May 9, 2008

on a better day...

I'm feeling remarkably better. My freakishly strong immunity has kicked back into gear, and now I'm back to normal. That's more like it. (But at least I got to use 8 of my, like, 100 sick hours at work. Seriously.)

I'm completely and entirely giddy about winning last week's Self Portrait challenge! So, so giddy! Thanks to all who voted; you're all peaches. I actually can't remember the last time I won it random or by a vote. So, it feels good. And to make it even better, thanks to my win I'm now the owner of a superfab camera strap from this lovely lady's shop. You need to go see the amazingness over there - so many adorable patterns! That said, thanks again for voting, and I hope to see all of you entering your photo goodness at the next exposaroonie challenge.

And I have three words for you: Martha Stewart Sale. Go. Buy. You will not regret it. My package came in the mail yesterday and I may or may not have done a little jig around the living room after opening it. All of this for $17 before shipping? Heck, yes.


  1. Congrats on winning the challenge! (SO jealous! hee) And cute new stuff! Getting stuff in the mail is so exciting! Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Congrats on winning! I can't wait to see a picture of your NEW camera with the NEW strap :)

    And i'm glad you're feeling better!

  3. woot woot!! yay for winning...yours was obviously far more superior than the rest.

    and yay for feeling better!

  4. i'm totally standing by the fact that you wont the challenge for two reasons. one: your frickin adorable. two: all the traffic i'm sure i sent over from my blog (kidding) but YAY!!!! so happy, congrats. your picture totally was the best BY FAR.

    i'm not gonna lie, i may or may not own all that gorgeous martha stewart wrapping paper, along with some rolls of vellum paper, a few stamps, her lovely pens and maybe a heart shaped hole puncher (or five.) i'm obsessed with all things MS, and really... you can't beat that value! (that's how i justify it anyway...)

    i'm glad you're feeling better love.


  5. aw i'm glad you're feeling better and congrats on winning the challenge, that's so exciting! and i loved your picture :)

  6. congrats on the win!

    ah, ordered $40 worth of stuff at MS, before shipping ahahaha. Your blog is dangerous ;)

    Feel better! ♥

  7. hey there, stopped by here from exposaroonie! love your etsy stuff. congrats on winning the contest by the way!

  8. Yay for winning the challenge! You totally deserved it. It was the best picture by far. You have another profession to fall back on, no doubt. Good job! XO

  9. Congrats on winning!! I've been trying to find the perfect shot for the next challenge....

    Oh - let me know what you think of Jesus Camp - I thought it was kinda scarey...

  10. yay for winning! It really was a lovely photo, one of my favorites-- you deserved it.

    I LOVE the Martha Stewart line. Every time I go to Michael's I get in big trouble in that aisle. :) looks like you found some amazing deals!


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