April 10, 2008

on twittering...

Hey, now. I'm joining the twitter revoution. (But you have to pronounce it "reh-voh-lucy-ooowwwn" if you want to be my friend.) Actually, I apparently signed up last December, updated once, and proceeded to delete any recollection of doing so from my memory. I just realized I still had one when I started getting emails saying people were following me.

Creepy or awesome? You be the judge.

Find me here, and check out updates on my sidebar! I give you permission to stalk my every move! (At least, the ones I provide you with willingly.)


  1. Yessss!!! More friends to follow!

  2. I just joined Twitter today, it's a crazy thing I tell you, haha.

  3. yay!!! more awesome people to follow! :o)

  4. oh yeah, i joined a while ago. i'll probably start following your every twitter. weeeeiiird. :)

  5. I'm still creeped out by twitter! but i like reading other people's twitters! ooh, and I totally agree with you about the Darjeling Limited-- maybe I'm just a prude but no me likey the nekkidness!


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