May 20, 2008

on some analytic goodness...

Google analytics are always good for a laugh.

Every now and then I'll log on and see what keywords are bringing people to this blog, and I tell you, some of the most random things come up. It's quite entertaining, really. Anyone who doesn't have Google analytics should totally sign up - aside from random keywords, you can also see how many hits you get per day, and do a happy little jig when it goes above 100.

(Or maybe that's just me. Maybe I'm easily entertained. Whatever.)

recent keywords that have brought people here:

1. "i spend too much time taking worthless notes" (Why are you just typing your thoughts into the browser? What are you expecting to come up with? You silly person, you.)

2. "little sissy pants" (For a second I was offended, because I wondered how this had any relevance to me, but then I realized that on more than one occasion my husband may have called me this exact thing. Sad, really.)

3. "loving flat tires" (Whoever you are, we will never be friends.)

4. "reading on the elliptical" (I know, right? It totally sucks.)

5. "serious mexican brides" (Hmmm. Interesting.)

6. "someone is parking in my parking spot" (So I say handle it. Lay the smack down. I won't judge.)

7. "sexy dentist" (Heck, yes, my childhood dentist was sexy! How one hates to grow up.)

8. "incredible photos" (Why, thank you.)

9. "drrr friends dating adds" (What.)

10. "help my apartment is a mess" (I will clean it for the right price, as long as it doesn't involve animal hair of any kind. Or bodily fluids.)


  1. sexy dentist.. ha!

    incredible photos for sure :)

  2. OH my gosh, you make my night! Cracks me right up as I sit here staring blankly at my computer screen wishing I was asleep.

  3. Okay that cracks me up. Who writes full sentences in google?? lol

  4. I love the google searches I get. A recurring one I'll pass along to you is "gladiator cameltoe." I get hits from it because I wrote a list like this and someone left a comment saying they always get "gladiator cameltoe" on THEIR blog. So, enjoy that. Hehe!

  5. I had been using Site Meter, thanks for the tip! I signed up right away for Google Analytics!

  6. you caught me.
    the only way i know how to get to your page is by googling "drrr friends dating adds"

  7. yay! Thanks for sharing! These were TOO funny! I keep checking my google anayltics and I'm totally going to post once I get some truly hilarious keywords. Dangit, I need to be writing about sexy dentists and mexican brides! haha. I love the first long-ass one. Silly people! And "little sissy pants"-- who is google-ing this?! ha.

  8. Thanks for sharing this is hilarious. I signed up right away. It should be fun.

    Sometimes I wonder what the heck are people thinking? It's weird the things that people google.

  9. who loves flat tires? seriously! haha. i love google analytics, always a good time.

  10. Come over and clean my apartment. It's a mess. How does...30 cent sound?

    It's fun to see what people search to get to your blog. (I'm about to post a traumatizing experience about that. It's bad!)

  11. ha - i have google analytics! it's always fun seeing what people search for when they find you! you sure had some interesting ones!

    sexy dentist - love it!

  12. I love reading keyword searches! It is entertaining, and sometimes a little scary!

  13. My favorites so far are:
    "fuzzy slippers" "my slippers" "my feet"

    "12 steps to normal"

    "music therapy old people"

    and "paranoia in my mom why?"


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