May 23, 2008

on exposaroonie (and the aliens taking over my body)...

Here is my entry for exposaroonie's most recent challenge, which was "nature's softer side".

I didn't even take this photo until yesterday afternoon (the last day we could enter), because I couldn't seem to find anything that fit my definition of "natures softer side" just perfectly.

As I was walking to my car yesterday, I noticed how the concrete was littered by dozens of these brilliant purple petals (or are they technically leaves?). I was struck by how colorful and beautiful they had made a usually colorless and un-beautiful place. I crouched down and shot this photo, and it worked out perfectly! And yes, that's the actual color of the petal/leaf - gorgeous, right?

So, anywho. That's that.

In other news, I've been in bed all freaking day. Last night I started hurting again (I'm beginning to think these alleged kidney stones are actually tiny aliens trying to take over my body) and was in pain all night. I even had to miss Jay's German final/play thingy that he'd invited me to. So disappointed. And for some reason when I take the pain medication during the night, I always wake up with this weird pain-killer hangover the next morning and feel completely sick to my stomach for most of the day. (And no, I didn't take seventeen pills or anything last night. From 7pm until this point I'd only taken three.) It's really irritating, though. It's nearly 3pm and I'm just now discovering the ability to get out of bed without wanting to urp all over myself.

And another fun fact? I called the doctors office at, oh, 11AM asking for a call from my doctor, and she has yet to call me. How frustrating is that? Seriously. Last week when I went to urgent care for the second time about this situation, they were all, "Um, so why haven't you contacted your primary care physician about this?" And I was all, "Um, how about she doesn't answer my phone calls and I don't want to pay another $15 copay just to see her Russian stand-in?"



  1. AGH! I'm sorry to hear about that! The same thing happened to me with my primary care doctor... she's never around when I need her, and they suck at returning calls.

    That reminds me about the time her stand-in -- Tony (6'5" black guy that could whoop yo booty) -- got to take care of my 'annual' without me being prepared. AWKWARD.

    have a good weekend. Sorry for the TMI. haha

  2. What a beautiful pic! And it sounds like you need some homemade macaroni and cheese! I hope these icky stones leave SOON!

  3. That's terrible I hope you feel better soon.

  4. First of all- WOW! What a great photo! I love it! That purple is So beautiful against the cement.

    Ugh-- I feel SOOO bad for you about the kidney stones/aliens! That sucks SOO bad. :[ Grr-- the doctors need to make you better RIGHT NOW! Cuz I said so. So there! Hope you feel better ASAP and stop getting those icky pain med hangovers.


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