May 6, 2008

on words that should never be said...

overheard today at work:

customer (standing by the desk, talking to his friend): "...and it felt like my eyeball was completely dangling out of my head."

Yeah, not exactly the nubbin of a conversation I want to catch when I am in the middle of answering the phone and have to respond in a semi-professional manner. I didn't know whether to burst into laughter or throw-up into my hand.

Seriously, people. Go outside to share your dangling eyeball stories.

Just trying to do my job in peace here. Just trying to do my job.


  1. random fact? my bf had a dog whose eyeball popped out of his head. they took him to the vet to have him PUT IT BACK IN. gross.

    but really? ha. i would have peed myself a little had i overheard that tidbit.


  2. Hahahha. Oh boy. That is disgusting, but at the same time, now I'm wondering what could have happened to have his EYEBALL dangling out of his head.. Good Lord.

    Besides dangling eyeball stories, I love catching random parts of a stranger's conversation. So fun to hear something that makes ZERO sense and try to figure out what they possibly could have been talking about. =)

  3. haha that is hilarious! sometimes my work friends try to make me laugh when i answer my phone. it's like a game to them. once they actually got me to laugh and thank god it was just my dad calling. i would have gotten in so much trouble if it was a client!


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