March 8, 2008

on wine nights...

So, it's always fun when a nice, calm wine night turns into a nice, calm wine night with one tequila shot and then running down the street to the local dive bar for a Bud Light - because obviously we weren't giggling enough. Poor husband. Comes home to two girls laughing maniacally while watching 30 Rock and eating chips with guacamole flavored dip (apparently the guacamole I bought wasn't ACTUALLY guacamole).

Jay: "Wow."
us: (maniacal laughter.)
Jay: "So, fun night, eh?"
us: (maniacal laughter; mmm guacamole.)
Jay: "Yeah, I'm going to bed."

Although it was a grand evening, I sure felt it the next day. I haven't had a girls night in a while, and I'm thinking it's going to be another long while before the next one. I think I've enjoyed my own very-mild-version of my party girl years, all within the last year and a half. Which is ironic, because I'm married and nearing my mid-twenties. Shouldn't that happen in highschool? Yeah, not for me. I just happened upon a grand group of girls in the last couple of years, and have had more opportunities to make some crazy memories. But I think that it's out of my system now, for the most part. If I was to be completely true to myself, I'm not the kind of girl who prefers to go out and party on the weekend. And to this day, I can't do shots; I actually prefer sipping them if I have no choice but to be subjected to one. Also, I don't really like that I'm not "myself" after a couple drinks. It's fun, but, I guess. And I think I'm okay with that.

I can be an old married woman now.

shifty eyes.

M and I are actually going to see The Other Boleyn Girl this afternoon. Yahoo lied to me about the times on Thursday, and we ended up missing the showing we wanted to see. Gah. How irritating.

And there was a customer at work today who asked if he could keep one of our pens today, laughing as he claimed he had a pen fetish. I was all, "ME TOO!" And we bonded over our obsession with pens.

I think I made a friend.


  1. I really want to see the Other Boelyn Girl too, but it seems to have disappeared from my local theater. Have fun!

  2. I had a girls weekend this weekend too! And ... I was wandering around the dollar store before our little party and I saw the cutest package of mini-pens (yes cute small pens) and I bought them as party favors for my girls at our grown up slumber party! I know you're jealous.

  3. andrea: I know! It was tricky trying to find a place that it was playing at for me, too. Odd. It's a good movie, though - they pack about a decade into a movie that is about two hours long, which means that they left a whole heck alot out of the movie (booo). But if you're a fan of that period, I'm sure you'd enjoy it! I still did.

    elysa: Ahhh! Mini-pens! And grown up slumber parties! Yes, indeed, I am jealous. Good call. :)


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