April 7, 2008

on my return from the great beyond...

ten things I learned in Vegas:

1. Don't underestimate those two cent slot machines. I won a good ten dollars on one of those babies. (Hey, that's alot, if you think about it. It's the most I've won at any slot machine.) Whenever I heard that little "ding-ding-ding" and saw those pennies adding up, oh, how my heart did soar. (I swear I'm not a compulsive gambler. The fact I wanted to stay at that machine for the rest of my young life is aside the point.)

2. $1 blackjack owns my life.

3. If you are a 43 year old man, you probably shouldn't stay at the $1 blackjack table all night without any sleep while drinking at the rate of 2.5 drinks per hour until about 8 in the morning, at which point you keel over while leaving the table - creating quite the predicament for your small (and also drunk) wife, who will hold your arm up in concern while security is called and has to lift your drunken body off the ground and out of the casino. But if you do, just know that there will most likely be several people laughing at your expense. (True story.)

4. The next time my husband decides to volunteer to participate in the adult hypnotist show, I'll be more prepared. Yeah, it was incredibly funny, yet slightly mortifying. (No worries people, had there been any strippers/nudity/canoodling whatsoever involved I would have hauled bootie onto that stage. Like no one's business. And someone would have probably been on the receiving end of a smackdown. Instead, I just giggled maniacally from my seats in the back and vowed to buy the DVD of the show.)

5. I'm the cheapest person alive. My sister and I browsed all the high end shops on the Strip, and I was aghast. It's one thing to spend a couple hundred on a handbag you'll have for the rest of your life (although, who am I kidding; I can't even do that), but get this: We went into Hermes and they were selling a plain bangle-style bracelet for $435. WHO BUYS THESE THINGS? WHO? I know there must be a demand for them, but I'm just not seeing it. My sister "gets it", but then again, she's the one who has shoes that are worth more than my entire wardrobe. (No, I'm not judging you; I'm just in shock.)

6. I cannot be held accountable for anything said after consuming more than three glasses of wine. Just want to put that out there.

7. Henna tattoos are a sham. My sister and I had "hope" written in cursive on our wrists two days in a row by the same place (we went back after nothing showed up the first time around), and absolutely nothing showed up after the henna peeled off. Nothing. I'm slightly disappointed.

8. My husband and I are learning alot about each other. I'm so very appreciative of that, every single day.

9. I love my scarf. I will wear it with anything and everything without any shame, and be quite content doing so.

10. Jay and I really need to look into the whole moving-back-to-Washington-and-purchasing-a-matching-home-across-the-street-from-my-sister-and-her-husband thing. Because I love them. And I miss them like crazy.


  1. That is so wonderful that you have such a close relationship with your sister!

    Sounds like you guys had a great trip!

    I rule at 2 cent kino. haha

  2. if you need to take a vote on the moving to be near the sister bandwagon I'll vote yes. Sisters are handy to have around.

    and I say $10 on a penny machine is pretty exciting

  3. I won't go to a casino unless it has penny slots.

  4. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Yay!

    Your hair is getting so long. I'm jealous.

  5. i am beyond jealous that you and your sister get along. i can't even be in the same room with mine or we get into an argument. we're just such different people... it makes me sad.

    $10 on a penny machine would have been a thousand on a dollar machine, so i'd say you are pretty lucky!

    i'm glad you had a good time in vegas! glad to have you back to the bloggy world!


  6. Sounds like a very educational trip, haha.

    And penny slots really are the best things ever. I spent so much time on those, especially the one that looks like bejeweled, it's awesome.

    Glad you had such a fun trip!

  7. Sounds like a fun trip! I completely agree with you on #5 - that is a crazy amount of money for a bracelet!


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