May 4, 2008

on my weekend...

So, most of my weekend has been spent one of two places. First, at work. Weekends at The Job aren't really too shabby, even though it requires me to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. Have we gone over how I'm not a morning person? Seriously. When I was eighteen I had a job at a deli/bakery/my-own-personal-hell and was the morning baker five days a week. Thus requiring me GETTING THERE are 5:00 in the morning. Yeah, by the end of the first week I was sobbing in the dark at the kitchen table with my mom, saying,

"I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! SERIOUSLY. (sob. sniffle.) Can you call in sick for me, please, mom? Please?"

But she would always have a nice mug of hot chocolate made for me every morning, which was amazing. What kind of mom gets out of bed before the crack of dawn to make sure her daughter has her morning cup of hot chocolate and hug before leaving for work? My kind of mom. She's a gem.

Anyway, I obviously don't have my mom waiting for me in the kitchen when I leave for work these days, which is always a bit disappointing. I have to scrounge up my own morning beverage of choice (usually some sort of green tea) and kiss the husband goodbye (I'm always so bitter when he's still sleeping when I leave) and then head out for the arduous six-and-a-half minute drive to work (pretty tough, eh?). But once I get to work on these weekend mornings, I'm always in a fit of glee because I get to work with one of the besties, M.

So, it works. For now.

And as for the second place I've been spending my weekend, it's been on my bootie, working on a custom order for my etsy store. I've been in a creative funk for the last month-or-so, so this came at the perfect moment! I'm actually really excited about it; it's for a bunch of bridal shower invites, and although I hadn't done a custom order before, I love the way it worked out. We emailed back and forth, and finally decided on a final design of the cards. (I love the creative process, and although I sometimes have to fight the urge to disagree with the opinions of others when I think it looks perfect the way it is, the final product is always worth all the back-and-forth.) So, I've been busy cutting out felt hearts (the style is based on these cards in my store), stitching, stamping and perfecting my cursive (they are all hand-written). I was intimidated at first, realizing that I needed to have them mailed out by Tuesday, but hey, this just gives me another excuse to spend more time crafting, no? I'm now toying with the idea of having custom invites offered on a regular basis...hmmm...

In other news:

Vote for me over at the challange, and you will officially be one of my BFFs. We can watch Friends reruns and eat microwave popcorn and complain about our tummy pooches and have irrational crushes on Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock and have a good old time. You know you want to. Right? Right.

I absolutely cannot decide on a camera. I think I'm hovering somewhere between the Nikon D40 and the Canon Rebel XT, but then I get to reading about lenses and shutter speeds and LCD screens and my eyes glaze over and I get naseous. It's all too confusing. I think at this point I just need someone to tell me which camera to buy and I'll just blindly follow. (Can't. Make. Decisions.)

Jay bought me flowers on Friday. I came home from a day out with M to find my favorite teal vase filled with a fresh bouquet. Even though I had to give him the hint, the fact that he bought them for me was very thoughtful. It made my day. And I had a little husband time last night, which made up for the last week-or-so where he has been so busy - we had dinner, watched a movie and enjoyed some evening cuddling. It was refreshing, to say the least.

Oh, and just for the record: I could pretty much live on chicken curry and white rice, clementines and PB&J sandwiches. Not necessarily all at the same meal, but you know what I mean. Mmmm.


  1. aaaw. YAY for husband time. AND flowers. you needed that. :)

    and if you find yourself bored after making that custom order... you could make me a banner. ha ha. kidding. sorta.

  2. you officially got my vote! oooh canon and nikon...i've heard really good things about them both.
    But.......i've read more positive reviews and seen more amazing pixies with the nikon.

    ok, there you have my 25cents.

  3. I have the Nikon, but, honestly, you really can't go wrong between those two. I wanna watch friends reruns and eat microwave popcorn!!

  4. Um, yay for good weekends and flowers! Go with the Canon...I'm partial to that one though.

  5. I'm partial to Canon. Get a 50mm lens instead of the kit lens though. The kit lens isn't worth it. The 50mm is cheap and it takes excellent portraits.

  6. Totally didn't mean to sound like I was telling you what to do, by the way. My eyes just glaze over when I talk about these things, and not in a good way. Haha. Hi! Catching up on everyone. Been gone for awhile.

  7. Your cards are SO cute. I love your handwriting!

  8. 4:30 in the morning? That is crazypants!!! You are hardcore. That's so cute your mom made you hot chocolate in the a.m.!!! So exciting about your etsy order! Yay! And yes, as talia said-- I LOVE your hand writing-- so adorable!!! Good luck with the camera decision! And that's awesome you got your flowers!

  9. I voted for your rocking pic! I wish I had the patience to take good pictures of myself, but I just get annoyed.

    I have a Rebel XT and I love it. It's a great introductory camera for those of us who are not professionals, but want to pretend like we are! I bought the lens kit and have been pretty happy with it. It's good for beginners, like me! Beware though, the lens kit is NOT good for indoor pictures without a flash. I just bought the 50mm f/1.8 for indoor and portraits, and I love it. It's only $70, so you really can't go wrong and you can always upgrade to the (more expensive) f/1.4 later :) But if you want an inexpensive zoom lens for outdoor pictures, the lens kit is fine. I hope that helps! Email me if you have any more questions, searching for a camera/lens can be really confusing and there aren't too many camera websites that use "real people" language.

  10. I voted for you so now I expect you to be over at my place this weekend for a Friends marathon;-) I own all ten seasons so you bring the popcorn.

  11. Aw yay for flowers and quality husband time! :)

  12. I voted and that's how I found you here and on flickr.
    My aunt has a Cannon Rebel and I love it and "borrow" it whenever I can. I think it's just easy to use, even for a camera rookie like myself. I've also heard really good things about Nikon too.
    Is there a local camera store that would let you rent one for the weekend? Maybe you could rent one and try it out.

  13. I have the Rebel XT and it's great. I don't know much about it but it's capable of amazing things. Truly.

    NIkons are good too. We have one at work. Honestly, both are great. I'm not helping you, though. So sorry.

  14. i voted for you gorgeous kerri!


    miss you friend. and i have a cannon. it's ama-za-zing

  15. Good luck on the wedding invitations! I hope you take pictures of them afterwards! :)


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