May 10, 2008

on my graduate...

me: "We should have a graduation party for you when your family is in town."
Jay: "Yeah, we should. Oh, and speaking of graduation, I just realized that I missed the cut-off for buying tickets."
me: (blank stare.) "Tickets? To graduation?"
Jay: "Yeah."
me: "Okay. So, I'm just going to be sitting in the parking lot listening from afar, or what?"
Jay: "No, I just don't think I'll walk. It's not a big deal. I'm still graduating."
me: "Well, I think it's a big deal. But whatever you want to do."
Jay: "Except that I think I already spend $80 on a cap and gown."
me: "Well, I guess we know what you're wearing to the graduation party, then."

He thinks I'm kidding. Silly boy. Either he wears that cap and gown to the party, or I stage a full on photo shoot where I take graduation photos of him in the front yard.

It's one or the other, my love. One or the other.


  1. yeah, ours doesn't have any tickets. it is going to be a ZOO. eek. moo. oink. rawr.

    Our grad gowns were half as much as his, too... i think.
    granted we cannot even dry clean the things.

  2. ohh! not to be pushy but I really think he should look into it and walk. I thought it wouldn't be worth it, but you really don't feel that sense of accomplishment until you are walking across the stage.. I was really grateful that I did. just a thought.

  3. yay jay for graduating college!! booo jay for being a guy and forgetting to buy tickets!! haha. i'd make him wear it to the party, it would be hilarious. xo

  4. oooh boys. That sucks. I agree with Steph. Maybe someone can do something??

  5. I agree with Steph and Ashley-- I didn't think I cared about walking for graduation but I'm really glad that I did. I think he'll regret it later if he skips out on the whole thing. He's earned it-- he should totally live in the moment! I'm sure if he talks to someone he could get you a ticket! OH man, silly boys! I think you should still do the grad photo shoot, either way!


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