March 28, 2008

on who I am at the moment...

I am...

...completely and entirely too obsessive compulsive about keeping our house clean. I know my husband hates it when I seem to follow him around and clean up the mess-trail he leaves when he gets home, but what can I do? Can a girl help but have a stroke when the just-cleaned kitchen floors are now covered in pina colada smoothie mix? (To his credit, he has learned to religiously use coasters on the coffee table and is a peach when it comes to doing dishes. So, I can't complain.)

...always searching for a new favorite song that I can play to death.

...filled with childish glee whenever I get an email saying that I made a sale at my etsy store. I may or may not do a little jig before wrapping up the item and sending it on it's way to it's new home.

...honestly trying to be a better wife by controlling my rampant emotions, but sometimes I feel like I'm a lost cause. I've never wanted to be a nag, and I've always envied those little "bubble-of-sunshine" wives who you figure never get crotchety with their husbands. I'm still a work in progress. Always a work in progress.

...ten pounds lighter than I was last year, but am pretty sure it's an optical illusion. I mean, yes, I can once again fit comfortably into my "skinny pants", but when looking at myself I really can't tell that much of a difference in my body. My tummy is now officially my arch nemesis. incredibly excited to see my older sister in less than two weeks. If I had to choose someone who is my other half (aside from my husband), it would be her. She is a gem. I hate living so far away. I still hold tight to the hope that someday we will have matching houses across the street from each other. proud of recent feedback I received at work. I don't feel like there is enough positive feedback, and in the last couple weeks I've felt so much better about my place there, simply because I had a great yearly review and also received a random performance note from someone I helped out last week. I don't know about the rest of you, but I thrive on positive feedback. I feel like I now want to put 110% into my job, which is a good feeling.

...wanting to dye my hair back to it's natural color (this photo or this photo is what I'm guessing would be the most accurate portrayal of that). Yes, indeed, I've wanted to do this about seventeen times before, and yet I always stick with the same blonde highlights I've had for the last six years. (I'm happy with them; it's nice when people are surprised that blonde isn't my natural color.) Not that I'm a seriously high-maintenance person, but it's just so appealing at this point not to have to get highlights every two months.

...giddy with glee (and wanting to put in writing) that my husband agreed that I can buy the camera I drool over with part of next year's tax return, since we're letting him get his bajillion dollar video camera with this years. (I would find it bitterly ironic if we owed money next year, no?) love with this book. on Easter candy. It's an issue.


  1. i'm a little more than ten pounds lighter than last year too! i kept asking the dr. "are you sure? i really don't feel any different..." but, none of my pants seem to fit and i have been on a binge lately buying new stuff. hey, i have an excuse now!

    my newest song obsession? taylor swift "i'd lie". i don't know if you're into country or not... but i'm figuring that based on the whole hanson thing, we've gotta have slightly similar tastes. :o)

    i had been DREADING going to work for a solid two months. i felt like all anyone did was complain about how something i did wasn't good enough or done fast enough or whatever. it was sad, because i love my job. one of the older ladies mentioned something about being more appreciative towards me, and i think it worked! i totally thrive on a job well done. being acknowledged for doing my job well is a big deal for me! my work ethic has definitely improved.

    i totally vote for you to go darker. i was a little shocked when you said that was closer to your natural color, you look amazing blonde. if you aren't feeling too comfortable with it, get some caramel low lights. hotness.

    camera = drool. i need one too.

    this was a really good entry. you're a great writer. xoxox

  2. i am such a clean freak it's crazy.

    and i am most definitely living off of easter candy as well. it won't eat itself now will it? haha.

  3. I love your hair style in that photo, the darker will look great too.

    I hear ya with the whole tummy thing. I feel like that too.

    Congrats on doing great at your job! Positive feedback is the best!

  4. MAAANDY! What a great pic of her. But, seriously, not as good as this pic of you! So adorable. Sounds like everything is where it should be right now. :-)

  5. Man I am jealous of your ten make it sound so easy and yet I am struggling over here!

    Oh and I love the first picture of Mandy Moore's hair color...super cute and Im sure it would look good on you. Again I highly doubt anything could look that bad on are so beautiful!

    Anywho...I miss ya and we will have to get together if and when I visit Cali. =)

    Take Care!

  6. i *heart* the mandy color. yes, I am surprised that you aren't naturally blond. i'm betting that golden brown would look gorgeous on you, though.

    i looked through that book on amazon and i think i'm in love. must have. if only i had an income to speak of...

  7. I use a Nikon D70 at work, and it's awesome! Now, if I only knew how to properly use it!

  8. try leona lewis's bleeding love. it'll get stuck in your head in about 5 seconds.


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