July 29, 2008

on the great return...

So, we're back.

Back from the great beyond.

Back to the smog and the traffic and the craziness and the day-to-day of our lives in Southern California. (And apparently we missed an earthquake while we were gone? I think it's a sign that we're not from California when our response to missing an earthquake is an astounding, "DUDE, NOOO! How come we're always GONE when cool things happen? HOW?")

I'm not going to lie; in any case, there's a small part of me that is always completely eager to get home, drive through the familiar streets, walk through our front door, and sleep that first night tucked into our own bed. As much as I adore time away from it all, it feels good to come back to our cozy little duplex.

The trip "home" to visit our families? Amazing. It was truly such a relaxing time. And really, that's what I was craving. I didn't want a week filled with a full schedule and so many things we were rushing around to do. I wanted time to just soak up the clean air and family memories. That's what I got, and I'm so thankful.

twelve moments I'd like to share:

1. Three days with my parents and youngest sisters in their fifth-wheel. Cozy and happy. Have I mentioned that I'm still slightly bitter that they've embarked on this traveling-the-country endeavor after I grew up and moved out? I'm jealous. It's true.
2. My parents are apparently also spoiling themselves and have a sleep number bed in their fifth-wheel.
3. My sleep number is somewhere in-between 30 and 55. Changing that thing is entirely too entertaining. I don't think you understand.
4. S'mores. There are hardly words. I may or may not have had three on our first night with the family.
5. Finding a one-legged goose. Do geese technically have legs? Whatever. This goose totally had one leg, and a nubbin for the other. I think it was getting pissed because I spend a full ten minutes taking photos of it and laughing. Am I heartless? Maybe. Am I easily entertained? Totally.
6. Meeting a huge amount of my husband's family and family friends at the graduation get-together. Oh, how I love these people.
7. Bonding time with my mother-in-law, which means the world to me.
8. Apparently I fail at Scrabble, yet own at Sequence. Regardless, boardgames with the in-laws are pretty much the greatest ever.
9. Enjoying random word-play with Jay's family. Anything anyone says can be turned into a joke, and I love it. This is truly a family after my own heart.
10. Getting a pair of seemingly-brand-new Ralph Lauren jeans for 99 cents at Value Village. You don't understand how happy this makes my inner cheap-skate.
11. My sister giving me an absolutely heavenly pedicure at the salon she works at. I wanted to take her home with me in my suitcase, and that's just one reason for it.
12. My dad, retiring from the Washington State Patrol after 25 years of service. Yes, I cried. My dad is truly my hero.

twelve things we're just going to repress and pretend didn't happen:

1. Basking in my gluttony and eating everything in sight. Eh-vuh-ree-thing. I've vowed not to get on the scale for the next week, and the husband and I are apparently going on some fruit-and-vegetables-only diet ALL WEEK AHHHH. Shoot me.
2. I'm currently raising a glass to my last technical day of vacation with a margarita, microwave popcorn and pointless television. Cheers.
3. Spending ten minutes taking photos of a one-legged goose. You thought I wouldn't bring it up again, didn't you? Didn't you?
4. Feeling chubs around my pregnant sister. I know. It's ridiculous.
5. Feeling chubs around my mother. Do you understand what a dish my mom is? Do you? My sister and I were all, "She has a dancer's legs." "Yeah, seriously." "Where does she COME from?"
6. Not being able to check email for a full three days and nearly having a resulting stroke.
7. Waking up at 6:30 to go watch Jay and his brother play tennis. (As much as I wanted my beauty sleep, I was entirely too flattered when Jay said he really wanted me to go with them. I'm a softy.)
8. Eating, eating and more eating. Sweet moses.
9. Crying at my dad's retirement ceremony. I truly wanted to stand up and say something at the end, but I couldn't even say, "Meh," without tearing up. I wish I was better at containing myself.
10. Apparently not understanding that a "nightcap" isn't an actual drink. As in, you can't go up to a bar and order a "nightcap". So glad I found this out before humiliating myself whilst trying to sound sophisticated next time I'm out on the town. Seriously.
11. Discovering that the husband grinds his teeth in his sleep. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL NOW? Was about to eat my own arm during the second night. I am not kidding one bit.
12. Losing my suitcase. Or rather, the airlines losing my suitcase. I had that sinking feeling, and for once it was accurate. Apparently my suitcase is still in Seattle? And won't be here until 9:45 tonight? And will be delivered some point before 11:00? Yeah. I don't know how I'm going to stay awake. It's been a long day.

