April 2, 2008

on running and other shenanigans...

I was in a weird mood yesterday and decided to go for a run. That's right, I'm trying to revisit my desire to become a runner for the second time around. At least I'm willing to admit I'm not marathon material. I'd just like to have the ability to go on a nice, healthy, morning jog like Reese Witherspoon, and not have a stroke in the process. (That's all I'm asking for, body. It ain't much. So please cooperate.) Well, I'm pleased to admit that I went for a good thirty-minute run/jog without stopping once. I sort of winded through the streets surrounding our place (it's nice to be in a residential area, as opposed to to surrounded by liquor stores, blocks of apartments, and tiny strip malls) and distracted myself from the ache in my thighs by pretending to shop for a home.

There are several I liked. And now we can start saving up the bajillion dollars we'd need to purchase a home in Southern California. Nice.

Anyway, it felt good to be outside, running. So much of my dislike of working out has pretty much been spurred from my dislike of the gym. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I AM NOT A GYM PERSON. Recently, the only thing that has gotten me there on a regular basis is the fact that I always take the book I'm currently reading, and of course I'm always eager to get more book-time into my day. But have you ever tried reading on an elliptical machine? It's not natural.

So, I figure, if I'm able to take a nice morning jog several days a week, that could limit my gym quota to 1-2 days a week, right? I like the sound of that. I really do.

The husband and I have (hopefully) found a church that we'll be able to go to on a regular basis. It's something that has been weighing heavily on me for a while now. It's funny, because I remember being young and wishing I could sleep in on Sunday mornings, and looking forward to being old enough where I didn't have to go to church. And here I am now, desiring the exact opposite. (Of course, for me, we'd have to do evening services anyway, because I work at the bootie crack of dawn on Sundays...so much for the sleeping in idea, eh?)

It's been interesting for Jay and I, finding a happy medium when it comes to churches. Although we both grew up Lutheran, he continued with the Lutheran church throughout his life, whereas I never felt like I truly connected with Christianity and my relationship with God until I was in a more non-denominational setting. We've had to find something that satisfies his need for the traditions he will always affiliate with religion, a place where I can worship with music that doesn't consist with 500 hymns, and also something that makes us both feel challenged in our walk. And for some reason, it's been a bit tricky. Luckily, we found a Lutheran church close to our place that has Sunday night services, with a more contemporary setting. We went on Sunday, and we both really enjoyed it. I was thankful for the great worship with songs I knew and connected with, a great sermon that really opened my eyes, and they even had open Communion (one thing that really turned me away from most Lutheran churches was the idea of closed Communion).

So, it feels good to hopefully have that part of my life satisfied.

good things:
+ I recently received my yearly raise at work. It was way more than I had anticipated. So giddy.
+ I finally set up BlogHer ads on my blog, as you may notice. They are accurately titled: "new camera fund". (Or maybe I should call them "money to waste at Michaels" or "money to spend on things on Etsy that I want but don't need but tempt me anyway".) It's good times, people.
+ We finally received the paperwork from the DMV that we needed to fight the towing bill messing with our credit because IT WAS TOWED AFTER JAY SOLD HIS CAR AHHH. Punks. Anyway, hopefully that will be cleared up completely and entirely, very soon.
+ The other day I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to add rounded corners to a photo using Photoshop Elements. I'll save you all the time and give you the link that I found easiest to follow. (Your welcome.)
+ Apparently, there's already been such a great outpouring of donations for little Emily, but if you feel you can help out at all, please donate what you can.
+ I get to see my sister and brother in law in only a few days! So excited!
+ On the same note, I'm completely and utterly ready for five days off of work. Sooooo ready.


  1. I really wish I was a runner, but sadly I am not and must force myself to go to the gym or find some way to work out that doesn't involve running, haha.

  2. I wish I ran - instead the pup and I just walk...o well

    I grew up Lutheran as well, and miss the heavy tradition at times...I remember how excited I was when I was confirmed and how bad the wine tasted!!

  3. I agree about reading on the elliptical, it just can't happen, no matter how hard you want it to!

  4. Katelyn: I know, I'm not actually a runner, either. I think that at this point, I'm just bored with the gym and want to spice it up a little. Heehee.

    Ari: Hey, as long as your out and about, I say it counts as a workout! :) And I think that I went through almost all of confirmation before my family switched churches. After that, all the churches we went to had grape juice insead of wine. I still don't get that. Cheaper, maybe? Heehee.

    Shannon: It's weird, because even if I'm able to read without being dizzy or awkward, my hands start sweating and the pages get all crumpled. Gross, right?


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