May 24, 2008

on a few things I need to know...

1. Tonight, M and I (and her brother, who is a peach, by the way) are going to a Greek restaurant. Aside from my slight obsession with hummus, I can't say I've ever had anything Greek. I'm not one for trying out crazy food, so I'm hoping that they have something that I recognize. If not, I'll just get a huge plate of hummus and pita bread. I really can't lose. Greek food: what's your favorite dish?

2. A few days ago, my husband added bacon bits to some alfredo sauce he was making. I'm sorry, but the very idea of adding bacon bits to anything but salad makes me queasy. (Have you ever looked on the bacon bits label, anyway? They aren't even bacon. They're freaking "bacon flavored bits". I have issues with that.) When I walked over to the pot where Jay was making the alfredo sauce, and saw all these little red bits floating in it I immediately said, "Jay. You did not just put bacon bits in the alfredo." His answer, after making those guilty shifty-eyes, was, "Um, no?" At least he was kind enough to try and spoon the little pieces of evil out of my share of the alfredo. That's all I ask. So, I ask you: bacon bits in alfredo sauce, yay or nay?

3. What should I put on this wall? (Creativity and linkage to actual items gets you bonus points.)

4. Are you aware that fudgesicles HAVE ONLY 100 CALORIES PER SICLE?! Heck, yes! I think I know what my new favorite sweet treat is.

5. Are you aware that "fudgesicles" is actually a slang term that I'm totally going to use now because it totally makes me laugh? Aw, fudgesicles!

6. Whenever I'm sending an email at work, the spellcheck always wants to change my name to Kermit Wintergreen. It seriously bothers me. No matter how many times I add my real name to the address book, it still doesn't recognize it. Does spellcheck ever want to change your name to something ridiculous?

7. Why does my local Fresh & Easy grocery store have three spots up front for "hybrids only", which I find a little elitist, because now these hybrid drivers not only get to cheat on the whole "carpool lane" thing, but now they get the best spots at the grocery store, thus forcing me to park in the corner by some albino pidgeon who I almost ran over because it was apparently too busy eating crusty garbage nubbins on the concrete to notice my car heading towards it's tiny little body? (Okay, so that was more of a rant than a question, but whatever. And there really was an albino pidgeon, though. It freaked me out a little.)


  1. You crack me up.

    #2. my husband's brilliant dinner idea the other night (he is in charge of all meals until my test is over. I think I'm really just punishing myself with this one): macaroni and cheese, MIXED WITH canned pork and beans with ground turkey. There were no words when he brought me my bowl.

    #3 You will have to let us know if you figure something out. I painted over one of my paintings from college which my husband so lovingly titled "poop smears" Once I have more time I'm going to start a new painting on three canvases and hang them side by side.

    #7 I wish I lived there! Though I would probably still park far away and walk, which I do anyways (yes I drive a hybrid and I'm one of those bitches with the carpool sticker. I would feel bad but when it only takes me a half an hour to get to work instead of a whole hour, I don't feel so bad)

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  3. 1. LOVE Greek (love any food, actually.) Falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, ANYTHING and everything. Yum.

    2. Bacon bits are, like, chemicals - no need to add them to already yummy alfredo! That's cute that he's trying, though. :)

    3. Um, woah. Looks like you've got an interior designer there!

    6. My new last name is ONE letter away from CABARET. Oh, yes. My old last name was the easiest ever. No one mispronounced it. I miss that. :)

    7. I want to see an albino pigeon.

  4. I love taramosalata! It's like caviar with mashed potatoes that you eat on flatbread. Sounds weird, but is one of the tastiest things ever!

    Steph - My stepmother calls that "Hotdog Cassarole".

    For the wall...giant mirror.

  5. 1. Pita bread.

    2. Bacon Bits are the devil. Never should be in anything, even salad. Get the real stuff.

    3. TBA


    5. My mother says, "Fiddlesticks!"

    6. Nope.

    7. How dare contribute to killing our environment by hating on those incentives given to those with endless amounts of disposable income who own Hybrids? Not the sarcasm. And I, too, would love to see this Albino Pigeon.

  6. No bacon bits. Ever.

    Seafood souvlaki. And lots and lots of pita bread.

    I think I could live off fudgesicles.

    .. Fudgesicles is a strange word to spell.

  7. I would totally put a huge mirror that has a cool decorative type frame around it...maybe in black or silver? I love decorative mirrors. (Maybe even a grouping of mirrors would be cool...)

  8. Heeee!!! Your post made me laugh out loud! For realzies! You are so the funny!

    1. Greek food-- I love Greek salad with feta cheese and olives and all that jazz, pilaf and scherma (spell?) sandwiches
    2. Ewww, no. But it is cute that he tried! Did you know there's a such thing as bacon flavored salt?! EWWW! Somebody gave it to me for xmas as a joke.
    3. Hmm... so many possibilities. Btw, am in love with your bedding! So cute! I am not very simple and clean so I'd prolly hang a bunch of fun, bright colored prints.
    6. Kermit Wintergreen. Hee!
    7. AH!!! albino pidgeon! SOOO funny!

  9. ok...
    #1 - gyros!!!!! I love them

    #2 - we make our own bacon bits...cause basically that's all that's left after I make bacon

    #3 - what about a huge landscape shaped mirror?

    #6 - trying adding your name to the spellcheck dictionary - mine comes out all sorts of wonky ( can only imagine)...but I added my name to the dictionary and now no problems

  10. well since i'm posting late i don't know how helpful i can be, but as for greek food i love lamb gyros, they are delicious.

    and bacon bits, my bf is a fan too, me not so much.

    and fudgesicles=heaven :)

  11. #7...what the heck!!! I just went to the bank this afternoon after work and I saw 3 parking spots for hybrid cars only...and I just laughed. Will someone really get a ticket if they park there and do not drive a hybrid??? Makes no sense to me!

  12. big gigantic NO on the bacon bits!


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