Still, I'm happy to be back. It was a lovely vacation, and I've found that I love my husband even more after a vacation like this. We come home so happy, and not at all sick of each other.

Which is a good thing, I think.


  1. When I'm on vaca, I eat everything too. that's what you're supposed to do! :) I love that pic...soo cute!

  2. omg LOL!! i have no words! but yay!! you're back!!
    i love your lists and that picture? ab-so-freakin-lute-ly-adorable!!!!!!!

  3. I'm glad you had a good time! But I'm also (selfishly) glad you're back! :)

  4. Aw, sounds like you had a lovely time...but seriously, loosing the suitcase...how did you survive? Oh, did they loose it on the flight back? ok, nevermind. Dude, my husband grinds his teeth too, especially bad if he's been stressed out, it makes my skin crawl and i will NOT hesitate to wake him.

  5. Welcome back! That picture is so cute!!! You guys are adorable. Whoa- the weather looks perfect over there! Lucky duck! How nice to be gone a whole week! Sounds so relaxing. Glad you had a great time! Thanks for sharing all of your memories with us! Your lists were very entertaining!

  6. ahah. YES, you did miss the earthquake, but we managed to be in LA for it.
    it was both terrifying and hysterical. we were at a gas station.. my girlfriend inside and i was in the car. every chip bag and chocolate bar was knocked over, along with all the stands holding them up. and the (turned off) car i was in? ohhhh it was moving around like a drunk driver was in control.
    gas + earthquake probably isn't too safe, but apparently the wave that hit in huntington after the quake (which is where we were heading) was MASSIVE, so i'm just glad i wasn't swimming at the time =)

    glad you enjoyed your vacation love.

  7. sounds like a great vacation! and i love the picture of you guys, precious :)

  8. katelin took the words right out of my mouth. that pic is too precious.

    airline losing luggage? i would've FREAKED! but it sounds like you handled very well...hope they returned your luggage with everything in it!

    yay for a great vacation!!

  9. Welcome back!! I love that picture.. so sweet :)

  10. Welcome back, lovely! It sounds like you got some much needed R&R, which I think means rest & relaxation...?

    I laughed (& then choked) when you said that you found out that your husband grinds his teeth, & how you were about to eat your own arm. HA! Jonathan calls hogs ALL NIGHT LONG. Sometimes I get so overcome with annoyance & noise disturbance that I'd like to beat him down... but then he makes these cute little gurgling noises & I get a hold of myself. :]

    & that picture is adorable! Am I dumb for thinking that was a real couple next to you guys? ;/

  11. What a great way to share your vaction! Lists! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time off. Although, I'll admit that I missed hearing from you. Your website seemed so...empty without you. :)

    I want to echo how adorable that picture is. (And you're so tiny! Skinny! Woohoo!)

  12. so happy to hear you had a great vacation!

    p.s. you know how I do weekly etsy features/giveaways? would you like to be featured?

    email me!

  13. That sounds like a great vacation! I'm jealous that you got to eat s'mores...it's been way too long!

  14. Hi Friend! Glad you're back and had a great trip! LOVE the new banner!

    On sharing:
    #5. Finding a one-legged goose - lol, poor little goose. but let's see the pics! ;)

    #8. Apparently I fail at Scrabble, yet own at Sequence - ok seriously sequence is the BEST!

    #10. Getting a pair of seemingly-brand-new Ralph Lauren jeans for 99 cents at Value Village. - um, and value village is the best too! my favorite! they don't have enough of them here! hurray for 99 cent jeans!

  15. i'm a little late on this, my bad. but i heard about the earthquake and thought of you guys, then realized you were away. is it wrong that i was disappointed by that and was looking forward to a recap?

    and about the whole eating everything in sight while on vacation? um, honey, that is what vacation is for. you are supposed to work really hard to look hot for your big trip, and then let it all go to hell once you get there.

    glad your back and glad you had a blast, i've always wanted to see washington state.


  16. i'm just catching up. i feel so behind when i miss some of your posts. love this picture.

  17. You are seriously hilarious!! I loved catching up on your posts this afternoon. Chuckles all around!


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