hour laying in front of the fan, watching two episodes of A Baby Story on TLC, to make you feel human again.

2. Why I may or may not be secretly in love with James McAvoy: He was recently quoted as saying, "I would actually rather eat dog poo than exercise." I'm sorry, but anyone who says the word "poo" in an interview is automatically on my good list. Because that's just hilarious. James? I love you. Except when you played that fawn or whatever in Narnia, because ew.

3. Why are my husband and I completely different sometimes? Because there are certain joys that we will simply not share with each other. Yesterday he went out "thrifting" for clothes to sell on eBay (one of his hobbies; he makes good money doing it, too) and he was absolutely drooling over a jacket that he found. I didn't get it. To me, it was just weird looking. He sort of sighed after seeing my reaction and said, "I wish you could be as excited about this jacket as me." I looked at him and said, "Well, I wish you could be as excited as I am about my hair appointment today." He paused for a second, then responded with, "That's fair." So, apparently we're even now.

4. Why am I slowly beginning to rediscover my inner goddess? Throughout the last year, as I've been making great strides in my health through exercise and food-choices, I've felt like it's taken a long time to actually see the progress, see the difference in my body. But within the last several months it's really taken off. I'm not sure why it took so long, but lately? I feel so good when I look in the mirror. And I'm not talking about being all self-obsessed or something. It's more along the lines of feeling proud. Knowing that the body I'm looking at is a result of my hard work and dedication. It's a lot different than being seventeen, size zero, 105 lbs. and not having to work for it AT ALL. Now? I feel more like a goddess because of how much effort I've put into it. And that's just a great feeling.

5. Why am I terrible example? Because here I am talking about being healthy, when last night the husband and I enjoyed a dinner of chips, guacamole, tortillas and hummus, Dollar Store egg rolls (classy, right?) and a bottle of $2 wine. That, my friends, is true gluttony. Oh, well. You give some, you take some. I guess everyone deserves a crap-meal every now and then, right? Right.

6. Why do I feel myself and my hopes and dreams changing? I realize now that when I'm looking at magazines, instead of wishing to be the beautiful girl in the photo (as I used to when I was younger; didn't we all?), I look at a photo spread and think, "Dude. I want to learn how to take a photo like that." Which is a good thing, I think.

7. Why do I want to have a baby, like, next week? Because I see pregnant bellies at every turn. Just yesterday I found out that my adorable hair colorist is pregnant. I was all, "What? NO! Stop it! It's too much to handle!" Seriously, ladies. You need to stop all of the adorable pregnant cuteness. My uterus thanks you. (And my husband thanks you, too.)


  1. i'm so with you on #7!! the pregger cuties are too much for me to handle sometimes.

  2. Well go you on the whole healthy body! I'm totally inspired.

    And amen to the pregnantness. My best friend Morgan is pregnant, my younger cousin is pregnant, even my step-mother-in-law is pregnant!

    You better not go and cross over to the other side and leave me all alone! :)

  3. you are so funny. My uterus thanks you! i too have had the baby bug. i think i need a husband first, no?!

  4. you crack me up. i'm so with you on 6. hey, how do you like 'we were the mulvaneys'?

  5. The "poo" thing made me laugh. I say "poo" all the time. It sounds much prettier than "poop" or "shit." & I didn't know he played the fawn! Wow. He's dreamy.

    & I have to (shamefully) agree about the pregnant cuties. It's so nice to see, but I wouldn't want to necessarily HAVE a baby. My sister in law is gorgeously pregnant... & it kind of makes me a tad jealous. But not too much. ;]

  6. I swear sometimes when I read you it is something I could have written. And today was one of those days.


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  8. um i just have to comment on #2, i am secretly in love with James McAvoy too. LOL. I was just going to blog about it but anyway. hahahahha - The Chronicles of Narnia. ok Mr Tumnus! lol. and did you see wimbeldon? He was the annoying brother, I was just watching it the other day and I was like, James McAvoy? really? that role. boo. He's come a long way, for sure.

    That is neat that your husband sells stuff on ebay, it is great extra $! Is pregnant-ness in your near future? You'd be a cute pregnant lady! I'm a little bit scared, haha.

  9. i have the baby bug too - and am plotting on how to achieve all of the "baby list" (similar to a bucket list) so I can have one....

  10. You are very inspiring in the healthy self aspect. Once our project is complete and we are back from vacation I think I'm going to force myself to get a gym membership or sign up for some kind of aerobics class.

    As for the baby bug...I saw my neighbor's new baby last week, fell in love, wanted one, and then I was reminded of all the responsibilty that comes along with them and that was a slap to the face. I realized I'm just not ready yet.

  11. if it makes you feel any better the second i turned 25 i became obsessed with having a baby. i want the belly, i want the baby, i want the cute soft pink booties and bibs, and when i see pregnant ladies i secretly HATE them and resent them for getting to be have a baby when i cant. i even sobbed my way though father of the bride II recently. it scares the crap out of my boyfriend, because he is soooo not ready for a baby, but he is completely understanding at the same time. he told me i cant have a baby until i finish my phd. i told him the second i get that freaking diploma we are hopping into bed!
    you are not alone sister!

  12. You rock, I loved this post! All of it. You are so wise beyond your years, And I hope that doesn't come off as patronizing. I just remember how lame I still was at 23! You are so ahead of the game! And you should always be proud and not ashamed to show it, of something that you've worked hard for! Congrats on your newfound goddess status!


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