May 8, 2008

on being sick (part deux)...

So, apparently I may have kidney stones? The hits just keep on coming. (At least the whole tummy-flu thing is gone, and at the given moment I don't feel too shabby, so I can't really complain.)

This morning I was up from 4AM until about 8AM with severe pain in my lower back. Jay had to once again calm my anxiety and my cries to just put me out of my misery. It was an odd pain; it didn't feel like a pulled muscle or anything, it was deeper. I figured I had a bum kidney or something. (Have we gone over my lack of optimism lately?) Anyway, the doctor's office wasn't open until 8, so I had to roll around in pain until then.

Ironically, right after I made my appointment, the pain subsided dramatically. Is it just me, or does that always happen? But I decided to keep my appointment just the same, because who knew if I did have a bum kidney that was playing mind games with me? I had to be sure. So, I tried to pull myself together as best a girl can with fourth-day-hair. I wore a cute sweater and scarf, hoping that anyone who saw me would think, "Hey, cute scarf!" and not, "Um, is your hair wet, or greasy beyond all human decency?"

I finally get to the doctors office. As it turns out, I get stuck with my not-so-favorite doctor, since mine was booked solid all day. This woman is the russian, female equivalent of Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock.

Dr. Spaceman: "What can you do? Medicine is not a science!"

Okay, okay. So, maybe she's not that bad. But I swear, if I ever go to the doctor and get a solid diagnosis from her, I'll shout to the heavens with joy. This time? She gave me a choice of three things it could be. She didn't seem to be leaning towards any of them specifically, but it could definitely be one of the three.

doctor: "Wayl. Eet could be zees. Baht yoo cahnt be shuah."

Anyway, out of the three, I'm leaning most towards kidney stones. But who knows, right? "Yoo cahnt be shuah." At least I have some pain meds in case it gets really bad again, and she did say if it is continuing for the next few days, they'll definitely want to "skin" me. (I think she meant scan, but it did make me laugh a little inside when she said "skin". Hi, I'm here to be skinned? Room twelve? Okay, thanks.)

So, that's the excitement of my day. And I don't care how much my back hurts, I have to do some cleaning today. Seriously. You don't even want to see our dirty laundry pile. It's a nightmare.

Thank you for all the thoughtful comments on my last post! Ashley, you made me laugh: "Yet you still found time to blog about it. That, my friends, is dedication." A girl has to do something aside from sleeping the day away, right? Heehee. You guys are all so sweet, though, and thank you for the well wishes!

good things:

+ my dad is officially back in the states from his very last stay in Kuwait with the Navy!
+ my husband has once again proven his ability to comfort and take care of me when I'm sick.
+ if I'm feeling up for it later on: dinner and my favorite NBC shows tonight with M.
+ wearing slippers (seriously, so cozy).
+ even though I'm miles and miles away, a phone call to my mom can make anything better.


  1. hope you continue to feel better and here's to a good weekend!

  2. I have had kidney stones twice. The pain was in the front and it was so severe that I threw up and had to go to the ER and get drugged up. The first time I was in the hospital for over a week before they operated. They were hoping they would pass by themselves, but no suck luck. You need to have an ultrsound to look for them. The pain happens when they are moving in your body, that's why it can be intermittent. The second time I had them, I knew instantly because it was the same pain as before. That hospital stay was shorter, because I demanded that they immediately remove them. Anyway, you will probably know if you have kidney stones because morphine or something similar will be needed to take the pain away. All of the prescriptions they gave me did nothing to lessen the pain.

    I hope you feel better soon and that it is nothing serious, or that if you do have stones, they can pass quickly on their own.

  3. well, the commentor above obviously had a more serious case than me. i had small kidney stones two summers in a row, because i was not drinking enough water. i had the kidney pains that you described. as soon as i felt them i started drowning myself in water and it helped to flush them out. like i said, they were small and i was lucky i didn't have to go to the doctor. but i definitely recommend lots of water! can't hurt. good luck!

  4. Eeek. Hope you get fuuullly better soon, and don't have to go through what 'single' went through.

    And absolutely fantastic about your dad being back for good!

  5. Everytime I hear "kindey stones," in my head, I always hear "kidneystoooooones" like that doctor on that episode of Friends where Chandler (or was it Joey) had kidney stones. But this situation isn't funny because I heard that they can be pretty bad. Drink lots of water!

  6. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well.

    I know that whenever I'm sick, nothing can make me feel better except my mom. And that's kind of hard because she's thousands of miles away. :( The boyfriend tries but it's so not the same.

    Also, I always start feeling slightly better when I'm actually on the way to the doctor. So, even if the pain was a 10 (I'm a wimp) when I made the appointment, it goes down to a 7 by the time I'm there.

    BTW, don't get me started on this whole "tell me what the pain is on a scale of 1 to 10" thing...I'm a wimp, but I always feel stupid saying 9 or 10 since I'm not birthing a child. Anyways...

  7. oh my goodness! that's crazy! first you thought the cookie just gave you a tummy ache-- and now you might have kidney stones! that's madness. im so sorry-- i hope you feel better and that your medicine helps you! sorry your doctor is nuts! im glad your hubby is taking care of you and that your dad is back in the states!

  8. Kidney Stooooooones!

    I love friends. Feel better sweetie!


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