April 16, 2008

on my favorite kittehs...

Quite frankly, the best LOLcat photos ever. I may or may not have the first one printed out and on my fridge. I'll never tell. (See, Sarah? Freaking babushka cats! Tell me you love it!)


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Babushka kitties!!! After you told me about the ones in the box I tried to look for them by I just found the lonely old lady kitty by herself. Thanks for sharing!!! LOVE it!!!! I might just have to print it out!

  2. Babushka kitties are the best!! so flippin cute...i may or may not have dressed my pup up as a Babushka. You'll never know...or maybe i should do and then post a pic on my blog, but we can't tell him, must not harm his manly reputation!! ;)

  3. I love the babushka cats in a box!!! It brings me much joy! Thanks for posting them!

  4. OH man, lol. They both crack me up, but the second one's caption is the best ever!

    My two favorites:

    Cloud Cat

    Trash Cat


  5. p.s. YAY! Yes, that would be fun to go shopping! Lets! It's actually funny how many bloggy buddies are from Cali! And Thanks-- my dress is from Forever 21-- I remember from one of your posts that you like that place too! So addicting-- but I have to be in the mood for it, that place is crazy messy/jam packed with ppl!


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