June 2, 2008

on college and the rabbits...

Well, leave it to me to start my return to academia off with a bang.

First of all, I was ridiculously nervous about my class today. Maybe it's fact that it's been a good 4 years or so since I've stepped foot in a college classroom. Maybe it's the fact that I'm perpetually seventeen and still feel slightly awkward with myself when I'm put in new situations. Maybe it's the fact that I'm completely neurotic. Regardless, I awoke this morning with the butterflies of a college freshman.

me: "Jay, I'm so nervous! Ahhhh!"
Jay: "You'll be fine."
me: "But, what should I wear? And what if nobody likes me?"
Jay: "Don't worry. It's just going to be a class full of losers who have to take summer classes."
me: (blank stare.)
Jay: "I'm kidding! I'm kidding!"
me: "Well, anyway. You're just mean."
Jay: "Aw, lovely. You'll do just fine."

Still, talking with Jay calmed my nerves. Made me laugh a little, anyway. And, really, I'm not sure what my deal is, because this is a six-week Speech Communications class at our local city college. It's not like it's going to be difficult or stressful at all. I've already done two years of college, so there's no reason for me to get all worked up.

Anyway. As long as we've established my neurosis, I'll move on.

The campus is close enough to our duplex for me to walk to class in the morning. I'm actually happy about it, because I haven't been very active the last few weeks (kidneys, you know) and it will be nice to have the 10-15 minute walk to get my day going. But then, here was my issue this morning: for some reason I had it ingrained in my head that my class began at 8:30. Yeah, no. As I was walking out the door at 8:00, figuring I had a cool thirty minutes to stroll to my class, I happened to look down at the sheet I printed out with all my class information. Immediately I had a very small, yet powerful heart attack and ran over to Jay.


Luckily, he actually had time to jump in the car and shuttle me the two minutes over to my class, which I was incredibly thankful for. I found the classroom and tried to walk in all casual-like, but felt like a complete ass walking into class five minutes late on the first day. (Although, I was vindicated when about ten more people wandered in during the first half-hour of class.)

The instructor seems like a peach. Once we were all in class and she was discussing the class, I started to get really excited about being there. I truly enjoyed the first two years of college - I'm not going to lie. I adored it. The reason I didn't continue after getting my AA degree was simply because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I graduated with my 2 year degree at 18 - and who really knows what they want to do at that age? Seriously, I've changed an incredible amount in these last 5 years, and I'm thankful I didn't just choose something to choose something. Who knows what I would have missed out on discovering? That said, it does feel good to be back in a classroom and learning. Meeting new people. Taking notes. All of that. The nerves are now gone, and I'm just giddy about the whole thing! (Even the presentation we have to give. I am so not a presentation person, but sometimes I'm able to fake confidence. I'm feeling optimistic about this.)

After class, I had to go to the bookstore to spend an ungodly amount of money on the flimsy, yet required book I needed. On the walk there, I became very aware of one thing:

The college is pretty much infested with rabbits. I am not kidding. I will take a photo. Maybe several, just to get my point across. In the short walk from my classroom to the bookstore, I saw about sixty rabbits. Big ones, small ones, brown ones, white ones, ones hopping around the grass, sleeping, sprawled out in the grass, seemingly unaware of the mass of college students around them. Then I became very aware of another thing:

Apparently, it's taboo to even acknowledge their existence. Everyone seemed completely oblivious that they were absolutely surrounded by these animals. It was like a Fight Club moment or something: "YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE RABBITS." I kept looking around, expecting someone else to be squealing about the fluffy little bundles of joy wandering the campus, or at least laughing at the weirdness of it all, but no. I was alone. Just me. Apparently I'm the only person who finds it completely not normal to walk by a tree on your college campus, surrounded by about seventeen rabbits in various stages of sleeping. I wanted to smack someone across the face and say, "THIS IS NOT NORMAL, PEOPLE. THIS IS BORDERLINE CREEPY."

If they weren't so freakishly cute, I may be more disturbed by the whole thing. Instead, I found myself wondering if anyone would notice me picking one up and shoving it into my bag.

Yeah, I guess they probably would.


  1. I just enrolled in two courses at our local college for this fall. I'm so excited about it. I took a break from college after 2 years also and after my 4 year break I am ready to give it a go again. I am super excited about my photography class I signed up for and geology will be interesting.

    Yay for going back to school.

