April 23, 2008

on a few unimportant things...

1. I really, really want a new camera. I understand that I must wait until next year's tax return, as per my agreement with the husband, but still. After finding even more fab bloggers who have some incredible photos (hello Ashley, Emily, all the goodness over at Pioneer Woman), I can't help but stare at the screen in wistfulness and want to flick my measly little Canon SD400 with my finger. (I'm an ungrateful little wench, am I not?) There are just so many things I feel I'm capable of, if I only had the resources.

2. I was up until about 1AM this morning trying to figure out some silly issues with certain bills. I still hate Verizon. Apparently they were sending our DSL bill to some email address ON THEIR WEBSITE. One that I was only slightly aware existed and NEVER CHECK. Is this just their evil plan to get all those extra late charges from people? Seriously. And I also noticed that they tricked me into signing up for this extra service that costs $4.99/month. That I haven't even used. Lame-o. There were a few other bills I was working on figuring out, and it came to my attention that I'm a complete stress-eater; I ate half a bag of Flat Earth veggie crisps and the head and shoulders off of a left-over chocolate Easter bunny. Add that to my guilt of not working out for the last few days due to my sister's visit and also my rapidly progressing chest cold, and what do you get? Self loathing, people. Self loathing.

3. My husband is knee-deep in this whole film festival thing. I'm quite giddy for him, actually, considering he started out as an intern and moved up to being a programmer in just a few months. Dedication and great personality can go far, this I tell you. He put in so many hours as an intern, even while he was working full-time and taking several classes at college, as well. He is in charge of a German showcase, which is pretty exciting. However, the selfish wife part of me is all:

"So, you're saying that I'm basically not going to see you for the entire next week? I hate my life. Hiss. Boo."

I think that I'm going to check out one of the films on Friday. Which means that I have to come up with something uber cute to wear, as this is a film festival and what if Munstin Skimberlake is there? I mean, seriously, people. A girl's gotta be prepared.

4. I totally don't want to go to work tonight. I've been coughing up a lung. But, alas.

5. I want a baby. I know it's not in the cards right now. But I want one.


  1. Just so you know, you're not alone on number one or number five. I would like both so I can then take amazing pictures of my adorable baby. .sigh. someday

  2. Hey, beautiful! Yeah, Verizon is sucky. They'll leave a warm wet mess on your doorstep then run away laughing.

    I LOVE your blog. It's witty, engaging, full of your beautiful pictures, and honest. I love the peek into your life.

    Oh, and "I hope you never remember this day!" XO

  3. You should take a day off. Seriously. I always feel guilty about missing work and stuff, but people tell me it's good for the soul to not work every single work day in life. Plus, if you're ill, just stay home and feel sorry for yourself. That makes life happy!

  4. call out sick! and would i be in big trouble for maybe suggesting that you use the lovely $600 ($1200 for married couples...) rebate checks we're about to get in may to take care of #1?

    i hate that i obsess over our bills, like... i plan everything out and then somehow something happens and throws my whole system out of whack. i hate being a grown up.

    anddddd, take a sick day! stay home and relax tonight, you totally deserve it!


  5. i fourth the SICK DAY notion. you need it. the more you push yourself, the longer you will be sick. bite the dust. they will make due for a day.

    you're baby fever is the funniest case i have ever seen. they way it sneaks into your blogs. haha.

    Verizon is rather ridiculous. Yup, that is my cell phone service provider. There is a reaosn I never actually talk on the phone.

  6. Ooh a film festival??? I have never been to one but always wanted to go. And it's so close. Maybe I can go? Perhaps.

  7. once you have the itch to buy a sweet camera - it sure is hard to not scratch it. the moment my hubby said 'go ahead and buy it' - i had it ordered that night. i like rachel's suggestion for using your bonus rebate.

    hope you feel better soon!

  8. Oh gosh...I am with you 100% on the first and last ones...better camera and a baby. The baby thing might be a problem considering I'm single and moving to London soon though...

    But I still want one...

  9. Baaaaaby!!! Omg, you would have the cutest baby. Totally! Little Felicity!!! Omg.. I would flip and move back to Cali. And get married. And get pregnant. One of us will have a boy, the other a girl, and they will grow up and get married. Heck yes.

    Yes, I'm goofy. So sue me.

  10. let's see if this comment works this time. (sorry if you get this 20 times)

    So funny because Emily and I both want new cameras too! :)

    ... and i want an iphone.. and a shoot sac... and a fisheye lens, and a new computer...

    such is life

  11. I, too, hate Verizon.

    Want to take a stab at my place of employment?


  12. p.s. what ever happened to the book blog with cricket?

  13. Oh, a baby! You know I think the bug has been going around b/c lately the site of any child younger than 1 is makin' my ovaries throb! And I already have 2!!

  14. i want a baby too. sigh.


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