June 27, 2008

on a wonderful Jay day...

Yesterday was such a great day. I feel so refreshed and completely happy. (Even though today I realized our laundromat has been closed for, oh, about five days for no apparent reason and I have a veritable mountain of laundry that has accumulated over the last three weeks. You won't bring me down, randomly-closed-laundromat! Oh, no you won't! I will not let you!)

After a boring morning spent in class, I came home to enjoy a fabulous day with the husband. We lounged around for a while, ate some lunch and caught up on the latest celebrity gossip, courtesy of E! Then we drove out to LA for the afternoon.

Jay's graduation gift was going to be a new video camera, but he decided instead to go for a Mac laptop and Final Cut Pro. We figure, heck, he already has a decent camera, but he's been drooling over Final Cut Pro (an editing program) forever. It would help him alot with his editing experience, and many jobs require a good knowledge of that program. Apparently, a brand new Macbook and Final Cut are pretty much worth more than our lives, so Jay decided to search around to see if he could find a used Mac with the program already installed on it. Thanks to the joys of Craigslist, he found some guy selling exactly that for about $1400. (Yeah, I know. Alot of money. It hurts my soul a little bit. However, this is being paid for by some of our stimulus check and any graduation money he received. So, it isn't that bad.) The guy wanted us to meet him out in LA, so we drove out (technically, Jay drove because the drive to LA is the devil) and sat at a Starbucks for a while, waiting for him to meet us.

I was able to enjoy a grande Iced Chai Latte and soak up a bit of the afternoon sun. Jay and I spent the time just talking and laughing, me playing around with my camera, both of us attempting to finish a crossword puzzle, watching all the kooky people going in and out of Starbucks (people you will only see in LA). It was simply a nice afternoon. I realize that it's in those moments where I'm genuinely happy. When I get to just sit around and chat with my husband, somewhere comfy on a warm day. I began to get fidgety after we had been there for a while and the guy still hadn't shown up, but Jay reminded me that it was a good day, and what was the rush, anyway? He was right.

(On a sidenote, I was totally creating a plan in my head, in case homeboy showed up and tried to rob us for all we're worth. There's something about carrying around $1400 in cash that makes me absolutely paranoid. I mentioned to Jay that at some point I should invest in a shank, just in case. I'm not sure if he completely agreed.)

The guy finally showed up and we looked at the laptop, happy that it was all that he'd said it would be. He was really genuine, and it was a relief that we hadn't been sitting around for so long just to meet with some shady guy. He even said he was going to send us a copy of Word through the mail, because he hadn't had time to install it before meeting with us. Nice, right? Anyway, we paid him and headed back home, and the excitement on Jay's face was worth every penny.

We then went to The Crab Pot for Jay's graduation dinner. I've wanted to take him there forever. They have these seafood feasts that they straight up dump on your table. No, really. Within ten minutes of arriving at the restaurant, we had donned our bibs and were digging into a huge mess of shrimp, lobster, red potatoes, corn and some other seafood that I didn't touch because it just looked questionable. Jay was in heaven. They give you these mallets for you to hack into the lobster and such, but I didn't use mine. Part of me thinks that it's some sort of primal enjoyment for men to work entirely too hard to get some tiny bit of crab out of of it's shell. For me, it just pissed me off. I'm all, "Um, yeah, you can go to town on that crab leg. It's being stupid and I'm going to break a nail. Now give me a shrimp so I can rip it's head and legs off and dip it's insides in butter." Yes, I'm not that much of a seafood fan, but I knew Jay would love this place. (Which he did.) Even though dinner involved peeling and cracking and scooping out our food, it was quite delicious. We had a good time.

Later that evening, we parted ways as he stayed home playing with his new "toy" and I went out for a girls night with M and some of her friends. I may have enjoyed an entire bottle of Trader Joe's wine to myself (I'm a fan), and there may have been a water balloon fight at some point in the evening.

But I'll never tell.

Oh, and new obsession? Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I'm not even going to lie; I love this show. It's an issue.


