April 12, 2008

on shoppers vs. eaters...

It's come to my attention, that there are two types of vacation-ers in this world. Shoppers and eaters.

I realized this while hanging out with my older sister in Vegas. The contrast was startling.

To her, the main source of joy was the shopping aspect, spending money and the appeal of spoiling herself rotten (as she deserves, by the way). To me, all I was looking forward to was the next greasy and/or sugary snack and all the free drinks I could possibly scam off the wandering waitresses whilst sitting at the penny slots. She browsed the high-end boutiques, drooling over Jimmy Choos and Hermes scarves. I tagged along, passing judgements on the prices, while inhaling a 12,000 calorie grande white chocolate iced blended from Coffee Bean.

I figure that the way to differentiate yourself from one or the other, is to see which phrases you follow with the words: "Well, I am on vacation, so, why the hell not?"

1. "Oooh, this handbag is the exact one LC has! Freaking awesome!"
2. "Shall I partake in each of the seventeen desserts this buffet has to offer?"
3. "Another Bud Light for you, miss?"
4. "Five-million dollar Chanel purse. So pretty. So soft. Want to buy."
5. "Are you going to buy those shoes that I swear I saw for 1/10 of the price at Payless BoGo last week?"
6. "Tell me you're not seriously dipping your french fries in a fifty-fifty blend of mayo and ketchup. Tell me."

My sister and I kept laughing at how often we rationalized anything we were doing with the fact that we were on vacation, albeit only three days. We're pros at rationalizing.

But, really. I'm such a foodie, it's ridiculous. Perhaps it's because in "real life", I'm making a genuine effort to be healthier. Fruits and veggies. Whole grains. No soda or Taco Bell. Smaller portions. Soy milk. (Just kidding on the soy milk. I can't lie. I'll only drink it in my iced chai lattes.) And I've been doing one heck of a job, if I do say so myself. It's worth it, for the most part, because I do see a difference in my health and my body. And it's not like I'm giving up everything I like. But I think that when I get into vacation mode, all I want to do is gorge myself on soda and cheeseburgers. And dessert after every meal, thank you very much.

And although it's less healthy, per se, than being a "shopper", at least it's less expensive. Right? Right. So, I'll be the sister on vacation with the tummy pooch and jeans from Ross. I guess I'm okay with that.

Which one are you, and why? Any better rationalizations you use that I should know about/put into use within the next week? Do share.


  1. I am the eater, without a doubt.

    Even if I am not hungry... and food is around... I cannot help it. I just want the flavor... really.

    I cannot bring myself to spend more than 20 dollars on ANYTHING... so my clothes choices are highly limited, which makes shopping a giant reminder of the money i do not have to spend.

    remindsme of being in vegas with my friend from germany... she spent hundreds of dollars on Jimmy Choos and in stores that I would never have even felt comfortable having gone into and watching her try on clothes and gave opinions.

    But I was thinking about Starbucks. Or the next meal. Or that dessert at Margaritaville that could feed a small country but i would refuse to share because it was so decadent.

    Final verdict:

    You and I should get together and...

  2. I am an eater too! It is part of the "time-off" pass you give yourself a "calorie-counting pass" too!

    Sampling different food is a must!

  3. I am absolutely, 100% a foodie, for REALZ. I love food. And I extend the "Why not?" to just about anything... "Why not? It's my birthday." or "Why not? It's the weekend?" or "Why not? It's a Tuesday and I don't have homework." ...even if I have a TON of homework.

    It's a wonder how I'm not 300 lbs.

  4. Oh I'm SUCH an eater. And coffee drinker. San Fran was a long string of little coffee shops to me. :)

    (Hi! I just found your blog - am also 23, married, and searching for what the heck I wanna do with my life. Nice to meet you.)

  5. 90% eater..the other 10% would include shopping for food. So, essentially 100% food oriented.

    I'm always fond of the idea that you can't take it with you, so you might as well enjoy life while you can. Plus, I would spend the equivalent amount of money at home (over time) without remembering what I purchased with the money. At least, this way, you'll have the memory to account for the expenditure.

  6. such a foodie, but i always wind up feeling terribly guilty about it in the long run. (even though the only time i ever really splurge is on vacation...)

    i just can't justify 100's of dollars on shoes that are going to kill my feet. really.

  7. I'm an eater - I like to go to the out-of-the-way local restraunts - you always find the best food there...

  8. hahaha, oh man... this cracks me up. I have to say, I'm quite the foodie myself. The whole 50/50-ketchup-and-mayo thing is me, and I am proud of it!

  9. vacation or no vacation I am the eater 100%. I can't bring myself to spend ridiculous money on things because a) it's not in my budget b) I get bored with stuff fairly quickly

  10. I'm definitely an eater, vacation or no. And I'm giggling like made at the "tummy pooch and jeans from Ross," 'cause I just bought two pairs there this weekend.

  11. I think I'm both. That's pretty bad. ALTHOUGH I limit my shopping to things I "need" and/or stuff I can't get at home, or that is more expensive at home. I also prefer non-chain restaurants that I can't get at home. Because home is so boring and vacation is fun and new! WEEEEEE!

  12. seriously, your taco bell lovin is giving mine a run for its money. one day when i was 22 i tried to put on a pair of cords (yeah, they were "in" about 8 years ago, i think) and they didn't fit. I wondered why, figured they shrunk. Then I spoke about this finding with a true girlfriend, who told me bluntly, after 4 years of straight taco bell for lunch, your ass has finally caught up with you. lovely. and since then i have a pretend hate-on for taco bell. le sigh.


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