July 1, 2008

on a list of fives...

What were you doing five years ago?

1. Apparently writing a lot of wistful journal entries like this.
2. I was eighteen, and falling in love for the first time.
3. I was working at a Deli/Espresso and hating (almost) every minute.
4. I had just graduated with my AA degree.
5. I was busy planning my first big adventure: moving to California.

What are/were five things on your to-do list for today?

1. Class in the morning.
2. Pick up packages at the post office. Apparently I had, like, five waiting there and homeboy only gave me one. That's a little irritating, if you ask me. Because now I have to go back tomorrow.
3. Mail a recent etsy order (I love wrapping things up to mail out!).
4. Get a few groceries with Jay. (Which ended up being a lot more than the milk and bread we ended up going out for; isn't that always the case? At least we weren't at Costco. Seriously.)
5. Work all evening.

What are five snacks you enjoy?

1. Warm tortillas dipped in hummus. Be still my heart.
2. Nectarines, especially this time of year.
3. Microwave popcorn. Not the healthy stuff.
4. Pistachios, but I don't buy them now because they're too freaking expensive.
5. Tortilla chips and mango/pineapple/some-type-of-sweet salsa.

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

1. Give a huge amount to the Shriner's Hospital.
2. Make sure my parents and Jay's parents are set for life. We have such generous parents; it would be so great to repay some of the generosity they've shown us through the years.
3. Buy a home. It doesn't have to be a mansion, but it has to be decorated completely with merchandise from Anthropologie. I'm not kidding. Oh, and I want a teal kitchen. It's kind of my thing.
4. Travel the world. The entire world. Slowly.
5. Donate a huge amount to the Make-A-Wish foundation, or just rent out Disneyland and send a bunch of the kids there for a day (or two).

What are five of your bad habits?

1. I whine. A lot.
2. I'm terrible at returning phone calls.
3. I'm terrible at returning anything, really. Library books, movie rentals, CD's I borrow from friends, etc.
4. I forget things people have told me all the time, and I think it's because I don't pay attention enough. If I had a nickel for every time my husband said, "No, I did tell you about this already..."
5. I waste entirely too much time online. (Is this obvious?)

What are five places you have lived?

1. Wenatchee, WA. This is actually where I was born! Random, right? It's fun to say Wenatchee. Try it.
2. Spokane, WA. I love this city. Visit there. Tell the metal, garbage-eating goat I say hello.
3. Deer Park, WA. Smaaaal town right outside of Spokane. This is where I lived from about fourth grade until I moved to California. When I think of that "home" feeling, this is the place that will always come to mind. We had 8 acres of forest surrounding us, and we had deer that would wander around our house all the time. (They were odd deer; you could straight up walk right next to them sometimes. True story. I wouldn't lie about this. Deer are my friends. And, well, it was called Deer Park, so I guess it works, right?)
4. Anaheim, CA. This is where Jay and I lived for our first two years of marriage. In our over-priced, leaky apartment. So many stories to tell. You have no idea.
5. Our cozy duplex in a town I'm not going to tell you of because I don't want to be murdered by some creepy stalker. Blame me? Anyway. I'm so incredibly happy where we're at now. It's just perfect for us.

What are five jobs you've had?

1. Brand Rep at Limited Too. I sold glitter jeans and tank tops to mothers shopping for their "tweens". Great, right? I remember when the bathing suits would come in every year and I would want to rip them off the shelves and cry out, "WHO IS BUYING THESE BIKINIS FOR THEIR NINE YEAR OLDS? ARE YOU ALSO GOING TO RECOMMEND A BIKINI WAX FOR THEM? ARE YOU?" I was pretty passionate about it, actually. And I'm also not a salesman. I so buckle under the whole pressure-to-sell-more thing. I just don't handle it that well.
2. Baker/barista/cashier at a Deli & Espresso. This was the job where a crotchety old man refused to give me more than one 15 minute break for an 8 hour shift, then turned around and said he couldn't believe I'd stab him in the back when he found out I was telling some of my coworkers that we should take some sort of action against it. Oh, and they also always stuck me on drive-thru (a drive-thru at a deli that also sold omelets?) and I had to survive a shift nearly bawling my head off because when people ordered all I could hear was, "MMMkkherarrrreeehhh. Sourdough. Blurrrgh."
3. Cashier at Disneyland. Oh, the stories I could tell. I worked on Main Street in foods. I could be seen scooping ice cream to adorable Japanese tourists who had no idea what they were ordering and serving hot dogs with a smile. It was quite the year. Drama city, that place. (Cricket and I still want to write a book about all of our random moments there. Maybe this could be the theme of some future blog posts...)
4. Customer service somewhere that shall remain nameless. Because I want to keep my job.
5. Does etsy count?

(tagged by the fabulous Trish over at Toasted; I'm too lazy to tag, but I'd love to see all you lovelies filling this one out!)


  1. I was a brand rep for Limited Too, too. I HATED IT.

    Also, I want to commend you for donating part of your billion dollars to Shriners Children's Hospital. I went to Shriners for my spine surgery and had the best experience (you know, the best I could for being torn open). I love the Shriners!!

  2. I'm in love with hummus and warm pitas. Delicious.

  3. OMG I worked at Limited Too also! And it SUCKED. They were so hardcore pushy, it was not me. And I could NOT get over the fact that these parents were spending over $1000 for a third grader's school clothes.

  4. i think i should just get a billion dollars right now too and basically do everything on your list. that'd be amazing.

  5. Mmm, hummus & flatbread is my favorite snack. Or Lavish wraps, from Father Nature. Mmm.

    & your talk of popcorn made me want it for my lunch today. :]

  6. oohh I have to do this one soon!

    teal kitchen idea? sounds dreamy. i wonder what would be your accent colors?

    oh, i would love to know what your thoughts are on that suze orman book. it was recently recommended for me but i'm kind of intimidated to start reading it. why? i don't know!

  7. Thanks for playing along! :)

  8. love it .. also tagged you - miss popular ;)


    heck yes etsy counts! i love wrapping things. let's just make beautiful packages and send them to eachother! ♥

  9. I hope you do write some posts about your job at D-Land! Do it!

    I love hearing behind the scenes stories about that place. I've heard about the drama working there.

  10. I just did this meme and linked back to your page. I know it was a while ago but I am behind the times!


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