April 29, 2008

on exposaroonie challenge #1...

This is my first exposaroonie.com photo challenge entry! Hurrah for photo challenges! Hurrah, I say!

The theme is Self Portrait, which is something I honestly have entirely too many of and enjoy taking entirely too much. And it's not a matter of self obsession as much as a lack of willing participants to indulge in my photography obsession. Although, it certainly does feel good when I take a photo of myself where I look totally better than I do in real life. Kind of makes my day. Not sure if I've said it before, but if I want a good photo of myself, I'll probably just take it myself. For some reason I just like being able to sit there forever to make sure I get it just right, and also enjoy having the power to delete about 90% of the photos without hurting anyone's feelings.

I am seriously picky, by the way.

So, this morning I sat down for a while on the couch by our front window (hello, good lighting) and started snapping away. I took between 20 and 30 photos, and then sat down to begin cropping and editing and, oh yes, deleting. It came down to three photos, but I ultimately decided on this one just because I thought it was the best representation of me. (The other two runners-up are showcasing my hyperactive and dramatic sides. Enjoy.)

Oh, and all of you lovelies should head on over to exposaroonie and enter your self portrait! As they say: share the roonie! Booyah!

(Okay, so maybe I added the "booyah" on there, just for kicks. You know you liked it.)


  1. You are much too good at self portraits! They are all three good, but I like this one the best! Oh, and I totally doubt that you don't look exactly like this in real life, so pretty!

  2. booyah. you look amazing! Smells like a possible new camera strap for the possible new dSLR owner :)

    Really, though. Great job, beautiful photos!

  3. You look beautiful! I love the twinkle in your eye! And as I've already told you-- I love, love, love your long hair! Lucky! I'm jealous.

  4. could you BE any more fricken adorable!? gah. you're so good at self portraits. and? you make me want to be a blonde. you're totally gonna win and you're gonna have a cute new strap to go with your new camera! xoxoxoxo

  5. Wow that lighting is amazing, very cute picture!

  6. Do people not take tons of pictures of themselves all the time? Really? I didn't know... ;)

    I love that portrait, it's beautiful!

  7. Are you... nude? Hehe, looks like it. And, cause I know you, you DO look that amazing in person. I sort of hate you for it, you blond goddess.

  8. I'm inspired. I think I'm gonna enter! Fun :)

    Your skin looks amazingly flawless. Geez.

  9. love your self-portrait, you got my vote!

  10. Hey! I've just started following your blog and i love it!
    Hope you had a great christmas and all the best for 2009!

    Sally from West Sussex in England!


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