May 12, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

  1. I ordered some mini moocards for myself yesterday, on a whim. I designed myself some sort of a logo based on my etsy banner, and ordered a few different colors. (On a sidenote, I have a complete coral fixation lately. As in the color, not the reef. Will it replace my devotion to teal? I guess we shall see.) I'm quite excited to receive them, though; I'd received ten free cards when I did the whole flickr pro-account thing a while ago, but I wasn't sure what to put on them, so they're completely random and sitting in one of my craft drawers doing me no good. The ones I just ordered actually have a purpose, and will go to promote my etsy! I'm going to give them to friends and family, and also include them in future orders for my customers. Wow, I almost feel like a professional. I know, right?
  2. The Stone is still there. Feels like doing a little jig in my kidney every now and again, just so I don't forget he's there. (I have yet to forget he's there.)
  3. I was able to have nice phone call with my mom yesterday. She mentioned in passing how she hasn't had much time with me as an adult, as compared to two of my other sisters. It made me want to cry. Okay, maybe I did, a little. Okay, maybe I am right now. I know she didn't say it to make me sad, but it only solidified my desire to move closer to them. I understand that moving here was one of the best things I ever did; I found myself, found my independence, I met Jay, I've grown up so much...but it's been over four years, and I think I've found all I need here. I need my sisters closer. I need my parents closer. I need this. I just don't know when it's going to happen.
  4. I was able to see my dad on Saturday while he was here, before he finally gets to go home after the 9 months he spend in Kuwait. He is seriously the most amazing man. I'm so thankful every day for the parents I've been blessed with. Year after year, I only appreciate them more. Must be the whole being-an-adult thing.
  5. My new plan? Work as hard as humanly possible, so someday I won't have to work work, and will instead be able to someday live off my creative indeavors. Because that wouldn't even be like work. That would be like...happiness.


  1. Aww... I love how you said "Because that wouldn't even be like work. That would be like...happiness."-- I know that you will get there one day! Just keep on going after your dream-- so cheesy, but true! I hope that you get to move closer to your mom and your sisters-- sounds like something you really want! I say, make it happen!

  2. I hope that someday I'll marry rich and never had to work. I'll volunteer, wear sweatpants, and go running in the middle of the day.

    (Oh, wait. I'm already married. And he's totally not rich. Oops.)

    I'm moving in July to be closer to my sisters, brother and parents and I COULDN'T BE MORE EXCITED ABOUT IT!! :) I've been here for 5 years, and am ready to be closer to home.

  3. Oh I love my Moo cards. Except shortly after I ordered them, i killed one of the websites I had listed on there. Oopsie. Oh well.

  4. I'm 1,000 miles away from my family and it really sucks. I feel your pain :)

  5. How does Jay feel about the whole moving out of cali and closer to your family thing?

  6. Okay I love coral so much, it's a fabulous color :)

    And I totally feel you on the family thing, I don't know if I'd be able to live that far away from my family, we're all within like a 20 minute radius, haha, we don't go very far.

  7. Hey, just found your blog and I really enjoy your writing. Your etsy stuff is WAY cute. Wish I had the extra dough to shell out for shipping costs to Korea!

    I understand about needing to be close to your family. After I lived in England for a year, I just needed to be at home for a while before I took off again. Spent 6 months at home and now I'm living in Korea. My boyfriend is Korean- that's why I'm here!

    Oh, and to sound like a total stalker- I love your photo blog as well. Your pictures are great!


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