April 22, 2008

on being a sissy pants...

First of all, I think I'm getting sick. I mean, really, it's about time. Back during the winter when everyone and their mom was struck down with that mutant flu that some people even got twice, and were coughing and hacking and fevering it up? Yeah, I somehow acquired a freakishly strong immunity system and somehow missed it entirely. Not sure how that happened.

Yes, I'm thankful. Yes, I am apparently somehow able to stay healthier than about 90% of California. Yes, I now have accumulated about 100 sick hours in the last few years because I NEVER GET SICK AHHHHH. And I'm one of those sissy pants people that have this heavy burden of guilt if they call in sick without actually being, well, sick. So, whenever I do feel a cold coming on, I have this quick thought of,

"Sweet! Sick time, baby! I'm gonna go buy me some Sudafed and chicken soup! Now spoon me, Jay, because I'm ill! Holla!"

Who am I to complain about never getting sick, anyway? I really don't know. It's part of my mystery, I guess.

Well, anyway, my throat is presently on fire and I felt entirely too lethargic to go running this morning. I'm currently drinking some apple spice tea and contemplating what else I feel up for before heading off to work this evening. I'm thinking that it isn't going to be much. I'm a schlub.

I'll update you later on my amazing visit with my sister K and her boyfriend. It was freaking awesome. Oh, and maybe I'll tell you about how a certain celebrity came into my work the other day AND I TOTALLY MISSED IT. For the sake of security, I'll just tell you that his name rhymes with Munstin Skimberlake. And I probably would have licked his face if I had been there.

Just kidding. (Or not.)


  1. Where do you work!?

    That is amazing.
    I would lick him, too. (He was always my FAVORITE Nsync boy, of course.)

    You and I have something in common (besides lots of awesome sisters), taking a sick day without being sick makes me feel GUILTY.

    This weekend, I thought a cold was coming on and I got WAY TOO EXCITED. It turned out to be nothing, which totally sucks.

    I was really looking forward to missing work on Monday (and dreaming how I would fill that time...baking bread...cleaning the apartment...watching TV....)

  2. I wouldn't judge you for licking Munstin Skimberlake.

    Try to enjoy your sick day. Lots and lots of tea and spooning time!!

  3. I second Ashley's question: WHERE do you work?

    And feel better soon! or not, so you can stay home longer :)


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