May 1, 2008

on a few more things...

1. I changed the banner again. I'm ADD, I swear. (And a bit obsessed with photoshop.) The lobster-hat-photo may make another appearance, though, just because it makes me happy. Stay tuned.

2. I'll be so glad when this film festival is overwith and I get my husband back. A wife shouldn't be surprised when her husband decides to come home to sleep. Seriously. I understand that he has his last quarter of school, a full time job, and this film festival to keep him busy this last week, but what I wouldn't do for an evening out with him and a nice dinner. And flowers. What I wouldn't do for flowers. I keep buying myself flowers when I go out for groceries, hoping he'll get the hint. Last time I brought them home:

me: "I love these flowers. Aren't they pretty?"
Jay: "Aren't those weeds?"
me: "No. No, they're not."
Jay: "Huh."

And I may be a little bitter tonight because he was supposed to take me as his date to closing night of the festival. However, when I asked him about yesterday, his excuse was that he happened to offer his two VIP passes to someone he works with. Niiiiiice. This is the part where I don't get how he can't say, "Oh, you know what? My lovely wifey is actually going to be my date for closing night. I love her and she is the essence of all that is beautiful and I will be proud to have her on my arm. And I will buy her flowers."

3. Don't you sometimes wish that you could have a complete double of yourself to hang out with when you're bored? I wish there was another me around right now, so I'd have someone to finish off this 800 calorie mac & cheese with, and who won't judge me if I have another glass of wine. And who will howl with laughter with me at tonight's episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. Seriously.


  1. Oh, you make me laugh and laugh, I love the little "conversations" that you must have in your head. Why DON'T guys say stuff like that about us? They should! Methinks you need to get Jay to read your blog, then he will learn how to treat you right, lol! And I think I would hate another me, but it would be nice to find that perfect friend, that unjudging, willing to share in your misery and oftimes laziness and just be with you, type of friend.

  2. Hey girlie!
    Hee- I think I like your new banner even more! And yes, you DO have ADD. haha.

    I'm sorry about the whole film festival thing-- at least it's almost over. I know I would be reacting the exact same way!

    And I totally know what you mean about the flowers-- JOhnny buys me flowers sometimes but other times when we're in the grocery store and I spy them, I tell him "look at the flowers, they're so pretty" and he says "do you wanna buy them" but i say no, cuz I want him to pick them out and surprise me. does your hubby read your blog? mabye you'll get flowers soon!

    im sorry about the closing night-- i know if i was you i would be SOO the mad. rar!

    Hee- I love that you said you wish you could have a double of yourself! I would enjoy it too. Or like you just twittered, if we lived closer, I would totally come over for some mac & cheese! yumm

  3. sooo.. i'm as ADD as you are because i am FOREVER changing my banner until i get something that's just right. LOVE yours though. the adorableness is just too much!

    sometimes men? they just don't think. you can't blame him. (well, you can. but i'm telling you what everyone tells me when steve does something dumb.) i want flowers too. really.

    i wish some of the lovelies i have met via my blog lived closer too... seriously. i have like... ONE close girlfriend and she just moved an hour away. boo. (sidenote: i LOVE mac and cheese. AND wine. together and often. no lie.)


    ps. how happy are you that it's may! wait, you're in so cal where it's been warm for months... hot even. whatever. it's may! spring! hooray! :o)

  4. and OH MY GOD i just noticed you're little "dont steal my stuff" thing at the bottom of the page and seriously? i about died. thank you for the laugh. you rock. xo

  5. no wait i like THIS banner

  6. I love the new banner! Too cute. That photo is adorable!

    I too have wished for #3 so many times it is not even funny!

    That's a bummer about the film festival. :( Oh boys.

    You can come over and watch the office w/ me :)

  7. please tell me how hard you laughed at the intro to The Office. I just thought it was too hilarious. And the glasses! oh and finally hearing Kelly speak this season. And more of Angela. I must say I am very satisfied

  8. 1. How CUTE is that banner?! Nice job, seriously. I have indesign, photoshop, and illustrator on my mac and I'm trying to remember how to use them. Your arm looks hella buff/skinny in that picture. Niiice.

    2. That sounds absolutely AWFUL. I may have guilted my own husband into staying home and NOT going to the sports bar to watch a hockey game tonight. It's been exam week (he's in grad school), PLUS full time I MISSED him and hadn't seen him or even really talked to him about my week.
    The only people I interact with most everyday is my husband and my coworkers (sad, isn't it!?), I depend on his friendship and company.

    3. That sounds fantastic, I would have loved to come over. :) I mean, you need someone to eat the other 400 calories of mac and cheese, right!? I definitely loved both those shows last night. Fantastic!!

    Have a great Friday!

  9. I howled at both those shows last night. And i'd never judge you for that extra glass of wine, I do the same thing.

    You, me, next Thursday.

  10. I did the same thing a few weeks and bought myself daisies. Adam came home and said,
    "Who bought you flowers?"
    "I did." I said.
    "Oh." he said.
    Sadly, flowers from my husband are nowhere to be seen...

  11. I couldn't agree with #3 more. I think myself and I would get along marvelously.

    ooh. and the new banner looks fab =)

  12. hmmm. maybe I'll need to try that buying flowers for myself thing. yeah. I've got flowers ONCE from my bf. And thoes were "I'm sorry you think you failed your exam" flowers not happy flowers.

    Also, guess what tonight is... yeah Valentine's Day. uh huh. like what 2 1/2 months late?

    He's lucky I love him for reasons other than his ability to be romantic. Because that ability is non-existant.

  13. I'd give an ovary for some flowers from the boy.

  14. Love the banner look! So cute!

  15. ummm. buying yourself flowers is backwards. now he doesnt have to bc you showed you are capable of doing it yourself. getting you somehting you can do yourself isnt special. you may very likely NEVER see flowers again this way.

  16. Um, yeah more people need to vote on your picture b/c the one that is winning...not cute. So post lady! Spread the word!


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