April 18, 2008

on going green and other random tidbits...

I've decided, lately, that I truly want to go a bit more "green". Granted, I just can't seem to be the type of person to wear only organic cotton dresses, brush my teeth with baking soda, or create my own compost pile. But I feel like it's the little things that count just as much.

I have a few of those twisty lightbulbs that are more energy efficient (and apparently last ten years or something) lighting up our home, I've been the Crazy Recycling Lady this side of the street (I swear, every time I put stuff in the recycling bin that about four homes share, all I see are the things I dropped in there last time), I'm limiting our electricity usage (especially considering our first electric bill in the duplex was freakishly high), and today I bought several of those reusable shopping bags at my favorite grocery store EVER, Fresh & Easy.

Of course, as I was ringing my stuff up (it's one of those new fangled places where you basically ring up your stuff and pay all by yourself, which is slightly awkward yet kind of entertaining) I noticed that the guy helping me out had bagged all my stuff, including my reusable bags, into the regular plastic bags. Um, sir? Can't you see I'm trying to save the world here? One grocery bag at a time? Why the heck else do you think I bought those reusable bags? Seriously. Don't be stupid.

Anyway, what are some ways all of you are going "green"? Do share. Because I want to expand my horizons.

In other news, I had my hair done today, which brings me more joy than it should. And to add to my joy, when I walked into the salon, my colorist - who is one of the coolest people ever - was all, "Ah! You are so tiny."

I wanted to kiss her on the mouth.

Only a few people have said anything about my losing a bit of weight, but when they do, it totally makes my day. Maybe now I'll stop harassing my poor husband with constant questions of, "Do I look thinner?" and "Seriously, though, my tummy pooch is smaller - isn't it a huge difference?" and "I'm down another pound, can you tell?" I guess that I can't see that much of a difference in myself, so it's a bit gratifying to know that someone else sees the change. Plus, it makes me more motivated to continue working out and eating healthier.

Tonight is girls night with M, which I'm quite giddy for. Although it isn't exactly conducive to my whole "healthy" plan, being that there will be loads of spaghetti, a bottle of wine, and I've also been promised an abundance of the greatest garlic bread ever. They should call it crack bread. It's that good (I should probably edit this to say it's that addictive, but that may make me sound like even more of an addict; don't worry, it's just bread, people). Try it. But don't come whining to me when you've eaten an entire loaf by yourself, okay?

Otherwise, today was a good day. I've realized just how many of my days off are spend in solitude, doing chores, running errands, window shopping. And I'm okay with that. I think I'm one of those people who would go absolutely crazy if they didn't have time alone. I guess it's a good thing that my life isn't too busy at this point, right?


  1. A: Yay for being green! I wrote about it a while back here if you want to read, and also there is a link in my blogroll to "It's not easy being green" which is a good blog for tips

    B: I ADORE that garlic bread. I have most definitely eaten an entire loaf and did not regret it one bit. Well until my husband walked in the kitchen and had the saddest look on his face when he saw I had eaten it all. (Good thing it comes with two!)

    C: And Yay for losing weight! I actually ran today, so I'm proud of myself. You are a good motivator.

  2. That garlic bread is seriously amazing. My mouth is watering right now.

    Lightbulbs... make sure it is NOT the ones with a warning on each bulb mentioning that it contains murcury... there are some that don't that are "green"... bc if you drop and break one with murcury itll cost you thousands to have it professionally cleaned, which is legally what you must do if you break such a thing.

  3. One day, I WILL talk to you. Trust me. it'll happen. Do you still go to Shanghi to get your color done? And yay for exercise!

  4. Oh yeah, being green rocks!

    I do quite a bit - I shop local, don't eat meat, and reuse EVERYTHING. I use reusable cloth bags and any plastic bags I DO accumulate, I use for trash bags. I even reuse my produce bags and ziplock bags.

    We only have one car (no, it's not a hybrid!) We try to buy less, I shop at consignment shops a lot of times for clothes, and we ride our bikes to run errands when it's warm.

    Seriously, I could keep GOING and GOING. (Hence the reason my blog is all about this!)

    I absolutely LOVE this kind of stuff - it's great because not only are you doing something great for the earth, you're saving money, which we all know is fantastic. It makes sense! (and cents. Okay, awful, overused pun.)

    Alone time? I LOVE. The hardest part of getting married has been getting very very little alone time. I really miss that independence...Consider yourself lucky. Or blessed. :)

  5. yay for going green! i'm ridiculous about recycling, using canvas bags when i go grocery shopping and about using aerosol products. (really, that can of aqua-net? not so good for the ozone.) i shop locally whenever i can, i'm a HUGE supporter of all the local farm markets and stands we have here in the good old garden state. i try to buy organic as much as humanly possible, and i really think my overall health has gotten way better.

    oh, and have you tried the method cleaning products? if you haven't, google it and buy some. they are amazing and totally environmentally friendly, which... we love (clearly).

    i'm so happy your doing awesome with your workingout and eating better! it's such a confidence booster when other people notice small changes, especially when you feel like all your hard work isn't paying off. (said by the girl who's at her desk eating a blueberry donut. don't judge me.)

    i've always been the kind of person that has to have at least a little time to myself to unwind and do things that mean a lot to me. i'm so lucky that the bf and i have kind of created that space for each other. :o)


  6. Yay for going green! I am a pretty big coffee drinker so I always try to plan ahead and bring along a travel coffee mug when I think I am going to be using it.

    PS. about the CFL bulbs...they do have a tiny bit of mercury in them but you don't have to have a professional cleaning if one of them breaks - here is a link to how you should clean up after them on the EPA website:

  7. Yay for you for going green! I'm all about cleaning products without scary chemicals (definitely look into the Method items if you haven't already...they carry them at Target), reusing plastic bags (although I want to start using cloth ones), and avoiding meat.

    The last one is, I feel, especially important. I recently did some reading about how many resources are wasted through large-scale animal farming...Bad news. Apparently 70% of the grain grown in the U.S. goes toward feeding animals (to be killed for food)...instead of just being used for human consumption in the beginning.

    Pretty crazy stuff.

  8. Yay for going green! I can't believe the guy put your bags in plastic ones though, so crazy.

    As for going green myself I've tried cutting back on plastic stuff as well and saving electricity, we'll see how it goes.

  9. yum. that garlic bread is the best! I've made it a few times!

    Yay for going green! I do all of the stuff you were talking about too. Another thing I'm doing is as the run out i'm changing all of me cleaning supplies to "green" ones like the method brand and such. fun stuff :)

  10. Congrats on going green and losing weight!! Keeping a compost bin isn't that hard - I've had one for years...and its great fertilizer!! I make all of my own cleaning products (I posted about it a few days ago) - its way cheaper than Method (though I'm in love with their graphic design team). We also keep our windows open in the spring and fall to cut down on the utility bill...we use canvas bags and bags I made out of old t-shirts...I reuse just about every container I can....I buy locally and eat "free-range" meat (and yes I do research about the farmers). you'll find that you not only feel better about yourself and the environment, but you save a TON of money!

  11. Great post! Yum... I <3 garlic bread too-- sooo good!!! I need to get some of those lightbulbs! OMG- I can't believe the guy who put your stuff into plastic bags. Uh..crazy!!!! Congrats on losing weight! I need to get on that too!


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