  2. Yay! Good for you! That is awesome that you can walk to school

  3. I get the butterflies for at least the first week (or two) of a new semester. I've done it as long as I can remember.

    Can you ship me some of the bunnies? I have a few in my yard that come out at night, and they run when I get anywhere near them.

  4. Um, just to give you a recent example. This past semester was my second semester of my SENIOR year... I had six casses... I went through the nervous first day jitters SIX TIMES, before each and every class. I do so for each and every class each and every semester (summer, interterm... whenever) It's actually a kind of fun feeling. :)

    Um, if no one sees the rabbits but you, then they certaintly won't see you stuff one in yoru bag. Merely see you doing a strange pantomime, as they cannot in fact see the bunnies.

    Text books are always expensive. Ridiculously so.

    As for presentations... hehe. In one of my casses I, in front of the class: led a movement activity, was a monkey and every other jungle animal you can imagine, was a woodsman with a rain stick acting like an ax so I could chop down the trees (which were other students), flew like a butterfly, SANG, read stories, gave semi serious presentations, etc. I can do anything... unless I have to straight read something that I wrote or present an idea of my complete manifestation... then I shake and speak like a kid who has never been on the stage in her life... and my entire life has been on a stage!

  5. 1. I'm so nervous when I do ANYthing new. New doctor's office? Nervous. New oil change place? Nervous. And classes DEFINITELY got me nervous when I started a new semester.

    2. Congrats! I miss college - I can't believe it's been over a year since I finished. Even tthough I now think I want to get a certificate in something else, college was helpful in SO many ways.

    3. I won't believe you until you SHOW ME THE BUNNIES! (Sounds like "show me the money" - isn't that some TV show? Or something? A saying? No?? Okay, then.)

  6. Uhm college. FINDING the classroom? Without looking like a total newbie/lost? Yeah, I can't do that. I STILL wander around looking like I got lost on a high school tour of the campus. I've resorted to making my girlfriend stay on the phone with me while I look for the classroom, so I hopefully look like the experienced student that I am who is wandering on her cell phone, rather than nervous and near sweating over the fact I'LL NEVER FIIIIIND IT.

    Ps. the bunnies? Adorable. And yeah, if I were with you, I'd have been staring too..

  7. aw yay for going back to school! i can only imagine how nerve wrecking it is, but sounds like it should be fun.

    and rabbits? that's so cute. better than my old campus where we had a lot of buzzards, haha.

  8. I always get butterflies on the first day too....even it hasn't been 4 years since I've stepped in the classroom. I'm enrolling for classes this summer as well. Have a meeting with an advisor this week to discuss my plans. Best of luck to you!!!!

  9. Awe congrats on going back to college. i'm sure you will start feeling a lot less nervous once you get used to it.

    I was super nervous my first day so I know how you feel. I always made sure I was early for class cause I hated walking in late. Even after 4 years of uni I still did not want to walk into class late.

    And the whole bunny thing is kinda weird. Bet half the people there are exactly like you looking at them and wondering why no one else are acknowledging them =)

    I hope you have fun though!

  10. very funny post! and.... unfortunately for both of us...i am with you on being neurotic. check out my blog post last week about the test i took.... ridiculous. but damn funny.

    on another note... your blog is always sooooo pretty! i like to stop by just because its so visually pleasing and happy. :)

  11. YAY! I'm so excited for you! That's so awesome that you're going back to school! Woo! Your post made me want to go back to school too, maybe to take a random fun class? Hmm.. Anyways, that sux that you thought class was at 8:30! Eeek! But I'm glad you got a ride and your teach was cool and others were late. That's so cool you get to walk there! You MUST take a pic of those bunnies!

  12. OK, going back to school is fun, but Bunnies??? That just made my day! I can imagine all these too cool for school kids just walking along as if there aren't millions of bunnies taking over campus. I agree that we need some physical evidence of the bunny antics! Sounds too funny! "what bunnies? i don't see any bunnies..."

  13. Congrats on going back to college! It IS super fun. My degree is in Speech Comm. I hope you like the class... I obviously loved it.

  14. omg do you have any idea how hilarious you are? you make me laugh until i need to pee. it's great.
    you MUST take a pic of all the fluffy bunnies, i love it.
    I NEEED to go back to school asap. i'm skeered tho!!
    i think i'll do it in the spring and until then i'll just keep reading about your adventures!! ;)


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