  1. Every time I buy something off craigslist i do the same thing! I'm so nervous they are going to be nutso, and then they turn out to be super nice! It's always good to deal with people who aren't out to take all your money or rip you off.

    Yay for drinking whole bottle of TJ wine. Always a good time to be had :)

  2. I love magical days like that with my husband. We have so much fun, usually, that we end up doing it all over again the next day, if time permits it.

    & I love craigslist! We've gotten a lot of furniture & appliances from there & typically, they've all been very nice people to buy from. :]

    Have a lovely weekend, deary!

  3. check out my fam reuinion pictures... in Maryland i had my frist (and ONLY) experience with Maryland Blue Crabs... pull out each and every leg, pull on the "monument" and take out the little sperm shaped dealies, stick thumb in and open crab like a hamburger bun, try not to look at all the green gook, break in half and find some meat. you're right... too much work (and grossness) for so little food... but that is why they filled us up on crab soup, corn and 6 oz. of shrimp before throwing crabs on our table. weeeee.

    my point: i feel you.

  4. Hey, LA's not so bad! I feel you on the Craigslist thing, though. I've actually said these words before going to see something from Craiglist: "You have to come with me in case this girl is nutso and chops my body up into 17 pieces, puts them into paper bags and scatters them all over the westside." Maybe I'm a little paranoid.

    By the way, I'm totally stalking you now that I know where you live. Creepy!

  5. sounds like such a sweet day. btw, if i hear one more person obsessing over Tori & Dean i'm going to scream. i have to check it out!

  6. omg i'm obsessed with tori and dean. it's sort of shameful but i dont care. i've been watching religiously since the first season, when she was still preggers with liam. see how stalkerish i am?
    none of my friends watch it. they al make fun of me for it. but i dont care. it makes my tuesday so happy!

  7. 1. I have no idea who the, or what, the heck this Tori & Dean business is...

    2. Totally read this earlier & am currently at a coffee shop enjoying an iced chai latte. Because you made me crave one.

    3. Craigslist is great. But I had someone stand me up once. That was annoying. :-P I have been perusing it lately in hopes of finding my engagement ring... :(

    4. Fun days with the hubby are amazing. Can you imagine how crazy life would be if you had a baby? No time alone to do what you want! :-P (Not that it wouldn't be an amazing, beautiful blessing. But still.)

  8. I've got to admit, I'm pretty obsessed with the Tori & Dean show, too. I caught it on the day of the premiere of their newest show, and there was a marathon of Tori & Dean: Inn Love before the premiere. Needless to say, I'm hooked.

  9. That sounds like an absolutely great day! The dinner sounds really yummy.

  10. oh, delightful. Everyone needs days like this from time to time, and I'm so glad you got one!
    All that yummy seafood-- it's making me hungry. I LOVE seafood!!

  11. I got my new puppy after finding him on a Craigslist ad...And yeah, I was convinced that the people were going to be crazy and that I'd find myself locked up in their basement being tortured.

    But they turned out to be nice enough and only slightly sketchy.

  12. Ok... I feel like 80% of the words you just wrote were coming straight out of my mouth.

    1) Relaxing days with my husband are greater than anything I could ever imagine. Just catching up after a busy week... or talking about anything and everything is so nice. And then add in a nice cup of coffee (or wine) in to the mix... and its sweet perfection.

    2) Trader Joes wine. I've been known to finish a bottle on my own as well. CHEAP dates, aren't we?

    3) The Crab Pot: I don't get it. I really don't. Sounds like you're a bigger seafood eater than me. But I went to one with friends a long time... and I was basically grossed out the entire time. Gag. I ordered a salad and went to Jack in the Box on our way home. Not a fan of the cracking and juice splattering. Plus, I'm not big on pulling meat of bones either... while my husband basically flosses his teeth with the bone after he's done. Men.

    4) Tori and Dean. Obsessed. I have it set to record regularly. I love the little treat I get when it appears in my list of recorded shows.


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