April 24, 2008

on a note to my friends over at Google...

Oh, Google ads. How you slay me.

Your Pretty Mexican Bride
is Waiting for You. Browse 100s of Profiles & Find Your Perfect Match!
Girl In Knickers
Girl In Knickers - Compare prices & find expert reviews!

Are we serious here? ARE WE SERIOUS? My pretty Mexican Bride? We're promoting mail order brides now? Sweet moses. And you also can't just pick anything out of the blue and tell people they can compare prices, you know. The other day I swear I saw "Cat death symptoms: Compare prices and find expert reviews!" Um, creep much lately? What does that even mean?

That said, I have to take you down off my blog, once again. I have given you guys a couple chances to class up your act, but you seem hell bent on coming up with the creepiest, nonsensical ads I've ever seen in all my years. Ads that I wouldn't even WANT my readers to click on, because that would make them as creepy and nonsensical as you.

(Thank God for BlogHer ads.)


  1. hi, I just found you through my cousin Stephanie at Those Corwins, and I love your little blog! It's so fun to read.
    I also clicked on your Etsy shop, and I must say, the things you make are so gosh-darn adorable. I'm trying to be more of a crafty person in everyday life, so I can always use the inspiration! :)

  2. yep, I took them down too. Not worth it! I love me some BlogHer Ads though!

  3. WOW--- that pretty mexican bride thing is FREAKY. shouldn't that be against the law or something? human trafficking??? And ewww to the girls in knickers too. no thank you! thanks for taking those down and sparing us!

  4. That mail order bride thing is a little crazy I must say, wow.

  5. I miss you like crazy too! Arrrg!

  6. haha. that's tooo much! I need to get on the blogher ad wagon asap.

  7. Hee! Speidi! SOO the scary!!! Scary monster Barbie and Ken! Yeah, spencer looks like a serial killer for sure.

  8. Hehehe hohoho HA! Those are the cuh-raziest ads I have ever seen! And a little P.S. it seriously makes my day to open my email and see a comment from you on my feeble family blog. You are so cute, I absolutley adore your blog!


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