April 17, 2008

on a photo and a list...

another quote.

maybe I should be more intent on this whole return-to-college thing.
I love spending the afternoon by myself, reading on the beach.
people would say that I’m too young to be married.
I don’t understand why everything is so expensive in California.
when I wake up in the morning I like to curl up and remember what I dreamt about.
I lost my favorite jeans a few years ago, which still bothers me to this day.

life is full of unnecessary arguments.
my past is full of laughter, daydreams and sisters.
I get annoyed when I turn on the radio and just miss a song I love.
parties are even better with wine and Martha Stewart decorations.
I wish I had more time with my family; distance sucks.
dogs are nice when they're not jumping on you or smelling your bum.
cats are my favorite, as long as I don't have to clean up cat hair and kitty litter.
tomorrow I'm getting my hair highlighted; so much for the going-back-to-natural idea.

I have low tolerance for people with no integrity.
I’m totally terrified of being murdered.
I wonder why I just can't seem to be happy sometimes, when I have no reason not to be.
never in my life have I been to the East coast.
high school was nice, actually; homeschooling worked for me.
when I’m nervous I get a twitchy face and blush (no es bueno).
one time at a family gathering I got nervous and forgot my aunt's name.
take my advice: try to find joy in all you do.

making my bed has to be done before my house can feel clean.
I'm almost always singing a song in my head.
I’m addicted to iced chai lattes.
I want someone to fund a trip around the world for my husband and I.

(inspired by jenny's entry.)


  1. this is so great...i think i want to copy you.

    why is everything so darn expensive in cali? it's NOT fair.

    i SO feel ya on the college thing...i really need to do that.

    your fav jeans! oh no...thats totally understandable :/

    mmm...did you say iced chai latte?? Y-U-M
    i'll have a soy tho please!

  2. if you find someone to fund that world trip can you pass my name along as well? haha. :)

  3. I am so stealing this from you! lol. and I HATE when you flip through the radio, nothing good is on so you settle for an OK song, and then when you go to flip again you hear the end of a favorite song on another station! I guess I should get with the times and get and Ipod or something :) Loved your list!

  4. aaaah. i am taking this from you. hehe. brilliant!

  5. Great list! I think I may copy you too! Your answers are so good tho- if I stare at them any longer I'll be nervous about making up my list! I hear you on the unnecessary arguments- I need to cut back on that! Good luck going back to college!! I remember from reading some of your past posting that there were all these dilemmas associated with that. Go away dilemmas! Being married young is fun!

  6. How does one lose their jeans? Whoever found them must've thought, "Somewhere, someone is running around with no pants." Then they took them and never looked back.

  7. I think I'm going to jump on the band wagon and copy you too...I love the list idea. If it makes you feel any better, I decided to wear my favorite jeans when I painted our last house - now they have red, lime green, orange, and gray paint stripes and spots all over them....too bad the "dirty" jean look isn't in anymore!

  8. I love all your listy lists. perhaps I'll copy this one too!

  9. i love that photo - and i love your list. oh...and i think i'm going to try to take your advice! :)


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