June 13, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

1. Taco Surf happy hours pretty much own my life. They are especially refreshing after being taken on a bike ride by your husband that in your head sounded way better than when you actually were half-way there and realized that it was going to be 19 miles round trip. That's right. NINETEEN MILES. If my legs weren't meatloaf after a three mile run, they sure as heck were after that bike ride. On the way there I was a grump because I was getting tired and irritated, and my husband swore up and down that he knew how to get there, he just didn't know where it was. "We're almost there." Ten minutes later. "We're almost there." Two hills later. "We're almost there." Don't patronize me. Well, we did make it, and decided to soak up the sun on the beach for a while before enjoying some Taco Surf $1 tacos and a pitcher of Bud Light. Which we drank like water. (I did have to apologize to Jay for being such a whiner on the way there, but sometimes I'm sure he just doesn't realize that I am not a machine, like him, when it comes to exercise. I also wish I could be more carefree; I just get weird if I don't know exactly when we will get somewhere, especially when my lungs are on fire.)

2. I have an award dinner tonight with my work, and it's at a nice Italian restaurant. Can I just say how excited I get about free food? Especially free food from a restaurant that I've been attempting to get my husband to take me to for the last year? Hey, if I get to go for free, I'll take it. And thus continues my search for a cute dress. I think I'm going to meander into Target today. Maybe I'll find something. Because the one black dress I have, I've worn to every fancy work function for the last three years, and it's only a matter of time before people start wondering if I do, in fact, own a wardrobe beyond that dress.

3. I also get a bonus from work tonight! I AM SO EXCITED. Part of me wants to be a good girl and put it into savings, and the other half of me wants to go buy curtains from Anthropologie, get my hair highlighted, buy a new lens for the camera, and enjoy a Starbucks iced chai latte every day for a week. We'll see which one wins.

4. I have two parcels waiting for me at the post office! And I have no idea what they are! Weee!

5. I am only a few pounds away from reaching my weight goal for the summer! Aaaand I am amazed. I realize just how much the small things can add up now. For the last couple years, I'd try something for a couple weeks and it just wouldn't do a thing, and I'd just give up. But really? Just working out a few days a week and making those small changes in my diet (no fast food, bringing lunches to work, choosing whole grains, eating more fruit, etc.) have really made it work. Who would've thought I'd ever survive without Diet Coke, Taco Bell seven layer burritos and my beloved white bread? Well, I've survived. And I feel good! (That's not to say that I don't go on taquito binges. Maybe I need to stop buying those damn things. They literally call to me from the freezer.)

6. Apparently, I have been incredibly lazy when it comes to exposaroonie. The last two challenges? Yeah. Haven't entered. And I even have my brand new camera. What gives? I promise, I'll be back in the game soon.

7. I totally enjoyed "movie day" in class. I'd forgotten just how much I love that movie, When Harry Met Sally. Of course, the whole time I was taking crazy notes, because we have to write a paper on it. I guess we have to find 13 different elements of self perception and a few other things. Phew. But that's okay, I actually like writing papers - as long as they're not research papers. So, this one should be fine. Especially because it's about a chick flick. (I just feel bad for the guys in the class, I guess.)

8. I want to say thank you for all the amazing input on my last post! You are all gems; what would I do without you? For the record, my husband thinks I'm weird because I talk about my "online friends". He thinks it sounds funny. But talk about you I will! It's incredible to me, the bond you can create with people who you have never met, and only communicate with through the lovely little thing called a "blog". I love it.


  1. My hubby thinks I'm weird too when I talk about blog friends. ha. 19 mile round trip bike ride? No to the way. PSYCHO! OOh-- I'm so jealous of your free Italian food dinner and your super cool bonus! I say you should def get your hair done & go to Anthropologie and such! Do it. I love when Harry Met Sally. SO good. I dunno if it's actually a chick flick tho- I think it's better than that. Hmmm. And congrats for reaching your goal weight! You're so awesome! I'm jealous again! Have fun tonight, good luck finding a dress!

  2. 19 mile bike ride? Good lord. That's like.. Ironman training. Very impressive!

    BIG congrats on nearly making your goal weight. That is awesome!

    Have fun with your award dinner tonight! (And bonus! :))

  3. I recently called my blog buddies, "the girls" in conversation with my boyfriend. I believe he thinks I'm a freak.

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  5. wow, 19 miles is seriously amazing. well done! i haven't ridden a bike in FOREVER. I just watched when harry met sally on my roadtrip, so good :) i love getting mail! haha. have a great weekend!

  6. Good work! I'm not sure how far miles is in kilometres but it's far I'm sure.

    And how good is getting a pay rise Woo! I'm sure you will figure out what to do with it =)

    Hehe and blog buddies or girls or whatever. Guys never really understand do they.

    At least you pay attention to movies you watch in class and writing a paper..ugh... =)

    I sent out a letter by the way. I love mail!!

  7. 19 miles... no wonder you are losing weight! What kind of bike do you have ? My husband thinks I am super nerdy too when I talk about blog friends so you are so not alone.

  8. I looove getting pacakages in the mail, especially when i don't know what they are! :D

  9. I totally talk about online friends, too. My husband knows people's names and everything! lol

    The rest of the world doesn't exactly understand this "blog" thing, but they're missing out, yo!


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