July 18, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

1. Watched the midnight showing of Dark Knight last night. Considering I don't normally do midnight showings, I feel rather proud that I stayed awake and coherent during this entire movie. Seeing the yumminess that is Christian Bale certainly helped, though. I'm not going to lie. My only beef with the guy is when he uses his intense Batman Voice and speaks all gravelly. I think he took it to the next level in this movie, because whenever he said anything as Batman I found myself giving him the stink eye of annoyance. So, yeah. Go see it, and join me in my now-irrational fear of clowns. And Heath Ledger.

2. Yesterday was filled with soaking up entirely too much afternoon sun. And yet, I finally managed to walk away from the beach this year without a sunburn! Heck, yes! We also went kayaking, which was an adventure. The whole time I was all, "Yeah, I'm tired. How much further? I'm done." Luckily, M and I were both in one kayak, so she was able to use her freakishly strong arms to keep us going. I have good friends. Also, we went out to dinner with Jay's pastor and his wife; I haven't seen them in ages, so it was nice to catch up.

3. Haircut today? After not getting one in a good ten months? Because I'm entirely too gung-ho about growing out my hair? Yes, please. Hello, Great Clips. I'm so cheap, it hurts sometimes.

4. My favorite workout songs: "Son of a Gun" by Search the City, "Pumpking Soup" by Kate Nash and "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay. Put these jams on your iPod, and you're guaranteed a good time. Especially "Pumpkin Soup" - I tell you, that Kate Nash is a peach. Seriously, watch the music video for that song. It will totally make your day. (Unless you have a slight aversion to giant dancing cats. Because then it is most likely the stuff of your nightmares.) You will want to walk around singing it for the next twenty-four hours, though; I guarantee it. Some of her music almost reminds me a bit of the good ol' Spice Girls. I'm not sure if that's a compliment in her mind, but it certainly is to me. I sing every single one of her songs with a British accent, and enjoy every minute a little more than I should, probably.

5. I've got nothing. I am feeling increasingly boring, and will spend most of the day dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the shower that I say I'm going to clean every week but never actually get around to doing, and completing all the general housewife-ish things that one must do. Come hang out with me because I have wine and some incredible hummus that I will most likely eat completely on my own if nobody joins me.


  1. I saw the midnight showing last night as well.. and I'm completely joining you with the clown fear. Although wasn't Heath amazing? So eerie.
    & I'm with you on the haircut too- I've gotten obsessed with growing my hair out and I'm convinced that if I go for a trim, I'll end up with it chopped off.

  2. Ohmygosh I love Kate Nash -- the pumpkin song is my song on myspace ... and my bestie at work got to interview her -- ack! I was so freakin jealous! Not fair! Why couldn't it have been me?! noooo.

  3. Going to watch Dark Knight tomorrow night... can't wait for the Christian Bale yumminess.

  4. i too, love christian bale but i can't bare to sit through that movie, heath ledger scares me entirely too much... and that's just the commercial.

    i haven't been to the beach in oh... weeks. i might hate you a little bit. :o)

    and also? it's a travesty that we live on opposite coasts because i too spend a lot of time *thinking* about cleaning the shower & doing laundry (this new house thing has seriously increased my workload by a whole other person. no bueno.). most nights i end up on the couch with a glass of wine. and stuffing my face with warm pitas and hummus. fricken creepyyyy. move to jersey?

  5. I haven't had good hummus in a looong time...wish I could join you, but, well, by the time on got on the plane, you'd have probably scarfed it all down anyway.

  6. So I'm a big loser and am making my husband wait until the theaters won't be so crowded until we go see the movie, am I mean?! lol! but we will be seeing it in IMAX if that cancels out any of my horridness for making him wait.

    I could totally go for some hummus and wine by the way. sigh. I am stuck at work until my senior decides to tell me what in the world the five minute change I am going to have to make on this tax return is. So annoying.

  7. dude...the "batman voice" totally got on my nerves too! I love Heath Ledger - his Joker was probably the best villian I've seen in a long time (and for some reason he didn't creep me out as much as I was expecting)....

    I love Kate Nash! You need to check out Lykke Li - you'd probably like her too....

  8. But wasn't it worth every minute of sleep you lost? I saw it at midnight too and loved it. Heath Ledger pulled the Joker off so perfect, it really was scary.

  9. Love Kate Nash! All of the songs on her album are great. Are you a Regina Spektor fan at all?

  10. We went to see Dark Knight on Sunday and I'm totally with you on the "batman voice" I told EMT-Dad it started to get to me and he just rolled his eyes and said "duh, he has to disguise his voice. He can't be Bruce Wayne when he's Batman" Then he gave me a rolled his eyes in that "oh girls, you'll never understand" And he's right, I don't.


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